Fairway Divorce Solutions Leads Social Movement to Help Americans Divorce with Dignity
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Fairway Divorce Solutions Leads Social Movement to Help Americans Divorce with Dignity

Growing Franchise Saves Divorcing Couples Time and Money while Protecting the Children

March 18, 2011 // Franchising.com // Salt Lake City, UT – The traditional divorce process can tear families apart, leave couples in financial ruin, and cause lasting emotional scars – Fairway Divorce Solutions is on a mission to educate Americans that there is a "better way."

With 38 franchise locations across the United States and Canada, Fairway Divorce Solutions has seized the opportunity to revolutionize the divorce process through an independently negotiated resolution model that reduces cost, time, stress and protects the children of divorcing couples.

"Divorce is always going to be a stressful and emotional time for those involved, but we've developed a process that allows couples to go through the process separately, yet with the common goal of a fair division of assets," said Karen Stewart, President and CEO of Fairway Divorce Solutions. "The Fairway Process ™ empowers people to make educated decisions about their finances and family structure, preserve their assets and lay the foundation for healthy, independent futures."

In the Fairway Process, ™ each party agrees to work independently with a Senior Negotiator who has a strong background in finance. The financial acumen of the Senior Negotiator increases the likelihood of a proper division of assets and allows couples to come to a "fair ground," as opposed to the "middle ground," which traditional mediators work towards. Matrimonial lawyers and mediators typically don't have strong backgrounds in finance. Thus, they are prone to fighting over money instead of finding a grounded financial solution. This traditional model often results in an elongated process where fees can skyrocket and assets can get destroyed.

Unlike the traditional divorce process that often takes years to finalize, Fairway Divorce Solutions aims to complete the divorce within 120 days after financial disclosure. Charging a flat fee, Fairway Divorce Solutions uses a mediation model that focuses on saving its clients' assets and implementing accountability. Once a fair division of assets is achieved, the couple works with the Senior Negotiator to develop a comprehensive parenting plan for the children involved. In the Fairway Process, independent legal advice is important for legal direction and for drafting authorized contracts, but position bargaining for a win – lose scenario usually results with both parties losing.

Stewart, who attained her MBA in finance, is fully aware of the flaws associated with the traditional divorce process. Several years ago, she endured a lengthy divorce that cost her more than a half million dollars in legal bills alone and forcibly exposed her children to the court system's hostile environment. Stewart documents her divorce and describes a "better way" to divorce in her 2008 novel, Clean Break: How to Divorce with Dignity and Move on with Your Life. Inspired by her disheartening divorce, Stewart set out to challenge the status quo by founding Fairway Divorce Solutions in 2006.

Today, Fairway Divorce Solutions is recognized as the paramount divorce mediation/negotiation alternative and is aggressively expanding in North America. The company began franchising in Canada in 2008 and launched in the United States in 2009. Fairway Divorce Solutions franchisees are financial gurus who empathize with those in the divorce process and are passionate about being part of a trailblazing movement to make a positive difference in their clients' lives.

"We're in the business of helping people," said Stewart. "When it comes to divorce, there's the old way, and there's the fair way. I know, because I I've been through it, and I've been lucky enough to save many couples from the excessive hardship of traditional divorce."

About Fairway Divorce Solutions®

Established in 2006, Fairway Divorce Solutions offers a first-of-its-kind alternative to the traditional system of divorce by offering a new divorce paradigm that saves money, time, stress and protects the children. Charging a flat fee, Fairway Divorce Solutions uses a common sense, step-by-step proven approach called The Fairway Process™. With 38 franchises across the United States and Canada, Fairway Divorce Solutions is aggressively expanding throughout North America. To learn more about Fairway Divorce Solutions and the franchise opportunity, visit www.FairwayDivorce.com.



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