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A Culture Of Listening

At Listen360, listening is a mantra and mission statement--the core of our DNA and our way of life. It defines the culture of relationship, respect, and reciprocity we know is our greatest competitive advantage. Listening means learning, and learning makes us better--always.

Our defining philosophy is the shared belief that we deliver the best possible results to the communities we serve with an uncompromising commitment to a single, un-disruptable principle--that relationships built on mutual trust and respect are the driving forces of lasting success--for individuals and organizations alike.

How We Work

We Make It Personal

Conventional wisdom tells us, "It's just business--it's not personal." Yet history and experience show business interactions are fundamentally personal. When brands achieve sustainable profit and growth, it's always on a foundation of authentic, personal customer relationships and the loyalty those relationships create.

So at Listen360, everything we do is about making business personal. We are proud that our internal values match the ones we go to market with, knowing integrity in its truest form results from aligning our core internal values with every outward-facing thing we do.

  • Listen - Show respect for individuals and their perspectives. "Earn the truth" from them by listening to gain understanding. Be transparent, forthright, and accountable. Build trust by delivering on promises.
  • Learn - Lead with curiosity and an open mind. Apply intellect, but assume blind spots. Invite dialogue and debate. Challenge assumptions and inertia. Be flexible and creative to achieve the best outcomes.
  • Love It - Celebrate successes openly. Engage in intentional acts of gratitude. Embrace shared vision and values. Passionately create personal connections. Love what you do--or do something else.
  • Live It - Embrace change with courage. Dare to speak up. Commit, act decisively, and own the results. Be continuously accountable for becoming better. Find a natural balance where business and personal relationships thrive.
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