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Franchise Update Media is the trusted industry resource for content, programs and curriculum to help multi-unit franchisees learn, grow and be inspired. Our multi-media product line offers a variety of learning tools multi-unit franchisees can utilize—any time, anywhere.

We understand the multi-unit franchisee, what they’re looking for, how they find information and we have the products to deliver your message!

Multi-Unit Franchising Conference

Multi-Unit Franchising Conference

The only event of its kind that focuses on business issues critical and relevant to franchisees today. The country’s leading multi-unit franchisees, franchisors and suppliers come together to share ideas, exchange information and opinions and do business together.

The exhibit hall is the central meeting place for multi-unit franchisees to explore new brands and supplier services as well as mingle with other multi-unit franchisees.

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Multi-Unit Franchisee Magazine

Multi-Unit Franchisee Magazine

Published quarterly, Multi-Unit Franchisee Magazine provides continued learning for multi-unit franchisees. Each issue features targeted content important to franchisee growth, featuring real-life experiences from successful franchisees. Multi-Unit Franchisee Magazine is the only industry publication that focuses solely on topics of importance to multi-unit franchisees. Available in both print and digital editions.

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Multi-Unit Buyer's Guide

Multi-Unit Buyer's Guide

Our Multi-Unit Buyer's Guide, published annually, provides a comprehensive overview of brands looking for multi-unit franchisees.

Learn More is the largest content site in franchising. We are known for our press room which is syndicated with hundreds of news agencies, and our social media links will help build your social following. will attract both single and multi-unit franchisees to your brand.

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Sponsored eNewsletters

Sponsored eNewsletters

Multi-Unit Franchisee Sponsored eNewsletters provide a great opportunity to grow awareness to your brand and get you in front of multi-unit franchisees.

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Customized Emails

Customized Emails

Our Customized Emails are a great way to reach multi-unit franchisees. Keep your brand in front of multi-unit franchisees by putting your message directly in their inbox.

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Multi-Unit Franchisees By the Numbers

We asked multi-unit franchisees where they find other franchise concepts.

Trade Shows

Trade Magazines



Note: Multiple answers per participant possible. Percentages added may exceed 100 since a participant may select more than one answer.

92% of Multi-Unit Franchisees use the Internet to research new brands


The annual Multi-Unit Franchising Conference is the premier event targeting multi-unit franchisees in the food, hospitality, retail and service sectors – along with developers, chain store operators and private investment groups looking to build and expand multi-unit operations. This is the ultimate deal-making event for franchisors, multi-unit franchisees and service providers.

This unique event is highly influenced by its advisory board consisting of the very best multi-unit franchisees. The board works diligently to ensure that the conference delivers on its promise of being the best platform for franchisees to learn how to grow their businesses. The conference provides programs targeted to the size of franchisee organizations as well as topics of importance to multi-unit franchisees today.




Operating Units


Billion Revenue



75% of franchisees attending the Multi-Unit Franchising Conference report that they are seeking new opportunities.

Why Exhibit & Sponsor

Join more than 250+ sponsors and exhibitors representing franchise brands and product and service providers. The Multi-Unit Franchising Conference is the perfect opportunity for you to showcase your brand to 1,650+ multi-unit franchisees, franchisors and product and service providers.

The exhibit hall is open for three networking sessions, providing plenty of opportunity for franchisees to visit every booth.


The 2018 Multi-Unit Franchising Conference was attended by 700+ multi-unit franchisees, representing every segment of the franchise industry – food, retail and service. This conference is the perfect venue to effectively display your franchise opportunity to prospective multi-unit franchisees. Reserve your booth space and give your brand awareness a boost through add-on sponsorships.

Franchisee attendees tell us they find brands with leadership presence at the conference more attractive than those without C-suite representation. Get your leadership team involved in the conference – it shows your commitment to growth and gives you a leg up on the competition.


Service providers interested in reaching multi-unit franchisees and franchisors should sponsor the Multi-Unit Franchising Conference. With 650+ multi-unit franchisees and 450+ franchisor attendees, the conference provides a great opportunity to showcase your services or expertise.

You may choose a sponsor opportunity, exhibit booth or both. All provide a great way for you to grow your brand awareness to both multi-unit franchisee and franchisor target audiences.

Pre-Conference Golf Tournament

Join your franchise colleagues at this premier networking event and casual forum to strengthen existing relationships and build new ones with industry decision makers. (All players must be registered for the Multi-Unit Franchising Conference in order to participate in the golf event.)

