New Products Harness Healthy Energy of the Sun to Target Back Pain, Toxic Build-Up and More
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New Products Harness Healthy Energy of the Sun to Target Back Pain, Toxic Build-Up and More

Relax The Back Sees Growing Demand for Far Infrared Technology

Relax The Back offers numerous products that harness the healing properties of the sun's Far Infrared heat. Healing Pads are a popular item.

LA PALMA, CA--(Marketwire - June 10, 2008) - Summer means sunshine -- and the warmth that travels millions of miles to green the Earth is increasingly being harnessed in therapies that heal the human body.

Far Infrared Ray technology -- whose healing properties have been studied throughout Asia for more than two decades -- is finding its way into health-oriented products sold in North America.

Far Infrared is a band of light that humans perceive as radiant heat. Far Infrared penetrates 3.5 inches below the skin's surface, targeting deep tissue and organs (without overheating surface skin as traditional heating pads can).

How does it work? The human body is 90% water, and Far Infrared activates and ionizes the body's water chemicals, thereby triggering increased circulation, increased flow of oxygen and white blood cells, and the elimination of toxins through perspiration. As a result:

  • The body's soft tissue areas receive more oxygen and nutrients

  • Lymphatic circulation improves and accumulated toxins are released

  • Muscle aches and spasms are eliminated

Medical studies published in the United States, Japan, Germany and elsewhere note the positive effect Far Infrared Heat therapy has on conditions as diverse as carpal tunnel syndrome in auto workers and elevated blood pressure among German patients.

"We have seen interest in Far Infrared products increase ten-fold in the past two years," said Steven Newman, Product Development Manager at Relax The Back, the nation's largest back-care specialty store. "Customers will purchase a healing pad one week, and then two things happen: they come back for another Far Infrared item, and they refer other people to purchase their own."

Of special note: Relax The Back carries a Heated Shiatsu Massage Bed that allows users to target Far Infrared at trouble spots ($2,295). The company also sells four varieties of Therasage Healing Pads, allowing the therapy to be used in automobiles, at the office or atop a bed.

This summer, Relax The Back will introduce a portable healing belt ($199) that employs the technology. Retailers expect the belts to be a big hit with golfers and other weekend athletes. Check out for details.

About Relax The Back

Relax The Back is the leading back-care specialty store in the country. Based in Southern California, the company operates over 120 franchise and independently owned retail locations throughout North America. Relax The Back offers an unparalleled selection of medically endorsed, high-quality back/relaxation lifestyle products, including the popular Tempur-Pedic mattresses. Information about the company and its products can be found at



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