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Browse our selection of franchise articles and features to help further your knowledge in opening and operating a franchise business. Our exclusive features cover the , , , , , , and site of the franchise business. Written by the editorial team that produces Franchise Update Magazine and Multi-Unit Franchisee Magazine, the franchise industries premier magazines.

Latest Alignable Rent Report finds rent crisis for small business operators reaching new heights.
  • Kerry Pipes
  • 210 Reads
A look beneath the data driving today’s job shortage and its effects on hiring and growth
  • Darrell Johnson
  • 723 Reads 7 Shares
Multi-unit franchisee expands portfolio by opening its latest Zaxby’s restaurant in Texas.
  • Kerry Pipes
  • 1,344 Reads 5 Shares
Black Box Intelligence has gathered a list of 6 significant changes and trends in restaurant operations.
  • Kerry Pipes
  • 929 Reads 2 Shares
Does your organization have employees that are master rapport builders?
  • John DiJulius
  • 729 Reads 1 Shares
Establishing platforms and performance measures to sustain the unity required to build a solid multi-generational enterprise.
  • Kendall Rawls
  • 700 Reads 1 Shares
What franchisors look for when evaluating franchisee transfers, and how to prepare to make the best deal
  • Carty Davis
  • 816 Reads 6 Shares
When it comes to investing, the past 2 years have changed what we thought we knew
  • Carol Schleif
  • 939 Reads 7 Shares
In less than a year, Jason Crabb has expanded his N-Hance Wood Refinishing business from one franchise territory to three
  • Franchise Update Media
  • 1,131 Reads
Service brand franchises continue to strike new deals nationwide in June
  • Eddy Goldberg
  • 918 Reads 5 Shares
Chris Carpenter went looking for the perfect partner for his first franchise. He found his dad.
  • Chris Carpenter
  • 1,046 Reads 3 Shares
HomeTowne Studios by Red Roof
HomeTowne Studios by Red Roof
HomeTowne Studios by Red Roof
Multi-unit Pancheros Mexican Grill franchisee launches another location in Bismarck, North Dakota market.
  • Kerry Pipes
  • 1,430 Reads 3 Shares
A good company should always be ready and prepared for anything from an economic downturn to a true economic recession
  • John DiJulius
  • 1,382 Reads 6 Shares
Boost your odds of staffing up for summer with these 3 tips from Snagajob
  • Mathieu Stevenson
  • 1,186 Reads 4 Shares
Small business owners’ expectations for better business conditions reaches a 48-year low, according to study.
  • Kerry Pipes
  • 749 Reads 2 Shares
Four things you can do to ensure your books are accurate and reliable
  • Barbara Nuss
  • 750 Reads 7 Shares
Captain D’s flexible prototype options make the best of today’s turbulent real estate market
  • Phil Russo
  • 1,210 Reads 7 Shares
Choice Hotels buys Radisson Americas for $675 million; Taco Bell and Panera debut new prototypes as sit-down continues to decline; the last HoJo’s shuts its doors
  • Eddy Goldberg
  • 1,488 Reads 5 Shares
The IFA’s 2022 Franchise Economic Outlook report shows 2021 was a remarkable year for growth and forecasts further recovery in 2022
  • Matt Haller
  • 1,014 Reads 8 Shares
3 site selection tips from Christian Brothers Automotive that help its franchisees get off to a racing start
  • Brad Fink 
  • 1,162 Reads 27 Shares
Today’s topsy-turvy real estate market is replete with opportunities for multi-unit franchisees looking to grow and looking to sell
  • Pete DiFilippo
  • 1,136 Reads 12 Shares
Sky Zone
Sky Zone
Sky Zone
Father-and-son multi-brand operators open their latest Huddle House location.
  • Kerry Pipes
  • 1,510 Reads 5 Shares
3-brand franchise operator adding Fuzzy’s Taco Shop locations in Colorado and Utah markets.
  • Kerry Pipes
  • 1,221 Reads 1 Shares
Chick-fil-A doesn’t go out and find great talent, great talent finds Chick-fil-A.
  • John DiJulius
  • 1,027 Reads 5 Shares
Ongoing dialogue helps the next generation understand the complexities of the business, expectations as an employee, and the potential of becoming leaders.
  • Kendall Rawls
  • 877 Reads 3 Shares
Every company screws up with customers sometimes. Here’s how to turn that to your advantage
  • John DiJulius
  • 1,073 Reads 18 Shares
Expert tips for finding the right location for your next restaurant in 2022
  • John Ramsay 
  • 782 Reads 5 Shares
Bill Gray’s decision to become a multi-unit Scenthound franchisee was driven by his mission to serve
  • Franchise Update Media
  • 1,505 Reads 14 Shares
The 2022 Multi-Brand 50 ranking highlights the largest franchisees in the U.S. and their 25 favorite brands
  • Multi-Unit Franchisee
  • 920 Reads 4 Shares
Tips (and more tips) on how to minimize the effects of rising inflation on your bottom line
  • Barbara Nuss
  • 1,203 Reads 4 Shares
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