Align Your Brand Offering to Each Prospect's Vision in 2021 and Sign More Deals
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Align Your Brand Offering to Each Prospect's Vision in 2021 and Sign More Deals

Align Your Brand Offering to Each Prospect's Vision in 2021 and Sign More Deals

Would you like to sell more franchises? Of course you would! But do you know what is keeping possible owners from buying your franchise? 

The problem is that your desire to make the sale is too strong. You want to make the deal happen, you want to get a commission, you want to bring that new buyer on board fast. Those motivations are natural, only human. The problem is they are working in opposition to the factors that will make the sale actually happen. 

What do I mean by that? And what are those factors? What I mean is that people buy franchises when the vision they have for their lives is in alignment with the vision you cultivate for them about your franchise. Let me repeat: When the client’s vision matches your offering, then you have alignment and a probable purchase.

The key here is to help the prospective buyer create a colorful, passionate personal vision that aligns with what you have to offer. Let’s explore how you can make that happen. 

Why alignment rarely happens

Too often, we begin a sales conversation with a 5- or 10-minute exchange in which we barely skim the surface about what a prospect is hoping to achieve by buying our franchise. Those conversations typically go like this:

We ask, “Why do you want to own a franchise?” and the prospect replies, “I want to be my own boss.” Or “I want to be in business for myself.”

We ask, “What kind of franchise are you thinking about?” and the prospect replies, “I want to own a gym. I have always been into fitness.”

We then move quickly into describing our offer. Now here’s a little secret. At this moment, the prospect’s interest is beginning to fade. Just when you want them to be most excited about learning about your franchise, their interest is sagging.

The better way

Instead of spending only 5 or 10 minutes skimming the surface, spend 30 or even 45 minutes helping the prospect develop a compelling, colorful vision of a personal future that will become real after buying your franchise.

This happens when you ask questions that help you understand the “whys” that lie beneath your prospects’ motivations to own a franchise, your franchise. What do they really want, and why do they want it? If you ask questions like the ones I am about to suggest-and then really listen and engage in a genuine conversation-you will make that colorful vision come to life in your prospect’s mind.

  • Why do you want to do this?
  • What past experiences brought you to us?
  • What forces in your life are influencing your thinking and your possible decision to become an owner?
  • Where do you plan to be in 5 years? 10?
  • What personal goals are you hoping to achieve?

The vision thing

When you spend more time up front understanding a prospect’s dreams, vision, and motivations, you will find many clues that can help you build alignment and make the sale.

If their vision is to make a lot of money, for example, they will be looking for an opportunity where they could open multiple locations in the future. So stress that.

If their vision is to make a difference in the world and they have a passion around something, then you can present your offering so it supports that vision.

If their vision is to provide a financial and business legacy for their family, you can tell stories of current franchise owners who have done exactly that. 

The more you ignite their vision and get them excited, the more ready they will be to make a decision, the more efficiently you will get through the details, and the sooner your sale will take place. Now your prospects won’t be losing interest. They will want to make a transaction as quickly as possible and get started.

So let’s make those sales!

Invest more time up front to understand your prospect’s vision. Get them to see their future in Technicolor and have your franchise star in that vision. You will sell more franchises and, perhaps more important, you will have happier owners who are fully invested in your franchise’s future, because it has become their future too. 

Evan Hackel, a 35-year franchising veteran, is CEO of Tortal Training, a leading training development company, and principal and founder of Ingage Consulting. He is a speaker, author of Ingaging Leadership, and host of “Training Unleashed,” a podcast covering training for business. Contact him at, follow him at @ehackel, or call 781-820-7609.

Published: February 2nd, 2021

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