Business Coaching Helps Guide Businesses
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Business Coaching Helps Guide Businesses

May 14, 2010 // // Business coaching, sometimes referred to as executive coaching, grew out of the 1980s when the need for training for executives that were moving up in companies became important. The coaches began as internal employees that not only taught executives how to become better managers but they helped them become more productive. Business coaching grew from their as companies began to downsize. There was still a need for coaches, but companies were beginning to outsource and the field of business coaching was born.

The process of using business coaching for executives and even other people in companies create great profits for businesses. Business coaching makes workers and executives more efficient and give them a greater sense of place in the company and self worth. Business coaching benefits business by helping companies hire executives that are trained or are training to be the best executives with the best results and productivity of the workers below them.

The other way business coaching can help is that they give people that are not happy with their job a plan and direction toward the career they really want and assist them in getting the money they feel they are worth. People who utilize business coaching have a leg up on their constituents. They acquire the skills and mid set needed for higher paying jobs.

When business coaching started outside companies, schools of coaching began appearing. One of the first business coaching schools was Coach U and was created by Thomas Leonard who utilized psychologists, business executives and even people in the theater to help teach a new breed of business coaches. They pulled their teaching materials from modalities such as human resources, traditional psychotherapy, and peer counseling.

The demand for coaches was high so these first classes were in the form of a 25 lesson eight-week seminar. In this original business coaching curriculum there were classes about personal standards, daily habits, and techniques to help the coach teach executives to become the best manager they could be. Soon after new levels of certification were created that focused on creating successful businesses, and interfacing with coworkers and employees.

There are a number of different business coaching schools that now exist such as therapist U and Mentor Coach. The curriculum has evolved and now it can take years to get certified as a coach through a number of different business coaching certifying agencies such as International Coach Federation. A person who wishes to become a coach can take classes through the Internet and teleclasses and can work it into their busy schedules. This also allows people around the world to become coaches as business coaching is need in companies all around the planet.

There certain areas that a person develops skills as a business coach in:

self-management, listening, action, learning, curiosity and intuition. Skills that are built around these areas are clarifying, articulating, acknowledging, creating metaphors, and utilizing a metaview of the world through the clients eyes, clearing. Reframing, challenging and asking permission. This list is not exhaustive and often people in business coaching develop even greater skills with experience. The result is that the new business coach is able to transform people's lives in such a way they are successful and the companies they chose to work for or even create become successful as well.



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