Money Mailer Mini Cooper Gets Recognition
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Money Mailer Mini Cooper Gets Recognition

In addition to running his home based Money Mailer franchise, Maneesh Reddy, Money Mailer of South San Jose (CA) is an avid car enthusiast and regular contributing writer for Business Standard Motoring. He recently shared with us how he has been able to combine 'business with pleasure' through the Mobile Billboard Program.

"Prior to getting my car wrapped, I had heard many good things about the marketing efficiency of the wrap. Now, 12 months into signing on the dotted line, I agree. The car gets loads of eyeballs all day.

It does a fabulous job of branding Money Mailer in my local market. There were many things that I hadn't heard about the wrap prior to getting one. I love driving around in my Money Mailer car.

Customers see me around and know that I live and shop in the neighborhood. I have pulled over to the side of the road many times to exchange cards with perfect strangers. I have the most fun when I'm listening to the supercharger whine, and the burble, crackle and pop from the exhaust. I make a game of torturing sports cars on the on/off ramps and practicing the racing line through corners.

If you are at Laguna Seca Raceway, Infineon Raceway, or Thunderhill Raceway Park...look out for the Money Mailer Cooper running hot laps... that's my favorite weekend playground.

At the track, many people look at the car and think that it's a fully race prepped monster. Who else puts decals on a car? On closer inspection, they see the lack of roll cage, harnesses and race tires.

If you don't have a wrapped car, I highly recommend getting one. You'll find out how much fun you've been missing all this time."

Money Mailer franchisees are marketing consultants to local, community-based businesses. They use cutting edge marketing tools and technology to develop direct mail and internet advertising campaigns that help business owners target and retain more of the right customers.



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