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    HigherMe was founded by a former multi-unit franchisee to optimize the hiring process. Our technology ensures you're hiring better quality candidates, reduces turnover and saves time and money.
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    Xpressdocs' proprietary marketing platform houses a diverse mix of customizable products and programs, empowering franchisees to self-serve from a single location while franchisors maintain control over branding, messaging, and marketing spend.
In the ever-changing world of social media, much has changed in how franchisors are using these emerging platforms to reach customers.
  • Eddy Goldberg
  • 4,558
Food--fast, slow, casual, takeout, sit-down, delivery--is by far the largest single sector in franchising.
  • Eddy Goldberg
  • 5,176
A report produced for the IFA at the beginning of this year, the Franchise Lending Matrix, forecasted approximately 15,200 new units would be added in 2011. We're at the halfway point of 2011. It's a good time to check the progress.
  • Darrell Johnson
  • 1,380
Listening is one of the fundamental principles of social media and Web 2.0.
  • Franchise Update
  • 1,401
In our premiere issue of the Franchise Consumer Marketing Report, we began reporting some of the findings from our first-ever Franchise Consumer Marketing Study.
  • Franchise Update
  • 1,880
Menchie's, the Encino, California-based frozen yogurt franchise brand, is turning to technology to separate itself from the competition while building an even stronger bond with its customers.
  • Franchise Update
  • 2,201
In an article entitled "Customer Satisfaction and Stock Prices: High Returns, Low Risk," author Claes Fornell discusses the result of extensive research and studies that prove that an increase or decrease in customer satisfaction not only greatly impacts each individual organization, but has a significant impact on the future health of the economy.
  • John DiJulius
  • 2,091
Anand Gala can remember working in his family's Jack in the Box restaurants when he was still in elementary school.
  • Anand Gala, CEO, Gala Corp.
  • 1,989
A guy walks into a bar. The place is teeming with beautiful women and he's looking to make a connection. After he's shown off some of his best moves on the dance floor, one particularly attractive lady approaches him.
  • Denise Lee Yohn
  • 2,345
When it comes to customer service, do you know the rating for your company, location, or department?
  • John DiJulius
  • 2,205
Program planning for the Franchise Consumer Marketing Conference, to be held June 14-15th in San Francisco's Omni Hotel, is moving full steam ahead.
  • Franchise Update
  • 2,224
Open a the inside coup Franchise
the inside coup™ is a unique franchise opportunity in a multi billion dollar industry, Direct Mail.
Now that we are freshly off the annual rite of late fall--the annual budget process--it might be a good time to consider how it could be done differently next time around. Conceptually, the budgeting process for franchise companies is pretty simple: pick some revenue numbers that build off the previous year's performance and do the same for expenses.
  • Darrell Johnson
  • 1,650
The 2011 Annual Franchise Development Report (AFDR) shows steady growth, based on improvements over last year in two key performance metrics - franchise leads and franchise sales. The AFDR is an annual survey of CEOs and senior development executives conducted by Franchise Update Media Group (FUMG) to provide a comprehensive research guide to sales and lead generation in franchise recruitment.
  • 2,037
To some people, trade shows are a necessary evil, while others believe by ignoring them it will make them go away. The reality is that trade shows are not going away. Just the opposite is occurring right in front of our eyes: They are becoming more important.
  • Ray Titus
  • 2,542
Will the 2011 economy provide a further drag on franchise development, or will it allow development to start to gain some speed? I believe the answer is that it will allow some gradual acceleration in most sectors. Let's look at what's been happening in development and the economic factors that will influence it in 2011, and some implications for development that will last beyond 2011.
  • Darrell Johnson
  • 1,783
Franchisee satisfaction is a key performance benchmark for forecasting the rate of your system development. If your "troops" aren't promoting you, it doesn't matter how compelling and profitable your program is. I'll never forget the children's franchise with a great financial success story. Even though their business model and ROI were terrific, their recruiting efforts were flopping. Lack of corporate support sparked huge issues, and owner validation was near nonexistent.
  • Steve Olson
  • 2,406
Each year franchising needs debt capital in excess of $10 billion to fund more than 30,000 new units and transfers of existing units. That's a lot of money, and the lending community doesn't seem that likely to meet the demand--even though collectively there's ample lending capital available. It's clear that access to capital will be an issue for the franchise community for the next few years at the very least.
  • Darrell Johnson
  • 3,556
Franchisors seeking to grow in a tight credit environment and slow economy are turning to private equity to counter a slowdown in financing and cash flow. For struggling systems, capital "infusions" or outright acquisition by private equity firms can replace diminished royalties and franchise fees; for successful brands, this source of additional capital can be used to accelerate growth and provide a competitive advantage.
