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Browse our selection of franchise articles and features to help further your knowledge in opening and operating a franchise business. Our exclusive features cover the , , , , , , and site of the franchise business. Written by the editorial team that produces Franchise Update Magazine and Multi-Unit Franchisee Magazine, the franchise industries premier magazines.

Feature Story:

Improve Your CRM System With Mobile Surveys »

By Mark Penson

What's the downside to getting information from your sales force into your CRM system? If you're like most managers, you'll answer, "Actually getting the information from the sales force."

There are many reasons this seemingly simple task is like pulling teeth. Which ones do you recognize?

Feature Story:

How Vail Resorts Provides "Epic" Customer Service »

By John Tschohl

Imagine you're a new snowboarder or skier having a rough day on the slopes. Suddenly, a Vail Resorts employee glides alongside of you. You wonder if she's going to ask you to get off the mountain so you don't endanger yourself or anyone else. But instead, she asks if you'd like to attend a group skiing lesson that normally costs $160 - free.

Wouldn't that make your day?

Wouldn't you want to tell everyone you know about the experience?

Wouldn't you want to come back to that same resort year after year?

This isn't a fantasy. It happens every day at Vail Resorts, a company that knows how to manage every aspect of the customer experience. And that's not all Vail Resorts does to earn their customer's trust, loyalty, and dollars...

Feature Story:

Free Marketing Wisdom: 101 Marketing Quotes »

By Eddy Goldberg

If a 1% or 2% percent return on a direct mail campaign is about okay, then using the same odds you're sure to find at least one or two useful, inspiring, or challenging nuggets among these "101 Awesome Marketing Quotes" collected by HubSpot, the inbound marketing software platform provider. The company also has an extensive online library of downloadable marketing-related studies, surveys, reports, and ebooks. The only cost is your contact info.

The "flipbook" of collected marketing quotes - some timeless and others focused on specific aspects of social media marketing - couples the quotes with an entertaining set of background visuals. Many of the quotes were collected from Inbound 2013, Hubspot's annual fall conference.

Reading through the 101 quotes also can point you toward some of today's leading experts on the topic of marketing...

Feature Story:

Social Media Roundup: March 25, 2014 »

By Daniel Lieberman

Where Are the Kids?
YouTube soft pedals it for fear of alienating advertisers seeking other age groups, but the 14- to 18-year-old set is their single largest demographic. A survey from The Intelligence Group shows that 74% of users in that age group report using YouTube frequently, while only 60% say the same about Facebook. The usage numbers are more evenly balanced between the two services for the rest of the age brackets from 19 to 34. In any case, both YouTube and Facebook are nearly twice as likely to be frequent stops for the younger set as iTunes, Instagram, or Twitter.

Making Adwords Effective for Small Businesses
The New York Times reported in February that many small businesses find that Google's dominant pay-per-click Adwords platform is not a practical marketing channel for them, based on the media cost of their campaigns...

Feature Story:

But Wait, There's More!: Three Brands, Four States, And Plans To Expand »

By Kerry Pipes

Grant Simon is a textbook example of a multi-unit franchisee who can't sit still.
When we profiled Simon in 2008 (Q3), he was operating 18 Great Clips salons in the Atlanta area. He was doing well but had an itch for more, and had just teamed up with fellow area Great Clips franchisee Greg Thomas (profiled in 2011, Q3) to purchase a car wash business.
"It looked like a good opportunity, so we did it," says Simon. "We turned it around and quickly sold it for a healthy profit." It was an omen of good things to come. The two entrepreneurs invested their proceeds in Great Clips salons outside their Atlanta market and the growing began. Since the end of 2008, Simon has opened 21 more Great Clips salons in Georgia, Florida, and Alabama through new builds and acquisitions, bringing his total to 39...

Feature Story:

If At First...: Persistence Pays Off For Louisiana's Largest Sonic Franchisee »

By Debbie Selinsky

Ted Kergan's path to success as Louisiana's largest Sonic Drive-In franchisee has been marked by hard knocks.
While his buddies were planning for careers on the auto assembly lines in Detroit, Kergan, who always had an entrepreneurial bent, hired on with a motivational company after high school, hoping for a different kind of life. He says his three years there helped him conquer his shyness.
Toady he laughs when he talks about one get-rich-quick scheme he and his older brother, Gary, cooked up as young guys. "My brother and I had this idea that if we could sell a million of anything for a dollar, we'd make a million dollars," he says. They found a New York company willing to make a million beer coasters on credit. They hired someone to put the (then) highly popular smiley faces on the coasters and dip them in cherry-flavored liquid--and tried to sell them as air fresheners at auto parks and car washes...