Each player receives: cart, box lunch, two drink tickets, post-game awards reception and transportation to and from Caesars Palace. (All Golf fees are additional beyond the conference registration rates.)

Why to Recommend to Franchisees

The Multi-Unit Franchising Conference provides content rich learning opportunities geared towards franchisees. Our curriculum brings something different to the table and extends beyond what franchisees learn at their individual brand conferences. Our sessions and panels are comprised of franchisees positioned within different segments of the franchise industry.

This is the only event where franchisees can meet and network with other multi-unit, multi-concept franchisees of brands outside of their specific network. They share their experiences and challenges, providing an outstanding learning opportunity for all. Many previous attendees have developed long-term relationships, both personal and business.

We also strive to provide plenty of opportunities for our franchisee participants to network amongst their peers.


One of a Kind

Multi-Unit Franchisee Magazine is the only publication dedicated exclusively to multi-unit franchisees, today's successful drivers of franchise growth. This publication targets successful multi-unit and multi-concept franchisees from the United States.

Published quarterly, Multi-Unit Franchisee Magazine is the only industry publication providing content important to multi-unit franchisees today. Our content covers inspirational peer success stories; topics that impact the business and help grow successful franchisee enterprises.

We provide content multi-unit franchisees are interested in reading!

A Franchise Update Media survey of multi-unit franchisees reported 50% of multi-unit franchisees use magazines to find new opportunities. Only trade shows were reported higher as a source of information.

The printed version of the magazine boasts 17,000 franchisees with four or more units among its per issue readership and distribution of 97,500. Multi-Unit Franchisee Magazine provides the perfect opportunity for you to advertise your franchise opportunity or service to these engaged readers.

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Multi-Unit Franchisee Magazine is 2x more cost effective at reaching multi-unit franchisees than any other franchise magazine.

(Based on a direct comparison to competitor media kit rates for 1x full page insertion)


Grow your business with comprehensive overviews and side-by-side comparisons of brands seeking multi-unit franchisees. This annual edition targets the largest multi-unit and multi-brand franchise owners and operators in the United States.


  • 17,000+ Multi-Unit Franchisees
  • New Multi-Unit Franchisee Magazine Subscribers
  • Multi-Unit Franchising Conference

Event Bonus Distribution

  • Multi-Unit Franchising Conference – Las Vegas
  • International Franchise Expo – New York City
  • West Coast Franchise Expo – Denver
  • 2018 Franchise Expo South

The cost to reach multi-unit franchisees in our Annual Multi-Unit Buyers Guide is only $0.25 each.


Multi-Unit Franchisee Channel with the Multi-Unit Franchisee Channel is the largest franchise information provider with more than 116,000 individually indexed site pages. It provides the most inclusive information and inspiration for multi-unit franchisees to learn and grow their enterprises.

The Multi-Unit Franchisee Channel of experienced 35% year over year visitor growth. The Multi-Unit Franchisee Channel, with a link to digital editions of Multi-Unit Franchisee Magazine provides the industry’s most comprehensive content specifically targeted to multi-unit franchisees. Franchisees visit this site regularly to find industry updates, research franchise brands and services, view articles and videos featuring their peers and stay up to date on industry news and trends.

To reach your multi-unit franchisee target audience, advertising on is essential to your media plan.

Multi-unit franchisees can browse franchise brands using our extensive franchise search tool including investment, industry and location. Recent upgrades to include streamlined navigation, updated opportunity page and full mobile optimization making accessing information even easier for multi-unit franchisees.





WITH INCOME OVER $100K Receives more than 2 Million Annual Unique Visitors
(Based on July 1, 2015 – June 30, 2016)


Get In Front of Multi-Unit Franchisees

Published weekly, Multi-Unit Franchisee Sponsored eNewsletters provide a great opportunity to grow awareness of your brand.

With four touch points including the content box of your choice; your message is the primary advertising in each eNewsletter.

The Featured Resource section provides a great opportunity to showcase your product or service with multi-unit franchisees.

The Multi-Unit Franchisee eNewsletter boasts a distribution of over 17,600+.


Put YOUR MESSAGE in their inbox!

Keep your brand in front of multi-unit franchisees through our custom email blasts.

Share your company with our Multi-Unit Franchisee subscribers, conference attendees, and opt-in audience of more than 9,500.

Our highly refined subscriber list places your message directly in front of multi-unit franchisees.

Connect with Fresh Candidates today with our Multi-Unit Franchisee customized email blast.

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