Personal Trainer and Nutrition Counselor Named July Winner of Tasti Habit Contest
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Personal Trainer and Nutrition Counselor Named July Winner of Tasti Habit Contest

New York City Health and Fitness Enthusiast to be the Latest Face of Tasti D-Lite.

New York, NY, July 20, 2011 --( Even some of the healthiest people still indulge their sweet tooth. They just choose their treats wisely.

New York City certified fitness trainer and nutrition counselor Michelle Gabriele is the latest winner of Tasti D-Lite's Healthy Habit Search, a nationwide, year-long contest that rewards people whose healthy habits, including eating Tasti D-Lite, have improved their life and health. Since the contest launched earlier this year, hundreds of Tasti D-Lite customers from across the country have entered, sharing how Tasti D-Lite has impacted their health.

Gabriele, a mother of one, is the owner of Gabriella's Fitness Corporation and has been a personal trainer for 15 years. She visits the New Rochelle, N.Y. Tasti D-Lite center daily for a meal replacement at lunch or dinner.

"My Tasti habit started after my first taste of it," said Gabriele, who has frequented Tasti D-Lite since its inception. She visits Tasti D-Lite almost every day for her favorite Tasti flavor, Nutella, with carob chips. "Being fit is my whole life and it's the way I make my living. Tasti D-Lite is a good part of my healthy diet because it's made with natural ingredients and no artificial sweeteners. I enjoy the rich flavor without the fat and calories so it's a complete way for me to enjoy a treat and stay trim and fit. It's also fast and delicious and fills me up to the next meal. I encourage my clients who don't want to give up sweet treats to go to Tasti for a healthier alternative, whether it's for a meal replacement or for a lower calorie dessert."

Healthful living is what Tasti D-Lite epitomizes. "So far in our Healthy Habit Search campaign, we've showcased people who've made changes in their diet, including eating Tasti instead of unhealthier options, and have told amazing stories about losing weight and improving their health," said Jim Amos, Tasti D-Lite CEO. "But there also a lot of loyal Tasti customers who are already fit and healthy, like Michelle Gabriele, and who work very hard to stay that way," says Jim Amos, Tasti D-Lite CEO. "Committing to a healthy diet and lifestyle does not mean you have to give up sweets or things you love. Whether they're trying to get into shape or simply stay in shape, the customers who have entered this contest have told us that their Tasti Habit has made a positive difference in their lives."

Each month Tasti D-Lite, which has over 50 locations, is recognizing one entrant, like Gabriele, whose Tasti Habit has made a healthy and significant difference in his or her life. The winning entrants' photos and stories are featured online and in Tasti D-Lite centers. Each monthly winner also receives $1,000 cash and a month of free Tasti (in the form of a Tasti TreatCard valued at $155, representing a $5 Tasti purchase for 31 days).

The idea for the Tasti Habit campaign came from the many customer stories the company has heard over the years about loyal Tasti fans losing weight and feeling healthier. What makes the Tasti Healthy Habit Search unique is that it is not just a weight loss competition.

Tasti D-Lite is a better-for-you, dairy-based frozen dessert. Its base mixes are made from the finest natural ingredients with no artificial sweeteners, giving it a creamy, delicious taste that is lower in calories, carbohydrates and sugar than ice cream and leading brands of frozen yogurt. Tasti D-Lite is not frozen yogurt because it doesn't contain yogurt or yogurt cultures. It can't be called ice cream because it doesn't have the higher butterfat and total food solids content of ice cream.

Depending on the flavor, of which there are more than 100, Tasti D-Lite has between 70 and 100 calories per four fluid-ounce serving, with most flavors having 70 calories, 1.5 grams of fat and 13 grams of carbs. And unlike other lower calorie and lower fat frozen desserts that can be icy and leave an unpleasant aftertaste, Tasti D-Lite has a light, sweet flavor and a smooth and creamy texture.

The Tasti Healthy Habit Search is open to women and men 18 years or older who have a Tasti D-Lite center in their area. The entry form and contest details are available online at and no purchase is necessary to enter. Entrants simply answer a short questionnaire and are asked to submit a photograph. A panel of judges selected by Tasti D-Lite choose the monthly winners.

Since its inception in 1987, Tasti D-Lite's popularity has grown largely by word of mouth and has resulted in a huge base of raving fans who line up day and night to get their favorite guilt-free treat. Thanks to unsolicited international exposure on TV shows such as "30 Rock," "Sex and the City" and "The Apprentice" along with new store openings, demand for the brand has grown worldwide. Tasti D-Lite first launched its franchise program in 2008. Since then, the company has grown to over 50 locations and has secured commitments to open over 300 locations in the coming years. Today it has locations in 12 U.S. states. Internationally, the company already has centers in Mexico and the United Arab Emirates and will be opening locations in Australia and Panama in 2011.



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