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You've got a great concept and sales team. Great! All you need now is customers--loyal, engaged, repeat customers. And unless you've been in a cave the past couple of years, you know that social media and Web 2.0 have changed the face of consumer marketing. Thanks to Facebook and Twitter, GroupOn and LivingSocial, Yelp and other local search tools, your brand is being built by what's being said online--and franchisors and franchisees alike are searching for insights as they deal with the shift to consumer-generated content.

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CMO Roundtable: Using Analytics To Improve Your Marketing »

Franchise Update

"What analytics are you using to improve your marketing?"

Robert Pifke
Chief Marketing Officer
Real Property Management
The most important metrics for marketing should be cost per lead and cost per sale. Cost per lead is the media cost divided by the number of legitimate leads. Cost per sale is the media cost divided by the number of actual sales achieved through those media.
Our research indicates that the vast majority of property owners use the Internet to find and assess potential property managers before contacting them. With that in mind, another set of online metrics used includes incremental web traffic and web leads. Leads can be telephone calls to an office or completed web forms from a website...

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Are You Ready To Deliver?: Operations Is The New Customer Experience »

By Adam Pierno

People walk in, not yet customers... and what do they see? Your brand and marketing efforts got them to the door, but now that they're in, what do you want them to see first? What do you want them to feel?
Too often, the operations team is challenged to make decisions based on a variety of critical factors independent of this moment of truth--price, timing, availability across the system, etc. There are so many logistical elements it is difficult to keep the customer, especially the first-time customer, top of mind when choosing furniture, finishes, vendors, and suppliers--never mind the way products and packages are developed and trained into the system with store-level personnel. Here are three ways to make sure your operations are delivering the best experience for your customers, Millennials or otherwise...

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Who's Your CXO?: Ensuring Your Customers Are Treated Right »

By John DiJulius

Over the past several years, one of the most often-discussed topics continues to be: Who is in charge of your brand's customer?
I am not talking about your call center, customer service reps, or customer support. Regardless of your company's size or business model, someone in your organization has to be in charge of the customer experience and all that goes with it. That someone should not be the president, CEO, or owner, but someone who reports directly to them. We have heads of operations, marketing, accounting, sales, and human resources, but our second biggest asset (after our employees) is our customer. How happy they are is determined by the customer experience we deliver. Until recently, the vast majority of companies did not have anyone in charge of the entire brand's customer experience...

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CMO Roundtable: Working With The Sales Team In Franchisee Lead Generation And Franchisee Recruitment »

Franchise Update

How closely do you work with the sales team in franchisee lead generation and franchisee recruitment?

Brian DeLong
Director of Marketing, Advertising, & PR
Goddard Systems Inc.
Twenty-first century learning skills--which include STEAM concepts (science, technology, engineering, arts, and mathematics) and the 4Cs (communication, collaboration, critical thinking, and creativity)--are at the foundation of The Goddard School's play-based learning program. At Goddard Systems, Inc. (GSI), we practice what we teach by continually assessing and learning from our past successes, opportunities, and challenges. Promoting the right culture for our brand begins here with our internal team. From recruitment through our unique support model, our focus on maintaining transparency and accountability extends to our franchisees...

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Marketing Tips For Finishing 2015 Strong! »

By: Aseem Badshah

Note: This article appeared on the Marketo blog.

We're three-quarters through 2015. (It snuck up on us, too!) Right now, many marketers (you?) may already start looking toward the future by brainstorming ideas to execute in 2016.

A word of advice: Wait! There are still 3 months remaining in 2015, so don't waste them. It's time for you to turn up the heat!

We've seen some big changes and trends in the marketing space since the beginning of the year: mobile took off, social media restrictions were lifted, and SEO... well SEO stayed pretty confusing for many. Most of these changes probably had you rethinking your marketing efforts. With this in mind, let's analyze how we can leverage the first 75% of 2015 to close the year out strong...

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2015 Franchise Consumer: Marketing Conference »

By Kerry Pipes & Eddy Goldberg

With technology continuing to rapidly evolve and change the face of both consumer marketing and franchise recruitment, planners for the 5th annual Franchise Consumer Marketing Conference built an educational curriculum to address marketing's hottest topics--with a focus on how technology is influencing marketing today. Thus the theme for this year's conference: "Where Old School Marketing Meets New School Technology."
More than 300 attendees gathered from June 23-24 at the InterContinental Hotel Buckhead in Atlanta, about half franchise CMOs and marketing specialists representing brands in the service, food, and retail non-food sectors. There were many new faces this year, with 51 percent of attendees first-timers.
Franchising's top marketing executives participated in two days of intensive education, sharing, and networking, each seeking to learn more about the latest strategies and techniques in the world of consumer marketing and gain an edge on their competition...

