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Browse our selection of franchise articles and features to help further your knowledge in opening and operating a franchise business. Our exclusive features cover the , , , , , , and site of the franchise business. Written by the editorial team that produces Franchise Update Magazine and Multi-Unit Franchisee Magazine, the franchise industries premier magazines.

Feature Story:

A Culture Of Giving: The Saxton Group Is Committed To Its Communities »

By Helen Bond

When an EF4 tornado ripped through the northeastern Dallas suburb of Rowlett the day after Christmas last year, the people at a McAlister's Deli a mile away knew just what to do.
"Our manager was feeding first responders free, handing out food to anyone who needed it," says Adam Saxton, chief business officer at The Saxton Group. "He knew it was the right thing to do and that the company would support that decision without question. You can't do that if your people don't know your culture."
Employees of The Saxton Group, the country's largest McAlister's Deli franchisee, are card-carrying members of the company's culture--literally. Every employee receives a business-sized laminated card that outlines the franchisee organization's vision, mission, and values--with a special emphasis on contributing to the communities where they operate...

Feature Story:

They Bought The Brand!: Two Capriotti's Franchisees Now Own The Company »

By Kerry Pipes

Ashley Morris and childhood friend Jason Smylie were not afraid to take on the world when they graduated from college in their early 20s. While attending the University of Nevada, Las Vegas (UNLV) both had been such raving fans of Capriotti's Sandwich Shop that they broke an apartment lease to move closer to a store.
Morris began as a financial advisor at Wells Fargo and Smylie as a software engineer at Bechtel Nevada before they purchased a Capriotti's in 2004. Four years later, they assembled an investor group and bought the whole company from Lois and Alan Margolet, who founded the company 40 years ago in Wilmington, Del. Today, Morris is CEO and Smylie is president--and that youthful passion, which continues today, is one of the cornerstones of their success...

Feature Story:

Quarterly Checkup: Your Q1 Results Set The Trend For The Year »

By Rod Bristol

If your business is on a calendar year, you've finished your first-quarter operations. Hopefully, your accountant or bookkeeper gave you your financial reports by April 15--both an income statement and a balance sheet--and you spent time reviewing them.
So, how did you do???
If you set up your financial information for maximum "management intelligence," you now have a very accurate picture of how your business is performing. Your financial statement should have given you your 2016 first-quarter results compared with your 2015 first-quarter results, and also compared your results with your annual plan for the first quarter of 2016.

Let's talk trends

Feature Story:

CMO Roundtable: Executing Your Media Strategy And Plan Effectively »

Franchise Update

Your media strategy and plan is complete and now it's time to execute.What steps do you take to ensure each layer of your media plan is carried out effectively?

Maryellen Torres
Chief Brand Officer
Front Burner Brands (The Melting Pot)
With today's highly savvy consumers, the marketing landscape is constantly changing and requires a comprehensive, multi-layered approach to help a business achieve its goals and objectives. New technology has created more "noise" in the media landscape, making it more complex for marketers to create a relevant message for both the vehicle and the target audience. From marketing messages sent to our email inboxes to our social media channel newsfeeds, this constant bombardment of communication can lead to months of hard work going unnoticed, if not planned strategically...

Feature Story:

Multi-Unit Franchisee Expanding Capriotti's Nebraska Market »

Multi-Unit Franchisee

Capriotti's Sandwich Shop now has two Lincoln, Nebraska locations open for business thanks to multi-unit franchisee Corey Tallman. He just opened his second location in downtown Lincoln earlier this month and has plans to open one more in the near future.
Tallman became familiar with the sandwich brand while he was living in and going to school in Phoenix. He says he fell in love with the subs after just one visit. So when he returned home to Nebraska he decided he wanted to own his own business. While researching business opportunities, he recalled his time in Arizona and the Capriotti's sandwiches he loved so much. He ultimately decided to bring the brand to Lincoln and opened his first restaurant in August of 2015.
"The new Capriotti's restaurant is located in the center of downtown, just steps away from the University of Nebraska-Lincoln," says Tallman...

Feature Story:

Words Of Wisdom: On Community Involvement »

Multi-Unit Franchisee

Ed Wolak
Brands: 96 Dunkin' Donut locations

Explain the role of community involvement to you and your company:The Wolak Group has earned a strong reputation for social responsibility and community involvement. As our business continues to grow, so do our community commitments. We continue to grow existing relationships with local and national charitable organizations, such as the Junior Diabetes Research Foundation, the Make-A-Wish Foundation (Central New York and Maine chapters), the Maine State Society for the Protection of Animals, and many more. We have also formed relationships with multiple cutting-edge companies to reduce our carbon footprint, reduce and re-channel our waste stream, and become an innovative "green" and sustainable business.

Feature Story:

6 Things That Make A Brand Indispensable »

By John DiJulius

We all have a company or two that we can't fathom life without. If I told you, "You can no longer do business with these companies ever again?" what are the few companies you would become extremely upset about losing? When I ask my audiences this question, the same brands always get mentioned: Apple, Starbucks, Nordstrom, and Amazon, along with numerous local mom-and-pop shops.

