Jani-king: Join The Largest Commercial Cleaning Franchise In The World
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Jani-king: Join The Largest Commercial Cleaning Franchise In The World

(Tuesday, April 24, 2007) - Technologically Advanced
Having taken the decision to invest in a Jani-King franchise, Manu received comprehensive operational and business training including courses on cleaning techniques, health and safety, sales, customer service, financial control and management. He purchased the franchise two years ago and today has a turnover of in excess £400,000 per annum, with a target of reaching £1,000,000 annual turnover as soon as possible.

Jani-King Support

All Jani-King's franchises receive an unrivalled support programme designed to encourage the rapid growth of a sustainable and profitable business. In particular, Manu Smriti Ventures has benefited from:
Training - Manu committed to getting the job done safely and efficiently, so he benefited from learning about British Industry Cleaning Science Standards and Control of Substances Hazardous to Health.

Specialised Products - The success of Manu's franchise is credited to using technologically advanced equipment and chemicals from Jani-King's range of approved products.
Jani-King Customer

Esporta, a leading UK provider of premium health clubs with a membership in excess of 220,000, requires a very high standard of cleanliness throughout its gyms and wet areas. Jani-King uses the latest user-friendly chemicals to disinfect body fat deposits, calcium and dirt providing a sanitised non-slippery surface. "Jani-King provide a hygienic solution for our wet areas, including our two swimming pools, that is slip resistant to comply with all heath and safety standards."

Austin Cooper, General Manager, Esporta, Kingston

Sustainable and Profitable
Anita and Rajesh Rauli purchased a Jani-King contract cleaning franchise in Central and North London three years ago. Having had previous experience in property development and retail management, they were keen to operate their own business with an uncapped return on investment.

Anita and Rajesh have built up a successful business with a turnover just under £500,000. The franchise services a diverse customer base including leisure centres, cinemas, pubs and retail outlets. Anita and Rajesh are committed to offering bespoke solutions, utilising different cleaning methods and techniques.

Jani-King Experience

Following the proven Jani-King implementation programme, Anita and Rajesh have put their success down to identifying and meeting customer needs. With a husband and wife business partnership, this couple have been able to identify and play to their key personal strengths. Applying the core values of respect, hard work and good management, Anita and Rajesh have built a strong business utilising complimentary skills.

Jani-King Support

All Jani-King franchises receive an unrivalled support programme, designed to encourage the rapid growth of a sustainable and profitable business. In particular, Anita and Raj Rauli have benefited from:
Sales Accreditation - a range of tools designed to enable Raj and Anita to operate their business efficiently and achieve profitable targets.
Training - a 13 week training programme providing management knowledge, business insight and operational assistance.
"Being a Jani-King franchise owner is great as many companies prefer dealing with a network rather than independent cleaning companies. You also have to remember you are an independent business owner and you have to make your own judgements. Success will only come through following the proven Jani-King programme, hard work and the right attitude."

Are you management-minded and looking to build a large business with high asset value?
Jani-King (GB) Directors Paul Haworth and Ian Thomas are proud of their track record after 15 years' developing their brand in the UK commercial cleaning market. They say: "Our success is not just due to our background with world-class companies like Procter & Gamble, Mars and PepsiCo, but also to three key Jani-King track record benefits. First, its almost 40-year pedigree in commercial cleaning and franchising. Secondly, the fact that its systems have been applied thousands of times over by franchise owners worldwide, and thirdly, the top US business magazine has ranked Jani-King the No. 1 commercial cleaning franchise an amazing 12 times since 1987."

Having taken on the UK master franchise in 1992, Paul and Ian have worked hard with Jani-King international to develop a franchise product tailored to the UK market. Explains Paul: "We shaped an infrastructure, package and system into a workable management franchise opportunity - and what customers want from a commercial cleaning service."

Contracts delivered by a dedicated sales team
Jani-King (GB) employs a nationwide team of sales professionals who generate new business for the franchise network, allowing the management franchisees to concentrate on managing and growing their businesses through self generation. So confident is Jani-King (GB) in the power of its sales machine, that it offers franchisees the facility to nominate and purchase a guaranteed level of turnover for their geographical area. This is backed by a commitment to refund the estimated profit margin on any agreed turnover level not delivered. Paul explains: "If we fail to offer £264k of annualised turnover (subject to the franchise agreement signed by the franchisee) in 18 months, we literally pay franchisees a pro-rata loss of margin payment on any shortfall until we deliver the offer. The plan is that once you reach that turnover level, we will help you to move on to the half million mark - and then the magic one million mark."

All plans offered by Jani-King include a comprehensive training programme where the management franchisee not only learns the operational skills necessary in the commercial cleaning industry, but also customer relations skills, vital for maintaining a strong, loyal customer base. And once training is complete, Jani-King continues to provide additional customers for the franchisee to service and offers ongoing advice and technical backup.

What our franchisees say:
Ian Fick, London
"I've been operating my Jani-King franchise for almost seven years. My turnover is now in excess of £2 million, and is profitable. My vision is to be the first Jani-King franchise owner to make £1 million profit in a year."

Naz Hosany, Kent
"Most of our clients are national chains, and with the sales support from Jani-King and our own sales efforts we plan to reach a £1 million annualised turnover by 2008. I have already grown by 48.4 per cent in the first three months of this year"

Sandip Chauhan & Ket Patel, Leicester
"What's required is to follow the system - if you build trust and relationships with your customers, when you can demonstrate that you can do a good job and provide value for money to that customer, they are willing to trust you and pay premium prices for additional services. The new services are impacting P&L massively - we're earning between 18 and 22 per cent on them. That's when you start to to think you are making some real money."

Joe McGuigan, Glasgow
"Jani-King recently won another new contract for me and will get me up to a guaranteed £23,000 per month level of sales shortly, but my aim is to go out and win business for myself as well. I've just secured a good size contract, and plan to win a new client every three months."

Chirag Patel, Harrow & Watford
"I visit each customer at least once - preferably twice - a month. The average cleaning company doesn't even visit the customer, while with Jani-King it's all about being proactive. I'm looking to take on different contracts to increase the average value of the jobs we do. I want to build an asset which is turning over £1 million a year."



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