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Raising The Red Roof: CMO Marina MacDonald Does It All »

By Kerry Pipes

Marina MacDonald has worked in the hospitality industry for nearly three decades. Since November 2007, she's been with Red Roof Inn, the past year and a half as CMO. Red Roof, a player in the economy lodging sector, has more than 400 properties across the U.S., split among franchised, corporate-managed, and corporate-owned units.
As CMO, MacDonald is responsible for helping the brand achieve its annual goals and objectives by leading and directing its sales and marketing programs. In this role, she develops targeted marketing initiatives that build the brand, increase customer loyalty, and support an integrated sales program. She also interacts with the franchise community and the brand's stakeholders, maintains relationships with Red Roof's top customers, and plays an active role in field sales...

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In Search Of Millennials: Tailor Your Opportunity To Their Values »

By Dan Santy

As a franchise organization, there is no doubt your marketing department is focused on the Millennial audience as a potential customer base. You've read scores of articles describing the size of this generation, as well as their potential spending power in the coming years. They have outgrown the Baby Boomers in numbers, and they will outspend them as well.
But Millennials are also an emerging target for your franchise sales efforts. A recent independent research study uncovered insights that illuminate how attractive this group is as potential franchisees. For instance, the Great Recession stunted the opportunities and financial growth of Millennials in traditional career tracks. With companies downsizing and closing doors, hiring and upward mobility slowed or ceased...

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CMO Roundtable: Building An All-Encompassing Marketing Department »

Franchise Update

How do you build an all-encompassing marketing department and assemble the kind of team that gets results?

Lisa Dimson
Chief Marketing Officer
Tropical Smoothie Café
Hiring the right team is absolutely the most important element of getting the results you want. Without a strong team behind you, even the best CMO won't be able to take their marketing initiatives to the next level of success. Compared with other brands, we have a small internal team tasked with developing innovative and amazing products, activating the national calendar, and ultimately driving brand awareness.
When hiring for the marketing team, we follow a list of guidelines we call "SIDE" to ensure that the potential candidate will fit in with our company culture and work ethic before they come on board...

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Putting Heads In Beds: Value Place's Kelly Poling On Her New Role »

By Kerry Pipes

This past September Value Place, the largest economy, extended-stay hotel brand in the U.S., named Kelly Poling executive vice president and chief marketing officer. As the leader of Value Place's brand, marketing, and distribution strategies, Poling says she is focused on strengthening the positioning of the brand and driving more guests to its hotels across the country.
The veteran executive came to Value Place from Rosetta Stone, where she led consumer marketing strategy and operations, but her hospitality industry experience runs deep. She spent seven years at Choice Hotels International, where she ran corporate strategy, marketing, and e-commerce. Other experience includes managing brands at Johnson & Johnson and developing IT and corporate strategies as a management consultant with Arthur Andersen...

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Digital Ordering: Welcome To The Bring-Your-Own-POS World »

By Noah Glass

Digital ordering has gone through several waves of evolution over the past 15 years, starting with online ordering as the only ordering channel and now spanning multiple ordering channels, with mobile shining in the spotlight. But is mobile the key to digital ordering success? The brief history of digital ordering helps to shed light on the rise of mobile and its role in digital ordering today and in the future.

Digital ordering in the restaurant industry began with pizza. In the late 1990s and early 2000s, the big three (Domino's, Pizza Hut, and Papa John's) found a new way to capitalize on the rise of home dial-up by letting hungry customers place orders over the web. Online ordering was a natural fit for pizza customers, who were used to calling their local store and placing orders for home delivery...

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Social Media Roundup: September 8, 2015 »

By Daniel Lieberman

Is Facebook Ripping Off Businesses?
Sam Fiorella, a partner at Sensei Marketing, makes a strong case that it is. In his blog last month, he wrote: "Imagine a magazine's marketing team charging a business for an ad in its publication but then black out that ad unless the business pays more money for subscribers to actually see the ad. What would your reaction be to such an advertising policy? Any sane business person would be outraged and walk away. Yet Facebook is getting away with it." Limiting the number of followers who see a Facebook page's unpaid posts in their feeds was the last straw for some businesses (as few as 3% of brand fans now see unpaid posts). Facebook page owners work hard to build communities around them, and many of them feel it's unfair for Facebook to make them pay to run advertisements or to "boost" their posts...

Feature Story:

Does Your Sales Process Fulfill The Real Needs Of Your Candidates? »

By Jim Bender

In a previous issue, we discussed the power of selling your brand's marketing expertise during the franchise recruitment process. This is a subject most franchise development people at best gloss over. Yet it is a compelling reason for candidates to select your brand over another. After all, if your ability to put "butts in the seats" is proven superior to that of other brands in the category, you have a distinct advantage when justifying differences in investments or franchise fees.

When you consider your overall franchise sales strategy, selling your marketing expertise is on par with selling your training, grand opening, business consultation, or technical support. It is one of a multitude of topics we in the development business must master...

