Wheel Fun Franchise Rides The Love Affair With Nostalgia
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Wheel Fun Franchise Rides The Love Affair With Nostalgia

September 21, 2007 // Franchising.com // (Ventura, California) --- If the words "Slingshot," "Deuce Coupe," and "Chopper" bring back memories of freedom, fun, and carefree days of youth, then Wheel Fun Rentals may be just what you're looking for.

Wheel Fun Rentals is a recreational franchise opportunity that offers a chance to rediscover the joys of having some old-fashioned fun.
Home of the nation's premier recreational rental outlets, and ranked number one in its category by Entrepreneur Magazine, you'll find Wheel Fun Rentals in leisure time and tourist destinations, in parks, at beaches, in hotels and resorts, anywhere families come together to have fun. "Our purpose is to help you rediscover what you knew by heart as a kid – we're here to help you break free and headed for fun" says Executive VP and Founder Brian McInerney.

Nostalgia aside, Wheel Fun Rentals delivers a menu of strictly 21st century specialty bicycles, electric cars, scooters, pedal boats, kayaks, mopeds and now very entertaining GPS Guided Tours that satisfy the whims of even the most amused-challenged among us. Slingshots, Deuce Coupes, Pedal Boats, Fun Cars, and Surreys are all standard fare at a Wheel Fun franchise. Unabashedly nostalgic, Wheel Fun sports a logo that is reminiscent of a 1950s family taking a ride and having fun.

Unique Cycles
"How many of us remember that we used to ride bikes just to have fun?" says McInerney. If your memory fails, here's a refresher course:

Slingshot A three wheeled bike that sits low to the ground on a central pivot and slingshots the rider from side to side while bobbing, weaving, and turning corners. It's a hoot to ride. Recommended for ages 6 to 60.

Deuce Coupe This is a two-seater and both people get to pedal. Adults or children can sit and pedal and there's a jump seat in the back to carry kids 6 years and younger. Neat fun. Good fun for ages 2 to 80.

Quad Sport A four-wheel ride down the memory lane of Go-carts. Formula One steering lets the single rider turn on a dime. Good for ages 6 to 60.

The Chopper A single seater designed for laid back cruising and sightseeing. The handlebars and seat are designed for comfort, just like a motorcycle chopper. Ideal for ages 6 to 60.

Surreys Made in Italy, this family four wheeled cycle seats from three to nine adults (up to six get to pedal) plus two children. Rack and pinion steering, drum brakes, and multiple independent chain drive pedaling systems. Great for ages 1 to 99.

In the water
We'll help you tour the shoreline and rediscover the pleasures of fun on the water. Light waves lapping against the side of your double kayak, the light sway and sun sparkling as you pedal away on your 4-person pedal boat. Here you can refresh old memories or create new experiences to last a lifetime?

And now, the magic of satellite technology
Using state of-the-art GPS technology, we bring lore & legend alive with fun-facts, history, landmarks and stories presented on the very spots where they were created. Just click the "on" button and sit back and relax. Let us be your guide.

And we are Entertaining! Your hosts Tracey and John will not only share points of interest; they'll test your knowledge with fun multiple choice questions; they'll share local fun facts trivia and you'll learn things most locals don't even know.

Wheel Fun appeals to both locals and vacationing families as an amusement diversion and is usually an impulse buy. "Families will be walking down the boardwalk, through the park, or along the beach and see our Surreys and one of the kids will pull the parents in and say, 'Hey we've got to try this,'" says Wheel Fun president Al Stonehouse. An important underlying aspect of the business is that it "invites involvement in the activity instead of just having an external distraction that is offered by so many amusement venues," says Stonehouse. Hourly rentals range from $5 to $35, for cycles and boats and upwards of $60 per hour for scooters, cars and tours.

Currently 80 Wheel Fun Rentals locations operate in 15 states and more are planned. Wheel Fun Rentals is a business that invites you to take a step backward and forward at the same time – to rekindle the memories of childhood freedom and create memories of family fun. You'll know you've arrived when you can say "Yes!" to the question, "Have you ever pedaled a slingshot?"

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