Mosquitonix Creates Dynamic New Revenue Channel For Outdoor Service Professionals
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Mosquitonix Creates Dynamic New Revenue Channel For Outdoor Service Professionals

Company's Dealer Program Offers Highly Sought After Insect Mist System in Middle East

January 25, 2011 // // Dallas, TX – The outdoor services industry is abuzz about the new Dealer Program from MosquitoNix. Launched in 2010, the new Dealer Program quickly became a cash revenue stream for the industry's professionals. In less than a year, more than 500 systems have been sold through Dealers offering the MosquitoNix automated misting system. This new Dealer Program is now also available in the Middle East.

Beirut residents, Ziad Haddad and Dima Haddad just added MosquitoNix fully automated mosquito control misting systems to their current electromechanical contracting business and trading business, Switch Group ( The new MosquitoNix Dealer program allows business professionals, such as the Haddads the opportunity to add outdoor insect extermination to their existing service portfolios. The Haddads launched their MosquitoNix business in November 2010. Their current service territories are GCC and Levant.

The entrepreneurial couple began their electromechanical contracting business before the age of 30. Ziad Haddad is an electrical engineer, while Dima is a chemical engineer. Their MosquitoNix expansioin plans include offering the misting systems in Jordan, Saudi Arabia and Oman.

"We see a trend where homeowners are seeking a single source provider for multiple services," said Dan O'Neal, founder and CEO of MosquitoNix. "Homeowners that value their yards and spend a great deal of time and money on them want to enjoy them year-round. Outdoor service professionals that offer the MosquitoNix system to their clients add the exclamation point to their back yard."

With momentum on its side, the company plans to add 20 new Dealers in 2011. Since the company's inception in 2003, MosquitoNix has installed more than 10,000 systems. Their fully automated mosquito control misting systems, strategically placed around the perimeter of residents' yards to prevent pests from entering, are now available to green industry professionals that are looking for specialized, high value services to offer their existing clients.

"Contractors have found great success in the residential segment by specifically targeting the high income households and providing extended and technical services to them such as the MosquitoNix system," said Josh Ingram, VP of Operations. "Also, the system has a 96 percent retention rate, requiring regular servicing. It offers a source of recurring revenue and gives contractors more face-to-face time with the client."

Because the use of lawn care and landscape services on a regular basis is still perceived as a "luxury" or discretionary expenditure for many homeowners, it is imperative for contractors and operators to provide specialized, high-value services to high income households in order to survive. The highest income households have a greater propensity to use landscaping services on a regular basis.

By targeting wealthy clients with specialized services like MosquitoNix, which they most likely can't do themselves, green industry professionals can better position their companies to not only weather the current economic storm, but grow their business.

Outdoor service businesses seeking the MosquitoNix systems can acquire the brand's unique automated misting system and marketing support for as little as $5,000 annually. MosquitoNix also offers a non-branded Dealer model, where an operator purchases multiple automated misting systems to be sold through their own business. In this model the operator does not have to access the MosquitoNix brand name, training or marketing support.

About MosquitoNix

The MosquitoNix Insect Mist System is a fully-automated misting system that kills and repels mosquitoes, flies, spiders, gnats, fleas, ticks, roaches and other outdoor insects. The MosquitoNix system sprays Pyrethrum, a natural insecticide derived from chrysanthemum flowers around a consumer's home or business and property perimeter at selected intervals throughout the day. Today, under the leadership of CEO Dan O'Neal, MosquitoNix, the nation's premier outdoor flying insect control company, has put in place a Dealer Program where existing green industry professionals can take advantage of the company's misting systems and marketing support as an added service to their existing clients. For additional information, visit



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