High Tech Tool Detects Pool & Spa Leaks By Sending Data to PDA's
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High Tech Tool Detects Pool & Spa Leaks By Sending Data to PDA's

Customers Save Money & Property With LeakVue™ System - Palm Springs-Based American Leak Detection Holds Exclusive Rights

Palm Springs, California (July 19, 2007) - Technology and PDA's continue to branch into all areas of our lives and now an amazing system called LeakVue verifies water loss by sending data wirelessly to a PDA. In use for the past year by Palm-Springs based American Leak Detection (ALD), the product has proven to be a huge success and has brought leak detection to the forefront of modern technology.

"The LeakVue system has enabled us to verify water loss or gain in as little as fifteen minutes," says Stan Berenbaum, CEO of American Leak Detection. "Our specialists in the field are able to work faster, cleaner and more accurately than ever before since we incorporated LeakVue into our operation."

The compact LeakVue sensor is set up in the questionable area and uses laser technology to detect surface changes at 1/10,000 of an inch. The sophisticated electronic equipment sends data wirelessly to a PDA that provides graphical reports. American Leak Detection specialists are trained to interpret the results in order to provide verification of a pool or spa's rate of water loss or gain. The system enables the specialist to verify the leak accurately with the least invasive methodology in the industry. Customers save money with LeakVue because it verifies leaks without property destruction and repairs.

LeakVue is a patented, proprietary product exclusive to American Leak Detection through their partnership with PlainSight. The unrivaled research and development in this world class technology helps American Leak Detection and its franchise offices increase their equity offering as well as reinforce American Leak Detection's leadership position in the leak detection industry.

American Leak Detection will gladly demonstrate the LeakVue technology to interested media. For more information, contact Erin Gilhuly or Carolyn Moloshco at Kiner Communications, 760-773-0290.

About American Leak Detection American Leak Detection is the world leader in the accurate, non-destructive detection of all types of leaks including hidden water and sewer leaks. From swimming pool cracks to concealed plumbing systems, the smallest leak is located with the most advanced, sophisticated electronic devices - without bashing holes in walls or digging up the deck and yard. American Leak Detection sets the standard for non-invasive leak detection and repair with proprietary methods and technology. Founded 32 years ago, we now operate a network of highly trained Original Leak Specialists on six continents. For the last five years, American Leak Detection has been ranked #1 in Entrepreneur® magazine's "Maintenance Products and Services" franchise sector.



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