Critter Control Expands Humane Wildlife Solutions
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Critter Control Expands Humane Wildlife Solutions

Critter Control Expands Humane Wildlife Solutions

February 05, 2008 // // CritterSafe® by Critter Control is the even more humane alternative for residential and commercial property owners not satisfied with traditional options for property damaging wildlife. Appreciating wildlife and the natural environment we share is one of the first steps in resolving wildlife conflicts with humans. Tolerance and understanding solve many perceived 'wildlife problems' borne from irrational fears. Bats and snakes, for example, are very beneficial to the environment – but they are often misunderstood, and rarely a danger to humans.

While there are times when we can let nature take care of itself, sometimes wildlife conflicts must be resolved to prevent further damage to our homes and property, and protect human health and safety. Wild animals in the wrong place at the wrong times can:

* Damage Roof/Ceiling Supports
* Create Undesirable Animal Odors
* Cause Water Damage
* Gnaw On Electrical Wires & Potentially Start Fires
* Stain Ceilings & Furnishings
* Infest/Damage Insulation Requiring Costly Insurance Repairs
* Trigger Allergic Reactions
* Cause Damage To Lawn and Gardens
* Carry Diseases

Critter Control has introduced CritterSafe® to offer an even more humane wildlife management option, using non-lethal, no-trap, release on-site, or one-way doors to minimize stress on our wild neighbors. CritterSafe® also includes our exclusive home inspection and detection service, to identify potential wildlife entry points and prevent opportunistic animals from damaging homes or businesses in the future.

The professional staff at CRITTER CONTROL includes biologists, zoologists, wildlife managers, animal control officers and anti-cruelty personnel with over 25 years experience developing and employing humane animal handling standards. Our mantra is 'Protecting People, Property and Wildlife'. CritterSafe® employs techniques which require special tools and training. To learn more, contact your local Critter Control office by calling (800) CRITTER or see us online at



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