Feature Story:

Women At The Top: Kat Cole, CEO, Cinnabon »

Franchise Update

Kat Cole,CEO, Cinnabon

System revenue: Do not disclose
No. of units: 1,100
Public or private: Private
Growth plans: Continue multi-channel expansion--we just hit $1 billion in global product sales from 60,000 points of distribution and would like to hit $2 billion from 100,000 points in 5 years; grow to 2,000 units in 5 years
Founded: 1985
Began franchising: 1988
Years with company: 3-plus
Years in franchising: 15
International locations: 500-plus
How has your life experience made you the leader you are today? Having a strong single mother as a parent taught me confidence, grace, trust, and resilience. Traveling all over the world for business shaped my skills in flexibility, influence, and compassion...

Feature Story:

Going Pro: Don Davey Shifts From NFL To Franchising »

By Debbie Selinsky

If you ask retired NFL defensive tackle Don Davey to list the qualities needed to succeed in the NFL or in franchising, his list is the same: competitiveness, tenacity, discipline, coachability, and focus.
Those same qualities worked well for him in the NFL, where he played defensive tackle for 10 years, starting with the Green Bay Packers and then moving to the Jacksonville Jaguars, where he led the young team to a berth in the AFC Championship Game in just its second year of existence.
The same qualities he displayed in the NFL have contributed to his success today as the operator of Firehouse Subs restaurants in Florida and as the brand’s area developer for Wisconsin. And that success has not gone unnoticed: the IFA named Davey its 2013 Franchisee of the Year...

Feature Story:

Employee Credit: 4 Reasons Franchisees Should Explore Prepaid Expense Cards »

By Toffer Grant

As a franchise owner, your employees are likely making purchases on behalf of you and your business, which can conflict with the strong need you have to control expenses and limit risk. The dilemma here is that many franchise owners are uncomfortable handing over a business credit card to their employees.
Your comfort level when it comes to providing spend authority can be managed based on the type of tool selections you select. However, most options on the market for expense management are credit-based. These require a personal credit guarantee by the business owner to accept the responsibility of the debt if your company cannot pay. It's a big decision.
Companies with workers on the road now have a game-changing option: corporate prepaid expense cards...

Feature Story:

Your Own Worst Enemy?: 5 Ways We Sabotage Our Financial Affairs »

By Carol Schleif

Investing wisely does not come naturally to most of us.
Many of the skills that support ultimate financial management success run counter to how our natural wiring prompts us to behave. Sound long-term investment decisions often require the ability to make choices that differ from near-term "prevailing wisdom." But we are social creatures, most comfortable when we fit in.
We crave predictability, but the markets are unpredictable and random. We infer short-term "patterns" reinforced by what we just read online, but don't recognize long-term sea changes that evolve with subtle nuances. We love to share stories, but often find it challenging to grasp complex financial and mathematical relationships. And we are irresistibly drawn to what is happening in the here and now, often refusing to focus on what may or may not come to pass some time in the distant future...

Feature Story:

Diversity, Community Are Crucial In Growth Plans At Toppers Pizza »

By Chris Cheek

franchise sales, franchise development, diversity, local marketing, franchise recruitment, community marketing, toppers pizza, chris cheek

Diversity, Community Are Crucial in Growth Plans at Toppers Pizza

By Chris Cheek

We asked Chris Cheek, chief development officer at Toppers Pizza, what role diversity plays in his brand's recruitment and development process. Here's what he had to say.

Feature Story:

2014 Multi-Unit Franchising Conference: A Gold Mine For Deal-Making »

By Franchise Update Media

If you're a franchisor looking for experienced, successful multi-unit franchisees, consider attending Franchise Update Media's 2014 Multi-Unit Franchising Conference (MUFC) next month, April 23-25 at Caesars Palace in Las Vegas. The conference is dedicated to meeting the needs of multi-unit operators - including discovering new concepts and deal-making. That's why so many franchisors sign up as sponsors and exhibitors (see the current list of franchisor sponsors here.)

But don't take our word for it. Here are some thoughts from past franchisors about why they continue to attend, sponsor, and exhibit at this annual event:

"Our sponsorship resulted in two new deals last year."
Greg Vojnovic, Chief Development Officer, Popeyes Louisiana Kitchen; 2014 Co-Platinum Sponsor

"Jersey Mike's Subs has been coming to Franchise Update Media's Multi-Unit Franchising Conference since 2008...

Feature Story:

Denny's Chief Brand Officer & EVP Discusses Her Role In Development »

By Kerry Pipes

Frances Allen, executive vice president and chief brand officer for Denny's since July 2010, is no stranger to big brands. Over the past 25 years, she's logged successful stints as a senior marketing executive at Dunkin' Donuts, Sony Ericsson, PepsiCo, and Frito-Lay. During that time she spearheaded brand repositioning initiatives, led new product introduction strategies, and launched expansion into international markets. At Denny's, Allen is responsible for the overall direction of the brand's marketing strategies and initiatives, positioning, advertising campaigns, menu development, and restaurant image.?We asked her about her role and its relationship to franchise development and recruitment.

Describe your role as EVP and CBO...

