Knockouts Haircuts for Men: New Research Shows Spending Time With Hot Women Is Good for Men's Health
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Knockouts Haircuts for Men: New Research Shows Spending Time With Hot Women Is Good for Men's Health

IRVING, Texas, Oct. 6 // PRNewswire // -- Knockouts Haircuts for Men, the largest men's full service, hair care and grooming salon franchise in the nation, announces today that NEW RESEARCH SHOWS hanging out with hot women makes men feel better about themselves than they do when they hang around other men. Just being around a babe boosts men's levels of testosterone and cortisol, hormones that improve alertness and well-being. In tests, just five minutes in the presence of a pretty girl boosted testosterone 14 percent and cortisone, an anti-stress hormone, by 48 percent.

Around other men, though, the hormones dipped - suggesting men could be better off having a quick chat with a pretty female pal than hanging out with the boys. Researchers at the University of California, whose findings are published in Proceedings of the Royal Society B, stated that men rated how attractive they'd found the women (the average was 5.83 on the good looks scale of 1 - 10, suggesting the group was relatively easy on the eye). Then they provided a saliva sample that was tested within 20 to 40 minutes. The five-minute chat with a fair member of the fairer sex spiked testosterone by 14 percent and cortisol by 48 percent. The same length chat with a man saw the hormones dip by 2 percent and seven percent, respectively.

Spending the same time with men saw the hormones drop 2 percent and 7 percent respectively. Dr. Leslie Knapp, a biological anthropologist at the University of Cambridge, told the UK's The Telegraph, "that the response was evolutionary ... and helps a man to focus his energy and deal with anxiety."

Tom Friday, founder and CEO of the run-a-way success franchise, said, "When you walk into Knockouts, you know you have just entered a unique place for men; The professional, attractive female stylists and massage therapists, comfortable leather chairs, flat-screen TV's, and the latest car, sports, and men's related magazines, ensure the client receives a top-notch grooming experience and now we understand that our services provide health benefits for men as well."

As the top contender in men's hair and grooming, Knockouts is a sports-themed full-service salon specializing in competitively priced haircuts, color/lightening, manicures, pedicures, hair waxing, and massage. The Knockouts environment is upscale, yet casual and relaxed, with the stylists cutting hair inside boxing rings. Knockouts offers many other amenities including all cable & sports channels, individual remote controls at each station, and free beverages.

"This is really a day-spa for dudes where men feel healthy and comfortable and enjoy products and services specifically designed for them. The concept has been enormously popular and successful across the country. The men's personal grooming segment is growing twice as fast as the women's," Friday says. "Knockouts creates a pampered grooming experience in a guy-friendly environment and at an affordable price."

About Knockouts

Headquartered in Irving, Texas, Knockouts Haircuts for Men is growing at an explosive rate, selling over 450 franchised salons in 26 states. Knockouts has been featured on NBC's Today Show, MSNBC's The Big Idea with Donny Duetsch, Fox News' Neal Cavuto Show and others.

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