1+1=3 Accelerate your Brand's Growth with a New Kind of Capital Markets Partner
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1+1=3 Accelerate your Brand's Growth with a New Kind of Capital Markets Partner

1+1=3 Accelerate your Brand's Growth with a New Kind of Capital Markets Partner

If you’re a franchisor with aggressive growth targets over the next few years, finding capital solutions for your franchisees is critical. And the more lenders on your list for franchisees to choose from, the better, right? Well, it may be time to rethink that strategy. 

In reality, applying for a loan with several lenders to find the best deal is enough to drive any franchisee crazy. Piles of applications, hours of phone calls, and waiting for an answer make for a time-consuming and frustrating process. And for your brand, managing the lender list and continually educating them all on your brand is a real drag. 

Alternatively, if you’re serious about making financing simple for your franchisees (as well as your brand), consider consolidating your lender list with a dedicated capital markets partner. A capital markets partner can be a powerful ally at every stage of growth, especially when they understand franchising inside and out and can deliver growth-oriented financial products from a deep network of lenders, all via a single application. 

Additionally, a trustworthy capital markets partner will take the time to define a brand story, create a transparent business case for continued company growth, and forge lasting relationships with lenders. 

Franchise-focused ApplePie Capital has proven to be an indispensable strategic capital markets partner for brands and their growth-minded franchisees with a transformative online lending network dedicated to long-term sustainable success. 

ApplePie Capital is redefining what franchisors should expect from a capital markets partner, namely:

  • Deep understanding of your brand
  • Management of your lender network and recession resistant capital
  • Comprehensive financing programs for your franchisees
  • Continual education of lenders about your brand
  • Efficient prequalification of your franchisee candidates
  • Diverse capital solutions that provide choice and meet franchisee needs wherever they are in their lifecycle
  • Focus on long-term goals, not just the transaction at hand 
  • Efficient online process powered by modern technology
  • Real-time visibility into your development pipeline

Launched in 2015 to bring a fresh approach to franchise finance, ApplePie is now one of the nation’s largest franchise lenders. ApplePie creates custom lending programs for each brand tailored to address the full spectrum of financing needs throughout their franchisees’ life cycle. 

“Franchising is the only thing that we do,” says Ron Feldman, ApplePie’s Chief Development Officer. “We are franchising experts who lend. By creating a process and a system, we can serve our brand partners better and faster and have them only work with prospective franchisees that are going to get to the finish line.”

"ApplePie creates custom lending programs for each brand tailored to address the full spectrum of franchisee needs."

When it comes to securing the best funding options possible, the name of the game is transparency. Establishing clear communication between you, your franchisees, and the lending community is crucial to develop meaningful financing programs. While your FDD is important, it doesn’t explain the business within the context of a broader financial landscape. 

“Telling your brand story does not mean giving someone your FDD,” notes Feldman. “With our fully integrated partners, we get involved in the development stage and find the right capital options to accelerate their growth.” 

Hand & Stone Massage and Facial Spa, with over 400 locations in North America, has seen the benefit of partnering with ApplePie first hand. “They go beyond just your traditional lender,” says Bob McQuillan, Vice President of Franchise Development. “As we have evolved, so have our lending needs—and ApplePie has been there every step of the way. We actually have our own portal site built within ApplePie’s website, so we can track all of our company’s deals -- not only when a franchisee opens a first location, but as they grow to their second and third, too.”

Ready to meet your goals with a fresh, new approach to franchise financing?

Contact us at grow@applepiecapital.com or 1-844-734-GROW to discuss your franchise growth plans. Together, we’ll plant the seeds for your success. Easy as ApplePie.

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Published: July 10th, 2019

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