Now the important part is to think about what they have done and what they consistently do to make you so loyal, to make you feel that you cannot live without them. That is power. That is brand loyalty. The more people you can make feel like they cannot live without your brand, the closer you are to making price irrelevant.

The key deciding factors to being a business people cannot live without are: 1) great service/product; 2) consistency; 3) ease of doing business; 4) employee evangelists; 5) educate versus sell; and 6) personalized experience...

Feature Story:

Growing To 10 (and Beyond): Advice For The Expansion-Minded »

By Eddy Goldberg

Growing to 10 units is a cherished milestone for franchisees. Different obstacles and opportunities crop up along the way, some expected, others not. A while back, we spoke with multi-unit, multi-brand franchisee Sean Falk about his own journey to 10 units, which at the time included four brands: Great American Cookies, Pretzelmaker, Mrs. Fields Cookies, and Salsarita's Fresh Cantina. Since then, he's had a few more journeys: serving as chair of the Multi-Unit Franchising Conference, testifying before Congress on the Affordable Care Act, and vice president of franchising at Safeway Driving School. Today, in addition to his franchise business, he's franchise development leader and client executive at Hylant Insurance.
Looking to grow to 10 units or more?Here's some advice you can take to the bank...

Feature Story:

Social Media Roundup: Aug. 23, 2016 »

By Daniel Lieberman

Getting Verified Accounts on Twitter Just Got Easier
Twitter has made it easier for more users to attain verified status on the service. Verified accounts on Twitter allow users to be sure that the people and organizations they follow are really who they say they are. Up to now, verified account status has been awarded strictly at Twitter's discretion, based on the company's judgment that the account is of genuine public interest. Verified accounts have tended to belong to public figures and organizations in media, government, politics, sports, and business, among other areas. Now Twitter offers an online application process anyone may use to request account verification.

Snapchat Geofilters for Local Businesses Now Available
A Snapchat geofilter is a transparent overlay that sits on top of snaps...

Feature Story:

Rushing Ahead: Former NFL Running Back Scores With Bojangles' »

By Kerry Pipes

Tshimanga "Tim" Biakabutuka, born in Kinshasa, Republic of Zaire in 1974, came to the U.S. with his family when he was just 6 years old. The family settled in Canada, in the Montreal area. Adapting to a new country and culture meant a lot of adjustments for him and his family, but they made the transition and built a new life for themselves. And, it turned out, the young boy had a hidden natural gift that was just a few years from being revealed.
Biakabutuka never played football until he was in high school. That's when he discovered he could run with a football and was good enough to earn the nickname "Touchdown Tim." His on-field abilities landed him a scholarship at the University of Michigan where he was a running back from 1993 until 1995...

Feature Story:

It Starts At The Top: Leadership Sets The Tone For Service Aptitude »

By John DiJulius

Any big initiative, project, or revolution must have the support of the senior leadership team; otherwise it will be considered "flavor of the month" or "management by bestseller."
Customer service must be as important as finance, sales, operations, and technology. It must be discussed at board meetings and strategic planning sessions with leaders and everyone else in the company, including front-line employees. To create long-lasting change, the senior leadership team must provide the necessary resources. That doesn't mean just increasing the budget for customer service. It is having someone in charge of the project--that is, a chief experience officer (CXO)--who is dedicated and loses sleep over the customer experience program and the results...

Feature Story:

Whatever Works: Bring 'Em In, Keep 'Em In, Reward Them! »

By Eddy Goldberg

Attracting customers in 2016 takes many forms--and platforms--sometimes all at the same time. Here are a few tactics franchise brands are using to drive customers into their stores, keep them there, and reward them.

Feature Story:

Strategic Planning Creates Exciting Future »

By Dan Schneider

Some things in life are actually fun to plan - weddings, vacations, and special celebratory events. The planning that goes into the event usually leads to a happy outcome, even when there are bumps along the way.
Business Planning, however, usually gets a bad rap. Mention business planning to a multi-unit franchisee entrepreneur or a fast moving, high-energy executive and watch their eyes begin to gloss over. So how do we make business planning fun, exciting, and worthwhile for those involved?

Step 1: Dream Big
Franchise concepts, approaches to attracting and developing talent and unique customer acquisition/service initiatives all begin in the greatest nation known to the human race: the imagination.
Here's an interesting fact about "vision": You cannot not have one...

Feature Story:

Former Marine Turns To Franchising »

Multi-Unit Franchisee

Serving two decades in the Marines taught Fred Bowen a key lesson. "You are only as strong as your team is," says the 60-year-old multi-unit franchisee. He's applied that understanding to operating his 4 Cottman Transmission and Total Auto Care franchise locations. The result has been a team-oriented culture that focuses on customer satisfaction.
Following 22 years in the Marines and nearly 6 more with the Oklahoma City Police Department, Bowen turned to a career in real estate. That's when he ran across an ad in the local newspaper for an auto repair shop that was looking for franchise investors. He began doing research and discovered he liked what the Cottman brand had to offer.
Bowen is always focused on his team. He looks to hire the best, train them well, and support them in as many ways as he can...