Feature Story:

The Six Steps To Selling Success: Step 3 - Disclosure Review »

By Steve Olson

Objective: Determine franchisability of candidate and pre-sell Discovery Day

Begin by asking the candidate what they thought of the FDD, and whether the information it contains was helpful. Review the material, answering the candidate's specific questions. It is important that you provide accurate answers. When in doubt, get the right facts to your candidate later rather than winging an answer. The legal consequences are too risky to play it by ear. Wrap up this discussion with, "Now that you understand what our FDD is all about, do you feel comfortable with how our franchise program works?"

Franchising isn't right for everyone, so make sure your prospect understands and buys into the franchise way of doing business...

Feature Story:

Family Success Story: David And Joye Griffin And Their 3 Sons Prosper In Hard Times »

By Kerry Pipes

When we profiled David Griffin in 2010, he had just purchased 25 Jiffy Lube stores in Colorado. The stores were underperforming, some were dilapidated, and the U.S. economy still at one of its all-time lows. Those factors created a perfect storm for Griffin to expand--but it wasn't a walk in the park.
"We've spent the last three years reviving those units, and it has been a monumental task," says the 56-year-old today. Griffin says it took millions of dollars to turn around those 25 struggling locations--and the process tested both the company and his family, which is deeply involved in the business. "I'm still working right alongside my wife Joye and my three sons," he says. "We are today's family farm."
The effort paid off, says Griffin...

Feature Story:

The Song Remains The Same: Franchise Brands Are Still Failing To Respond To Prospects »

By Helen Bond

When it comes to franchise sales, it seems the more things change, the more the development practices of many franchisors remain the same.
This was a key finding of Franchise Update Media Group's annual Mystery Shopping survey, unveiled at the 15th annual Franchise Leadership & Development Conference in Atlanta in October. Across the board, our expert team of mystery shoppers found that, despite technological advances that make it easier than ever to connect with qualified prospects, franchise sales and development teams don't always pursue promising prospects with the fervor, immediacy, and persistence they would in a world of best practices.
"The constant frustration in the mystery shopping results is the failure of franchisors to respond to qualified inquiries," says Steve Olson, president of Franchise Update...

Feature Story:

Retiring To Grow: Benetrends CEO On How Franchisees Can Finance Growth »

Multi-Unit Franchisee

Retiring To Grow: Benetrends CEO on How Franchisees can Finance Growth

It's not uncommon for entrepreneurs and business operators today to tap into their 401k or other retirement accounts to seed growth and expansion. This holds true in franchising as well. If you're a multi-unit franchisee considering how you might use your 401(k) to expand your operation you probably have questions.
We asked Rocco Fiorentino, CEO of Benetrends, to explain how the process works, the pros and cons, and legal implications. Benetrends has more than 25 years of franchise industry experience helping more than 10,000 entrepreneurs to fund their business over the last 30 years. Fiorentino shares the most common questions franchisees have asked about financing growth...

Feature Story:

Wasted Time: 12 Reasons Why Employee Training Fails »

By John Tschohl

Most of the money and time companies spend on training is wasted. That's because the majority of companies use outdated training ideas and boring training methods.
Training that is poorly presented goes in one ear and out the other. It's no wonder employees don't change their attitudes or behaviors after they attend a badly presented training session.
After working in the training field for more than 40 years on six continents, I've seen 12 reasons why group training fails:

Feature Story:

Lease Negotiation 101: Zeroing In On The Right Site And The Right Deal »

By Helen Bond

After 34 years of negotiating leases for 150 hair salons in California and the New York Metro area, Gary Grace appreciates the advantages of being part of a franchise system with a well-known name.
"You get more respect from the landlord because you have the power and success story of the brand behind you. It really makes a difference," says Grace, CEO of California-based GG Enterprises, which today owns 36 Supercuts salons and one Cost Cutters. "The bigger the name signing the lease, the more secure the landlord feels, and the more leverage you have in negotiating."
These days, nearly all prime real estate is rented, not sold: an estimated 98 percent of retail and commercial space is available only for lease. And while a familiar name might get a franchisee in the door, landing a lease that leads to long-term success takes not only due diligence and attention to the fine print, but also the ability to balance the dual roles of franchisee and tenant, says attorney Amy Cheng, a partner with Cheng Cohen in Chicago...

Feature Story:

Going "Glocal": The Importance Of Local Marketing Worldwide »

By Stacy Anderson

We asked Stacy Anderson, chief marketing officer at Anytime Fitness and Waxing the City to discuss the role of diversity in the company's marketing department and in its marketing strategies. Here's what she had to say.

As a global franchisor operating in more than 15 countries, embracing diversity in the marketplace isn't a choice for Anytime Fitness, it's a must. Simply put, developing offerings sought after by more people, both domestically and abroad, equals more opportunity to grow. With 20 percent of our clubs located outside North America and the greater part of our growth coming internationally over the next 5 years, developing marketing strategies that are relevant and compelling to a wide array of cultures and communities is critical to our long-term success...

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