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Rating Your Customer Service: Take This Test

When it comes to customer service, do you know the rating for your company, location, or department? The DiJulius Group has created an incredibly powerful tool called the Company Service Aptitude Test (C-SAT), which not only pinpoints the service aptitude level of your organization, but even more importantly, lets management know where the strengths and opportunities are to get to the next level. The C-SAT is based on the "Ten Commandments" to providing a world-class customer experience. These are the 10 principles shared by every great customer service organization. Now your management can take the C-SAT.

This test is designed so that individual departments may take it and score themselves independently. It will take approximately 15 minutes to answer all the questions. If you are taking it to determine the level of customer service delivered by your company, there are two approaches you can take: 1) look at your entire organization's customer service as a whole, or 2) look at the customer service of each individual department (i.e., sales, technical support, call center) or location. If you choose to take it by department or location, you will obviously have to take it once for each department or location you have. This allows you to determine which departments, managers, and front-line employees are stronger and which are weaker. Department scores may then be averaged to find an overall company score.

Within seconds of completing the test, you will receive a C-SAT report emailed directly to you, sharing your company's service aptitude level based on your answers. There is no charge, and you can take this test online as many times as you want.

Defining the Levels

There are five levels of scoring for this test. The defining characteristics of companies at each of these levels apply to all organizations, regardless of product or customer base. A brief description of these levels follows.

Level 1 - Unacceptable

  • It is very difficult to do business with the organization: hours of operation are limited, policies are not consumer-friendly, and it is impossible to get a call returned.
  • No training is provided.
  • Can't hire new staff fast enough.
  • Technical skills are limited to minimal product knowledge.
  • The company competes by having the cheapest price or has no competitors.
  • Turnover is high at all levels, including management.
  • Employees think customers are rude.

Level 2 - Below Average

  • The company is difficult to do business with. The company has stringent policies for things like returns or cancellations, and it is difficult to speak to a human being.
  • Training is limited to technical and operational.
  • Employees may be technically proficient but have minimal soft skills for dealing with customers and service recovery.
  • Service is extremely inconsistent and totally dependent on who is dealing with the customer.
  • If a customer is inconvenienced, management gets defensive with that customer, and little or no attempt is made to rectify the situation.
  • Turnover is high.
  • Only the owner or senior management has the authority to fix a problem.

Level 3 - Average

  • Employees are technically proficient.
  • Customer service is consistent, but with some flashes of above and below average service levels.
  • Some employees will occasionally go above and beyond in a situation.
  • The majority of training is devoted to technical and product knowledge.
  • Many great ideas exist on paper but are not always implemented.
  • Only managers have the authority to make things right for the customer.

Level 4 - Above Average

  • Technically, in areas such as product knowledge and equipment, the company is the best in the industry.
  • Employees perform some great acts but sometimes lack day-to-day consistency.
  • Experiential training is provided, including soft skills, on how to deal with customers, and service recovery.
  • The company is able to charge above-average prices compared with the competition.
  • The company has a strong inspirational service vision.
  • Above and beyond situations occur often.
  • New employees receive solid training in customer service.
  • Lower than normal turnover.
  • All front-line employees have the authority to make the situation right for the customer.

Level 5 - World-Class

  • It is extremely easy to do business with the company. Policies are customer-friendly, and when they aren't, front-line associates can override them.
  • Technically, in areas such as product knowledge and equipment, the company is the best in the industry.
  • Experiential training is provided, including soft skills, how to deal with customers, and service recovery.
  • Employees are taught and tested on standards for every point of contact with the customer.
  • Employees are trained on possible service defects and on above and beyond opportunities.
  • The company has certification training, which employees must pass to advance in the company.
  • The company has a strong inspirational service vision.
  • The company profiles its customers and shares guest information internally.
  • Daily pre-shift huddles are held.
  • There is a strong above and beyond legacy.
  • Great systems are designed and implemented.
  • The company has a reputation for great customer service.
  • The company has typically higher prices than its competitors.
  • Customer service training is constant, and there is awareness of it daily.
  • New employees receive solid training in customer service.
  • Very little compromise occurs in the hiring of employees.
  • Turnover is extremely low, and the company has a great corporate culture.
  • There is a strong implementation process and follow-through on initiatives.
  • The company hires only those people who are fanatical about customer service.
  • All departments are aware that supporting each other affects the customer.

When you're ready, take the test here: http://thedijuliusgroup.com/login/index.php?return=/csat/

John DiJulius is the founder of The DiJulius Group, a customer experience consulting firm. He is an international consultant, speaker, and best-selling author. Companies he has worked with include The Ritz-Carlton, Lexus, Starbucks, Nordstrom, Panera Bread, Nestle, Marriott International, PWC, National City Bank, Cheesecake Factory, Progressive Insurance, Harley-Davidson, State Farm, and Chick-fil-A. He is the author of What's the Secret? To Providing a World-Class Customer Experience, and Secret Service: Hidden Systems That Deliver Unforgettable Customer Service. Contact him at 216-839-1430
or info@thedijuliusgroup.com.

DiJulius will be a keynote speaker at Franchise Update Media Group's Multi-Unit Franchising Conference, April 27-29 at The Venetian in Las Vegas.

Published: April 25th, 2011

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