Feature Story:

Hotdogging It: Wienerschnitzel's New CMO Comes Well-Prepared »

By Kerry Pipes

Doug Koegeboehn is a great example of the connection between ad agencies and franchise brands. Named CMO of Wienerschnitzel earlier this year, Koegeboehn already had decades of experience with the brand when he came on board: the former account director at DGWB Advertising had been working on the Wienerschnitzel account since 1995. Along the way he developed a marketing toolbox that includes experience developing annual ad plans and promotions, menu strategies, and even helped create new products. At DGWB, he also worked accounts that included the California Avocado Commission, Yogurtland, Dole, and El Pollo Loco.
"I love the enjoyment of eating food," says Koegeboehn. "I know everybody else gets enjoyment from eating too, and that's why I have relished spending much of my entire career working on food-related business...

Feature Story:

Summer Refresh: 3 Things Marketers Can Do Now »

By Gregg Schwartz

Mid-to-late summer is often a slow time of year for many businesses. People are on vacation, kids are out of school, and the warm weather can create an air of sluggishness around the office. But even if the phone's not ringing, customers are out of town, and nothing much seems to be happening, there are still several important things marketers can do right now - even during the "slow" time of year - to help boost their sales results.

The bottom line is that if you invest the time and energy into making some extra effort now, it will lay the groundwork for future success when business picks up again. Here are three marketing tips to keep you busy and productive during the remainder of the slow season:

1. Revisit old business leads and unfinished projects
When business is brisk, it's easy to fall into a pattern of grabbing low-hanging fruit, putting out fires, and responding only to the most urgent customer inquiries...

Feature Story:

Social Media Roundup: Aug 11, 2015 »

By Daniel Lieberman

Social Sharing: 6 Types of "Sharers" - Why They Do It
Sharing something in a social network works like "the wave" in a sports stadium, says Brian Kramer, author of a new book about social sharing: Shareology: How Sharing is Powering the Human Economy. Michael Stelzner, founder of Social Media Examiner, interviewed Kramer for his blog, which includes a podcast of the conversation. "For the book Bryan did more than 250 interviews with executives, marketers and social media people, as well as professors of linguistic," writes Stelzner. "The answer came down to one thing: connection." The book identifies six types of social sharers, each with their own motivations: the altruist, the careerist, the hipster, the selective, the boomerang, and the connector...

Feature Story:

Millennials Value Value »

By Adam Pierno

Balancing price with quality and experience

Millennials, especially the younger half of the demographic, came of age during the Great Recession. As they entered the job market, they experienced hard financial times that limited earning opportunity for many. College graduates suffered high unemployment rates, and a large number have been forced to move back in with their parents. According to Pew Research Center, 36 percent of all Millennials live with their parents, 45 percent are unemployed, and 18 percent have a college degree.
They have learned how to make do with less discretionary income and fewer extravagant luxuries (save their technology.) As the economy has rebounded, unemployment levels have receded but attitudes haven’t exactly changed...

Feature Story:

Q&A With Valerie Kinney - VP Of Marketing At CertaPro Painters »

By Philip St. Jacques

Valerie Kinney first became immersed in franchising in 2003 when she joined Auntie Anne's Pretzels. In September 2014, she became a regional marketing manager at CertaPro Painters and recently was promoted to vice president of marketing. And while she'll be the first to tell you that her favorite paint color is Sherwin-Williams' Fun Yellow (SW 6908), she's also thrilled to share some insights on the realities of franchising, how CertaPro fosters collaboration with its franchisees, and recent examples of the brand staying relevant with marketing strategies.

CMOO: Before joining CertaPro Painters, you were at Auntie Anne's. Can you tell us about your transition from a food retail brand to a home service brand?

Kinney: First off, I can't eat paint, so my waistline is thanking me every day! The customer journey, price point, and purchase frequency are a few examples of differences I've experienced during my transition...

Feature Story:

5 Consumer Marketing Publications You Can Learn From »

By Eddy Goldberg

Vendors and suppliers are continually producing white papers, reports, studies, surveys, and other "vendor-neutral" publications, aimed at informing potential customers about a technology or trend, and touting their own subject matter expertise in the process. Here are five such publications (all free) to consider as you seek to continually improve your consumer marketing efforts, strategies, and campaigns. Edited overview descriptions are taken directly from each publication. (This list does not imply an endorsement of the companies or their respective points of view.)
Title: The 7-Minute Buyer's Guide to Choosing Your Customer Support Solution
Source: AcquireSoftware
Pages: 9
Overview: This guide will take you through a three-step process for assessing your operations, determining the kind of customer support solution you need, and finding a vendor who can supply the perfect software...

Feature Story:

CMO Roundtable: Brand's Culture In Developing Your Brand Message »

Franchise Update

"Discuss the role of your brand's culture in creating, framing, and developing your brand message or image to customers."

Amy Olson
Vice President of Customer Experience/Marketing
The Maids
The Maids has more than 30 years of experience in the highly competitive residential cleaning industry. We know well the importance and challenges of differentiating our brand in the market, and how important culture is in conveying and creating a positive overall brand experience. Personifying the brand culture starts at the top through executive and franchisee leadership.
The personalities of the brand we strive to convey through our culture are professionalism and being detail-oriented, friendly, and considerate...

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