  • Eddy Goldberg
  • 3,343
As savvy franchise companies continue to flourish in this challenging economy, FUSR will bring you good news each month, highlighting brands that are adding units, increasing comp store sales, striking deals with investors, and continuing to grow despite the economy - maybe even because of it. And, as the U.S. struggles through its "jobless recovery," growth-oriented franchisors continue to look overseas for expansion opportunities.
  • Franchise Update
  • 4,290
Access to capital is the number-one issue facing franchising in 2010. This isn't just an issue for new unit development--it is every bit as much of an issue for transfers. In both situations, franchisors have a large vested interest in ensuring that capital is there when a franchisee needs it.
  • Darrell Johnson
  • 1,846
Every sales professional knows the power of face-to-face contact. Franchise shows and similar forums are the opportunity to shake hands and personally connect with business buyers. But as show veterans realize, the show venue requires a different sales process than working Internet, broker, or print leads.
  • Steve Olson
  • 2,154
Open a BrightStar Care Franchise
A small Investment that can Pay Big Dividends! Brightstar Care Franchise is a low overhead, quick to break-even, fast ramp-up, repeat customers.
Tracking unit economic performance effectively can take some doing. Generally, it involves 1) defining what constitutes comparable data across individual units, and 2) finding the right technology for recording and reporting it. Making it work requires not only strategizing and goal-setting at corporate, but also involvement and buy-in from franchisees - all in the name of improving system-wide profitability, one unit at a time.
  • Franchise Update
  • 3,959
We asked two franchisors if they're seeing signs of economic recovery - and how what they see is affecting their plans for recruiting new franchisees in 2010. One is in the rapidly growing healthcare services field, the other in the highly competitive pizza sector. See if any of their perceptions or programs can help your plans for growth in the coming year!
  • Franchise Update
  • 2,700
When the economy turns downward it's harder for most franchisors and franchisees to increase revenues. The cost to achieve an incremental dollar of revenue is higher in a down economy, which means that less of each new dollar reaches the bottom line. Not surprisingly in this environment, companies turn to the expense side of their income statement, where every dollar of expense reduction falls almost fully to the bottom line. It's a simple business strategy: if you can't increase revenues, reduce expenses.
  • Darrell Johnson
  • 2,403
Build-A-Bear Workshop, in partnership with, is promoting October as "Stop Cyberbullying Month" at its stores and in its online virtual world, Cyberbullying, a growing problem among children, tweens, and teens, made national headlines in 2006 when a 13-year-old girl committed suicide after being bullied online by a group that included the mother of one of her former friends. The franchisor is focusing on online safety education and how to help prevent cyberbullying through several programs, by providing activities and materials to promote safe online 
play for kids, and by participating in a Stop Cyberbullying Coalition event on Capitol Hill on October 13.
  • Franchise Update
  • 2,751
Occasionally, it's good to confirm the obvious. What attracts prospective franchisees to a particular brand is a combination of expectations and emotions. While this is generally understood, we were able to use personal interviews at the March 2009 International Franchise Expo to delve into this topic further. We are grateful to the Expo sponsor, MFV, for allowing us to do this work.
  • Darrell Johnson
  • 2,210
You'll recruit new franchisees much faster if you initially understand, prepare, and learn the best methods for selling franchises. Working smarter shortens the race to the finish line! Here are some triggers that will help accelerate your pace.
  • Steve Olson
  • 4,615
I made a presentation to a national law firm's franchise practice group a few years ago with the title, "You Won't Believe What You Can Learn From a UFOC." The presentation was made to people who were responsible for putting UFOCs (now FDDs) together. They were surprised to learn all the things that could be analyzed and extracted from the documents they prepared.
  • Darrell Johnson
  • 4,991
Earlier this year at the IFA Expo, we interviewed nearly 100 prospective franchisees as they came into the hall -- and again as they left. We were looking for what attracts prospective franchisees to a particular brand.
  • Darrell Johnson
  • 2,554
Restaurants and retail businesses have been devastated since the start of the current recession, negatively affecting corporate franchisors and their licensed franchisees. Revenues have declined as customers have tightened their belts and restricted discretionary spending while joblessness has risen. Not surprisingly, bankruptcies in the retail and hospitality industries have increased - and evidence indicates that they will continue to do so.
  • Christopher T. Vrountas and Richard L. Levine
  • 2,338
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