Outdoor Lighting Systems Help Eliminate Winter Gloom
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Outdoor Lighting Systems Help Eliminate Winter Gloom

Landscape Lighting Systems Lift Winter Gloom

Winter is coming and National Franchise NiteLites Outdoor Lighting provides solution to minimize the gloom that comes with colder weather and shorter daylight hours – an Architectural and Landscape lighting system.

The shift from Daylight Savings time to Standard time has passed, and everyone knows what that means. Winter isn't far behind. Winter, the time that it is dark when leaving the house, and dark when returning to the house. Winter, when cleaning or scraping the windshield becomes a daily activity. Winter, when the warm glow of a fireplace is offset by the tedious task of digging a sidewalk and driveway out from under winter precipitation. Winter, when the singing of birds is replaced by silence. It's no wonder that winter gloom sets in.

NiteLites, the Architectural and Landscape Lighting Professionals, offers a way to avoid the winter gloom. An outdoor lighting system is the perfect remedy for the negative experience of arriving home in the dark. An outdoor lighting system can actually provide the homeowner with a warm welcome home. In the yard, the forms and features which were highlighted during the warm weather are still highlighted but create a different portrait. The oak tree that was featured for its full canopy of leaves is now featured as a sign of strength against the dark, cold nights. The stark winter landscape becomes an ever changing panorama of blowing leaves and drifting snow. Those things that are featured by an outdoor lighting system in the warm weather are still featured, but in a different manner. And, as in the warm weather, the lighting system provides the homeowner with both safety and security. Landscape lighting that illuminates a sidewalk identifies any obstacles (or slippery areas) for those who are navigating the walkway. By illuminating the home and landscape, prowlers and other uninvited guests are discouraged from being on the property.

NiteLites offers a custom lighting system that will lift the winter gloom for any home and landscape. Consider that the high quality, specification grade fixtures are weather resistant and carry a limited lifetime warranty. Consider that the low voltage lighting offered by NiteLites are safer and less expensive to operate than line voltage lighting. Consider that low voltage lighting systems offer a broad array of lighting fixtures so that the right fixture can be used to create the perfect custom lighting effect. Consider that Nitelites low voltage lighting systems are expandable should the homeowner's needs change. When one considers these facts, it is no wonder that winter gloom fades.
NiteLites is an industry leader in the low voltage outdoor architecture and landscape lighting field, and specializes in both residential and commercial installations. NiteLites has been in business since 1998, and offers complete, year around outdoor lighting service – from planning, through installation, to a comprehensive maintenance plan, ensuring the ongoing enjoyment of its lighting systems.
NiteLites sole business is outdoor lighting systems for residential and commercial properties. The NiteLites professional will set up a temporary installation on a prospect's property to demonstrate the dramatic effect that a NiteLites system can have. NiteLites will then provide a written estimate for the complete installation. Once installed, the NiteLites professional will consult with the property owner to determine the final aiming of the individual lights. NiteLites also offers an industry leading warranty, and an on-going maintenance plan.
For more information on NiteLites Architectural and Landscape Lighting, or to schedule a free nighttime demonstration, call 1-866-NITELITES, or visit www.nitelites.com and click on Contact Us or Free Demo.

NiteLites, in addition to selling its systems to homeowners and commercial properties, partners with high end builders, landscapers, and landscape architects to offer customers a complete property package. NiteLites collaborates with their professional counterparts in the planning stages of the building or landscaping project. They provide a checklist of construction tips designed to save money and time in preparation for the installation of a low voltage lighting system. For more information on NiteLites Architectural and Landscape Lighting, or to schedule a free demonstration, call 1-866-NITELITES (1-866-648-3548) or visit www.nitelites.com.

Mr. Carl Frederick, Vice President of Franchise sales and development at NiteLites said that franchise opportunities are available for those who are ready to control their own future. "If you possess the drive and desire to create and deliver world class service to your clients, you may be the type of individual we're looking for." He also said that the growth of the architectural and landscape lighting industry in general, and the growth of NiteLites in particular, has been rapid. He added that NiteLites franchises are available in many major cities, including Cleveland, Orlando, Las Vegas, Dallas, Fort Worth, Phoenix, San Antonio, Memphis, Boston, New Orleans, Miami, Albuquerque, Salt Lake City, Louisville, Pittsburgh, Milwaukee, Seattle, Hartford, Tucson, Denver, Lexington and San Jose. For more information on a NiteLites outdoor lighting home based, home services franchise, please call Mr. Frederick at 1-866-NiteLites.



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