Feature Story:

Lead Generation: Can Big Data Identify Your Ideal Franchise Candidates? »

By Jim Bender

What's not to love about big data? To paraphrase Sandy Pentland, the big data guru at MIT: The power of big data is that it is information about what people do, not what they say. It's the digital breadcrumbs you leave behind as you move through life. Those breadcrumbs tell the story of your life. Who you actually are is determined by where you spend your time and which things you buy. And from that behavior, analysts can tell an enormous amount about you.

We all look forward to the day when big data will identify candidates who exhibit the same behaviors as our best-performing franchise owners. Fill up my inbox, please!

Today we can only imagine the impact that lead generation techniques enhanced with big data intelligence will have on the franchise development sales process...

Feature Story:

Good News! - August 2016 »

By Eddy Goldberg

The good news: Franchising is experiencing a remarkable growth phase - not only in unit count and system-wide revenue, but also in the number of new and emerging brands. The bad news: It's harder to keep up with all the good news! That's a nice problem to have - and why we've brought back our "Good News!" roundup of selected news items on unit growth, investment and financial developments, international expansion news, refranchising, and milestones attained by franchisors large, medium, and emerging. Here's your chance to follow the leaders, every third Tuesday of the month.
So if you’re not doing it already, send us your good news here.

New Units/Growth/Expansion

Jimmy’s Egg Announces AD Deals for 52 Units in 6 States
Toppers Pizza Signs 22-Unit Deal for Virginia and Maryland
Costa Vida Reports 14 Deals in First Half; Projects 20 Openings by Year-End
Fazoli’s Signs 9 Deals for 22 Units in July; Reports 13 Quarters of SSS Growth
Bojangles’ Signs Multi-Unit Agreement for Alabama & Mississippi
The Chickery Inks 15-Unit Deal for Northern California
Cicis Signs 32 Agreements for 70-Plus Restaurants by End of 2017
Dunkin’ Donuts: 3 Deals for 13 New Units + 4 Baskin-Robbins Co-Branded
First Watch Restaurants To Open 7 Units at DFW by Year-End
Dippin’ Dots Now Available at All Chuck E...

Feature Story:

2016 MVP Winners: Honoring Outstanding Multi-Unit Franchisees »

By Kerry Pipes & Eddy Goldberg

Franchisees work hard, provide jobs, help their communities, and inspire countless others to follow in the footsteps of their well-earned success. That's why we recognize the best of them each year with our Most Valuable Performer (MVP) Awards. Ten qualifying franchisees were chosen from a worthy group of their peers and honored at this year's Multi-Unit Franchising Conference at Caesars Palace in Las Vegas.
Choosing MVPs is a lengthy, arduous process--also incredibly rewarding as we learn more about the lives and achievements of the many candidates. To qualify, franchisees must have at least five operating units and have been in a franchise system for a minimum of two years. This year's winners are power players, innovators, and creative thinkers with big hearts who genuinely care for both their employees and their communities and are working to make the world a better place...

Feature Story:

Family Business Perspective Matters »

By Kendall Rawls

An owner's perspective about the purpose and who the business serves directly impacts culture, ability to recruit and retain good people, and drive performance - all of which influences customer perceptions, revenue, and profits. In the franchise industry, often times, multi-unit franchisees do not intuitively view themselves as a family business owner. This misperception can and does have an impact on overall business success, sustainability, and value.
Is the purpose of your business to serve you and your ambitions? Or is the purpose of the business to serve and provide opportunity to your community? Is it a mix of both? If the mission and vision of your business includes serving those around you, then it is important to begin thinking like a family business owner...

Feature Story:

TruFusion: How Data Is Changing Our Strategic Marketing Plans And Tactics »

By Steve Rockman

We asked Steve Rockman, Chief Marketing Officer at TruFusion, a Las Vegas-based workout studio: “As the role of big data in strategic market planning grows, how does it affect your long-term marketing plans, forecasting, efficiency/ROI of your media spend, or other parts of your marketing?” Here’s what he had to say.

At TruFusion, we market primarily to the Millennial, specifically females. Because of this, we are talking to the most highly connected generation yet, with their access to instant information. Millennials speak in data, and if we can collect, analyze, and react to this data in a timely and accurate manner, we will greatly increase our chances to develop a long-term relationship with these consumers.

Our entire business model is predicated on technology, from our POS system, which tracks member sign-up and class check-ins, to every purchase members make in one of our studios...

Feature Story:

Overcoming Franchise Marketing Constraints »

By Alex Vaccaro

Owning a franchise business has its pros and cons. On one hand, you benefit from your franchise having a strong, trusted identity. Local customers may choose to visit your business based on what they know about the national organization, and you have a vast network that can support your business with ideas and resources.
On the other hand, you may feel constrained in marketing your business within your franchise's standards. It's a delicate balance: you want to get word out about your business, but you don't want to violate the overarching organization's specifications.
Here are some suggested solutions and tips for dealing with three top concerns related to branding your franchise.

Concern #1: I'm Worried About Breaking Franchise Rules
You've got a great marketing idea for your business, but it breaks several different franchise rules...

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