National Outdoor Lighting Franchise Encourages Property Owners and Managers to Light up Their Night for Elegance, Safety, and Security
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National Outdoor Lighting Franchise Encourages Property Owners and Managers to Light up Their Night for Elegance, Safety, and Security

Anyone who has walked or driven through the Washington, D.C. area at night has witnessed the stunning beauty of the White House, the Lincoln Memorial, and the Washington Monument. The reason that they present such a striking presence at night is because of the accent lighting used to enhance their appearance, and to highlight their unique architectural features. Seeing these national treasures at night underscores the power of professionally installed outdoor lighting. But creating a spectacular display like those mentioned need not be restricted to official buildings and monuments. More and more homeowners and business owners are moving toward elaborate landscapes and expanding the outdoor space available. They are doing this with professionally installed outdoor lighting systems.

NiteLites Franchise Systems, Inc. the landscape lighting professionals, has been in business since 1998 and has played an important role in the rapid growth of the outdoor lighting industry. According to a recent marketing research study, the outdoor lighting industry is expected to grow to $ 3.8 billion by the year 2010. This growth, according to Mr. Thomas Frederick, President and CEO of NiteLites Franchise Systems, Inc., "is due to a combination of several critical market factors." Probably the greatest external influence is the trend called "cocooning", which started around the mid 1990's. "Cocooning is the tendency for people to spend more time in and around their homes. Because people are spending more time at home they are willing to invest in amenities that increase their enjoyment at home." One of the most visible improvements that a homeowner can invest in is architectural and landscape lighting. Outdoor lighting is a high impact way to enhance the appearance of their property, to illuminate the natural alfresco areas of their landscape and architecture, and to improve safety and security when navigating the property. Thomas A. Frederick, President and CEO explaining that landscape lighting is still in its infancy said " In my opinion, landscape and architectural lighting is where irrigation was fifteen to twenty years ago. We have tremendous growth ahead of us."

Architectural and landscape lighting systems are becoming increasingly popular. An outdoor lighting system brings a number of benefits to the homeowner – an increase in property value, unsurpassed curb appeal, expanded living and entertainment areas, low cost operation because the systems are operated using low voltage fixtures, and expandability. But perhaps the most important benefits of an outdoor lighting system are the safety and security that the low voltage lighting system provides.

A poorly lit path, step, or driveway can lead to accidents that can be avoided. A well-lit walkway allows your family and guests to see potential hazards and enables them to avoid those hazards. A professionally designed and installed outdoor lighting system provides a walkway that is illuminated adequately to provide safety, but subtle enough to avoid a high intensity, runway effect.

At the same time, landscape lighting not only highlights the features of a property owner's yard, it also eliminates the "dark spots" that potential intruders might use to stay hidden. Intruders prefer to work in the dark, and not to be noticed. By eliminating the dark areas in the property, property owners lower the chances of becoming target.

NiteLites provides a variety of low voltage lighting fixtures including outdoor lights for architectural lighting, landscape lighting, as well as lighting for patios, gardens, decks, pathways, and submersible lighting for fountains and ponds. In addition, the company's trained lighting designers create many different lighting effects for entryways, club houses, pool areas, municipalities, businesses, restaurants, public facilities and parks, apartment complexes, town homes, condominiums. Some of these outdoor lighting techniques include:
Moonlighting, Up Lighting, Accent and Spot Lighting, Path Lighting, Wash Lighting, Silhouetting, Spread Lighting, and Submersible Lighting.

Consumers have a wide selection of low voltage outdoor lighting products, but most of these products have a field life of a maximum of one year. These poor quality lighting fixtures are typically sold as kits or "self install" packages, and are relatively inexpensive. As might be expected, they are not made to last. NiteLites offers high quality products complete with a warranty. NiteLites specification grade low voltage lighting fixtures are made of acid etched brass and copper, ensuring that they will not crack or peel. For residential customers enjoy a lifetime warranty on lighting the fixtures and connectors and even their transformers carry a ten year warranty.

NiteLites, in addition to selling its systems to homeowners and commercial properties, partners with high end builders, landscapers, and landscape architects to offer customers a complete property package. NiteLites collaborates with their professional counterparts in the planning stages of the building or landscaping project. They provide a checklist of construction tips designed to save money and time in preparation for the installation of a low voltage lighting system. For more information on NiteLites Architectural and Landscape Lighting, or to schedule a free demonstration, call 1-866-NITELITES (1-866-648-3548) or visit

Because of the rapid growth of the outdoor lighting industry in general, and NiteLites in particular, entrepreneurs who are looking for a business opportunity should consider purchasing the proven business system of a NiteLites Outdoor Lighting franchise. Mr. Carl Frederick, Vice President of Franchise Sales and Development, said "given the growth of the outdoor lighting industry, and the fact that NiteLites has exceeded that growth, anyone with a desire to run their own business owes it to themselves to investigate a NiteLites franchise. A NiteLites exterior lighting franchise offers independence and financial security to the franchise owner by capitalizing on the growing trend toward outdoor living and entertainment." He also added that NiteLites franchises are available in many major cities, including Cleveland, Orlando, Las Vegas, Dallas, Fort Worth, Phoenix, San Antonio, Memphis, Boston, New Orleans, Miami, Albuquerque, Salt Lake City, Louisville, Pittsburgh, Milwaukee, Seattle, Hartford, Tucson, Denver, Lexington and San Jose. For more information on a NiteLites outdoor lighting home based, home services franchise, contact Mr. Frederick at 1-866-NITELITES (1-866-648-3548) or the direct line for Franchise Development and Sales at (513) 433-0215.



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