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Browse our selection of franchise articles and features to help further your knowledge in opening and operating a franchise business. Our exclusive features cover the , , , , , , and site of the franchise business. Written by the editorial team that produces Franchise Update Magazine and Multi-Unit Franchisee Magazine, the franchise industries premier magazines.

Retaining customers is an essential part of a business' success now and in the future
  • Kevin Behan
  • 410 Reads 1 Shares
Pirtek franchisee offers wide range of industrial repair services
  • Kevin Behan
  • 488 Reads 1 Shares
Longtime advocacy pros and newcomers can make real differences
  • Matt Haller
  • 676 Reads 1 Shares
Service brand deals keep growing through the middle of July
  • Kevin Behan
  • 1,047 Reads 3 Shares
Positive economic signs point toward an ongoing bull market for investors
  • Carol M. Schleif
  • 943 Reads 1 Shares
Total Care Solutions provides customized care and technological innovation
  • Franchise Update Media
  • 1,074 Reads 3 Shares
Home service companies can boost online visibility through link building, cost calculators, and more
  • Kevin Behan
  • 1,043 Reads 1 Shares
Eliminate whatever gets in the way of people doing business with you
  • John Tschohl
  • 912 Reads 1 Shares
The first of five locations is expected to open in the fall in Southlake, Texas 
  • M. Scott Morris
  • 1,150 Reads 2 Shares
The multi-unit agreement includes Sacramento and Stockton, California
  • M. Scott Morris
  • 804 Reads 2 Shares
The best interviews allow the candidate to relax and speak freely before asking the big question
  • John DiJulius
  • 762 Reads 1 Shares
Movita Juice Bar
Movita Juice Bar
Movita Juice Bar
The ruling narrows "Chevron deference," reining in excesses and overreach of federal agencies
  • International Franchise Association
  • 927 Reads 2 Shares
Nearly 8 of 10 job seekers fear discussing certain topics in the workplace
  • Kevin Behan
  • 941 Reads 1 Shares
We asked successful multi-unit restaurant franchisees what advice they would give to someone thinking about buying their first franchise
  • Eddy Goldberg
  • 990 Reads 1 Shares
The success of M&A transactions extends beyond financial considerations
  • Tori Wagner
  • 1,022 Reads 2 Shares
When coaches use open-ended questions, franchisees can find the answers for themselves
  • Barbara Nuss
  • 1,185 Reads 2 Shares
The latest in employment news affecting franchising and beyond
  • Kevin Behan
  • 959 Reads 1 Shares
AI tools can increase efficiency by automating workflows and preventing breakdowns 
  • Brianna Van Zanten
  • 1,119 Reads 1 Shares
Numerator survey: TikTok is the fifth-most used social media platform
  • M. Scott Morris
  • 1,303 Reads 2 Shares
The Whataburger franchisee signed a 25-unit deal to help grow the chicken concept
  • M. Scott Morris
  • 1,206 Reads 2 Shares
Duane Carmouche, Mitch Matthews and Mohamad Zeidan will open their first store in Alexandria, Louisiana
  • M. Scott Morris
  • 984 Reads 2 Shares
Britt Guyer agreed to open new locations in Clearwater-Largo and St. Petersburg, Florida
  • M. Scott Morris
  • 1,300 Reads 1 Shares
Webinar provides insights into the growth path of pet care franchise Camp Bow Wow
  • Franchise Update Media
  • 1,040 Reads 2 Shares
Prepare the way for new team members and make them feel welcome and appreciated
  • Mary Lou Atkins
  • 1,330 Reads 1 Shares
Complementary brands provide flexible office space solutions 
  • Kevin Behan
  • 1,304 Reads 10 Shares
The right location isn't as important as the experience your brand consistently delivers
  • John DiJulius
  • 1,439 Reads 2 Shares
Models offer customer convenience and increased revenue streams
  • Sean Fitzgerald
  • 1,171 Reads 6 Shares
Service brand deals keep growing at the start of summer
  • Kevin Behan
  • 1,134 Reads 2 Shares
The rent delinquency rate hit a three-year high during the May reporting period
  • M. Scott Morris
  • 1,828 Reads 6 Shares
Terry Ceulemans will open locations in St. Paul and Richfield, Minnesota
  • M. Scott Morris
  • 1,752 Reads 4 Shares
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