Women's Fitness: Walk On Ladies!
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Women's Fitness: Walk On Ladies!

Lady of America Wants to Make Sure Women Understand the Health Benefits of Walking and Add it to their Workout Routine

Miami, FL (PRWEB) May 01, 2012 - In its effort to promote women’s fitness, good health and living a healthy lifestyle, Lady of America wants to make sure women are incorporating walking into their fitness program.

Walking five to seven days for a minimum of 30 minutes exposes women to many health benefits of walking. Studies have shown that for every hour of regular exercise two hours of life are gained. The President’s Council on Physical Fitness and Sports reports that walking one mile burns about 100 calories, depending on intensity, pace and speed. Walking has also been shown to help control weight, lower cholesterol, strengthen the heart, improve muscle tone and reduce the likelihood of serious health problems. And, it can slow the aging process.

AARP – a leading non-profit organization for people 50 and over – lists managing weight, controlling blood pressure, decreasing risk of heart attack and stroke among the many health benefits of walking. Walking also improves strength around the joints, which can help with degenerative joint disease. Other studies have found walking five days a week can significantly help reduce the risk of diabetes, obesity, osteoporosis, arthritis and some cancers, including breast and colon for women over 50.

Simple and flexible, walking can be done anywhere – outdoors, indoors, in the city, on a treadmill or on a trail. To make sure every step counts, Lady of America offers some basic principles: wear a supportive and comfortable walking shoe; wear socks that are made of a breathable material; practice correct posture and good stride; drink plenty of water before, during and after; maintain a brisk pace; and cool down after the walk.

To help in the battle of the bulge, Lady of America suggests striving for 10,000 steps every day – that’s equivalent to approximately a 5-mile walk or an hour of speed walking. Use a pedometer to accurately measure the number of steps walked in a day. “Though 10,000 steps may seem daunting, it’s the perfect way for a sedentary person to start an exercise program and offers a new challenge for someone who focuses only on group classes,” said Natalie Brabner, Lady of America’s official women’s fitness trainer.

Can’t get all 10,000 steps in at one time? Brabner suggests breaking it up – walk to the store, take the stairs instead of the elevator, walk on work breaks or park the car further away. Going to a Zumba class or kickboxing class? Jump on the treadmill beforehand and sneak some extra steps in.

Like any other women’s fitness program, it’s important that the walking routine is consistently varied to avoid boredom and to challenge the body. Lady of America suggests getting a walking group together or joining a local walking club. If the weather is acting up, take the walk indoors [think treadmill or the mall]. Be sure to check out http://www.startwalkingnow.org and http://www.ava.org to find – or start – walking clubs in your local neighborhood.

About LOA Franchise Holding

For more than 27 years, LOA Franchise Holding [formerly Lady of America Franchise Corporation] has been an innovator in the constantly evolving business of women’s fitness. Lady of America was established in 1984 with the goal of providing a safe and rewarding environment to women working on their fitness and lifestyle goals while enjoying the company and support of other women. Today, LOA Franchise Holding is a full-service chain of women’s fitness centers with more than 90 franchises in operation across the United States under the brands LOA Fitness for Women, Lady of America, Ladies Workout Express and HCOA Fitness. For more information, visit http://www.ladyofamerica.com.


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