Flexibility, One of our Guiding Core Values at Parmasters
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Flexibility, One of our Guiding Core Values at Parmasters

Does this mean that when we hear a different point of view or perspective, we immediately change our mind? No!

What is does mean is that we take the time to listen, show respect for the person sharing and then we can evaluate the information they are providing. Maybe we will change our mind, maybe we won't. But if we do not take the time to listen and be flexible, we may miss out on an incredible idea or opportunity.

New ideas come from the people who are on the ground level, the people who are doing it every day. Not necessarily the people at Team Headquarters. The Business Development Model is our system of improvement. We have our Franchise Owners provide the new ideas (Innovation). We have our Regional Franchisors evaluate, track and measure it (Quantification). And then Team Headquarters can formally roll out winning ideas with all the parts and pieces required to run it (Orchestration).

If we don't keep flexibility top of mind, we might miss the next "Big Mac". I see this happen all the time with franchise owners, and it's the number one reason why McDonald's kicks Burger King and Wendy's butt, to this day. On this particular subject, McDonalds really gets it.

It's not about who's right and who's wrong. It's about finding the best way to accomplish our goals. Sometimes people who don't even have any experience in a particular area, can provide a fresh perspective to challenges or initiatives and come up with ideas that no one else had ever considered. There's real power in that.

So at your next team meeting, training or planning session, try to ensure that you go in with a flexible state of mind. Be passionate about your ideas and perspectives, but try not to bulldoze others when they share. Take the time to listen and consider those new ideas and you may truly be rewarded with a new "Secret Sauce".



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