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Financing options for your franchise business are plentiful, from local banks to the franchisor to the growing number of alternative lenders. Financing sources also include SBA loans, 401(k) conversions, and angel investors for both new and growing franchisees. Enterprise franchise organizations can look to mezzanine financing and private equity investors.


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It’s December 2023 and you’re thanking your team for a job well done. What did you do differently this year?
  • Lauren Owen
  • 1,958 Reads 4 Shares
Why partnering with a private equity firm can create many unintended consequences.
  • Champ Rawls
  • 2,548 Reads 2 Shares
8 financial education tips to help your franchisees and managers boost profitability
  • Lauren Owen
  • 3,569 Reads 3 Shares
As franchise development kicks back into gear, lenders remain cautious and require more from applicants
  • Darrell Johnson
  • 2,371 Reads 6 Shares
Four things you can do to ensure your books are accurate and reliable
  • Barbara Nuss
  • 2,245 Reads 13 Shares
Watch for these 5 telling signs that it’s time for you to look for a new accountant for your business.
  • Nathan Liao
  • 2,835 Reads 31 Shares
Private equity investors are betting on large, multi-unit franchisees operators more than ever for a healthy return on capital
  • Helen Bond
  • 5,471 Reads 17 Shares
Do you have a blueprint for growth? A cash flow plan? Here are 3 ways to grow your franchise—and the financial tools to do it, part 3 of 3.
  • Barbara Nuss
  • 2,258 Reads 6 Shares
Lenders are looking to historical FUND Scores to predict the success and failure of current and future SBA loans
  • Darrell Johnson, Chen Wang, David Swift
  • 2,867 Reads 13 Shares
The power of purposeful personal financial planning and establishing goals for your future financial wealth and health is key to getting what you want in the future.
  • Kendall Rawls
  • 2,963 Reads 13 Shares
Do you have a blueprint for growth? Here are 3 options for growing your franchise business—and the financial tools to do it
  • Barbara Nuss
  • 3,892 Reads 3 Shares
Teriyaki Madness
Teriyaki Madness
Teriyaki Madness
Made a net profit but have no cash? It’s time to create a statement of cash flow
  • Barbara Nuss
  • 2,756 Reads 12 Shares
Are private equity investments in multi-unit operators changing the face of franchising?
  • Darrell Johnson
  • 5,967 Reads 44 Shares
7 multi-unit operators share their experiences on raising capital during the pandemic
  • Sara Wykes
  • 4,545 Reads 36 Shares
How to use financial benchmarks to achieve your 2021 business goals
  • Barbara Nuss
  • 3,094 Reads 3 Shares
Investing in 2021-what could go right, what could go wrong, and how to adapt and create a resilient plan
  • Carol M. Schleif
  • 3,554 Reads 15 Shares
Report finds a third of small business owners facing a ‘cash crunch’ even though PPP funding is still available.
  • Multi-Unit Franchisee
  • 2,813 Reads 4 Shares
The SBA's Paycheck Protection Program (PPP) reopens for borrowers this week.
  • Multi-Unit Franchisee
  • 3,537 Reads 11 Shares
With just a few simple changes, says this major SBA lender, the SBA can continue to help U.S. small businesses recover after PPP funding is exhausted
  • Chris Hurn
  • 8,652 Reads 32 Shares
As Covid-19 shutters some business and limits others, keeping your FDD’s Item 19 up to date is more important than ever
  • Lynne Hanson and Niki Vinod Schwab
  • 4,222 Reads 12 Shares
Where will consumers be at year-end if the coronavirus rages on?
  • Ron Oertell
  • 4,515 Reads 11 Shares
Angry Crab Shack
Angry Crab Shack
Angry Crab Shack
What You Need To Know About Filing A Claim For Business Interruption Insurance.
  • Joseph W. Lesovitz
  • 3,736 Reads 30 Shares
To help franchisees with ROI, some franchisors are looking for ways to reduce initial investments.
  • Darrell Johnson and Luis Despradel
  • 2,657 Reads 2 Shares
Investing in the 2020s - a look ahead at what might matter.
  • Carol Schleif
  • 2,211 Reads
A new decade is the perfect time to take advantage of this 8-step expansion planning worksheet
  • Rod Bristol
  • 1,912 Reads
Timely Tips To Help Multi-Unit Franchisees Find Relief And Preserve Liquidity During COVID-19.
  • Carty Davis
  • 5,731 Reads 106 Shares
Busting 4 myths about multi-unit franchising.
  • Rod Bristol and Barbara Nuss
  • 4,443 Reads 8 Shares
If an economic downturn really does arrive, will you be ready?
  • Carty Davis
  • 7,178 Reads 87 Shares
Taking the pulse of your investment risk tolerance in 2020
  • Carol Schleif
  • 3,993 Reads 20 Shares
How A CPA Or Tax Advisor Can Help Identify Opportunities Such As Tax Credits, New Opportunity Zones, And More.
  • Carty Davis
  • 3,560 Reads 13 Shares
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