Pregnancy Safety: 5 Tips on House Cleaning Products to Avoid & What to Replace Them With
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Pregnancy Safety: 5 Tips on House Cleaning Products to Avoid & What to Replace Them With

Better Life Maids founder Angela Ricketts provides tips on 5 house cleaning products to avoid while pregnant and items you can replace them with.

St. Louis, MO (PRWEB) June 20, 2012 - The “nesting” phase of pregnancy happens to every mom. That mad rush to get everything cleaned and organized can be taken to a new level by paying special attention to ensuring that during this process neither mom nor baby are affected by fumes, direct toxins, or residue that is created by using common cleaning products. Better Life Maids founder Angela Ricketts provides tips on 5 common types of house cleaning products to avoid for expectant mothers, and safe alternatives they can choose.

"I started Better Life Maids because I was concerned about the safety of my family. I remember baby proofing my home thinking I hope that she never gets into that cabinet, or this closet. Having children really changes your perspective, and it led me to search out safer ways to clean my home. Eventually I found the Better Life line of all natural cleaning products." said Angela Ricketts. She goes on to explain that the entire line of Better Life cleaning products are made from plant based ingredients, with no petrochemicals, no VOC, no solvents, nothing that is harmful for a homeowner, their family, or the earth.

The suggestions that Angela covers below are a good place for an expecant begin your journey to creating a safe “nest”. "These are simple, small, and inexpensive changes that have a positive impact on your well being." stated Ricketts.

1. Ammonia based window and surface cleaners. The fumes from ammonia can pose a threat to lungs and skin, especially in children.

Instead: Try Better Life’s “I Can See Clearly Wow”. It is made from all natural and safe plant based ingredients. "It also does an amazing job on cleaning glass surfaces to a streak free finish." said Ricketts. As a bonus, because it doesn’t contain solvents, alcohol, ammonia etc… It is safe to use on flat screens and other electronics that can be damaged by traditional glass cleaners.

2. Furniture polish. These products are responsible for many acute poisoning each year when they are ingested. They are also responsible to lung, skin, and eye irritation serious enough to necessitate many trips to the emergency room.

Instead: Try Better Life’s “Oak-E-Dokey”. This all natural and safe wood polish helps leave wood looking great and protected without the toxic chemicals.

3. Bathroom cleaners for shower stalls, fixtures, etc. These products are way up the list when it comes to acute poisoning each year. Toilet bowl cleaners specifically, but many of the products contain acids and other toxics that are best to be kept far away from exploring children.

Instead: Try scrubbing these surfaces with Better Life’s “Even The Kitchen Sink”. It is a bleach free scrubbing solution that is powerful, but won’t scratch your expensive fixtures.

4. Carpet cleaners and stain removers. These products can include many dangerous chemicals including the solvents commonly used by dry cleaners. They also produce dangerous fumes.

Instead: Try spot treating stains with Better Life’s “Whatever”. Whatever is a powerful multipurpose cleaner, but pulls double duty for spot cleaning carpets and fabrics. You can also use it in carpet cleaning machines by mixing 2 ounces to each gallon of water.

5. Oven cleaners. The list of poisoning symtoms from these products is almost an article of its own. Corrosive Alkalies are the main ingredients of these products. They can cause skin burns, the fumes can irritate and even burn the lungs, eye tissue damage can occur sprayed exposure occurs. Acute poisoning from ingestion is also a serious concern for children and leads to many trips to the hospital each year.

Instead: In this case “Whatever” gets the nod again. This time spray down the surfaces in the oven until they are very wet. Use a pumice stone to get off these stubborn stains. Make sure that the surfaces and the pumice stone stay wet to avoid scratching.

Overall poisoning from household chemicals is a serious issue, and the Center For Disease Controlestimates that their are as many as 87 poisonings per year, with thousands of trips to the emergency room. Many of these are from the common chemicals use in the daily chores of house cleaning. Exploring alternatives is a smart and simple decision that expectant mothers can make to protect their health and the health of their soon to be bundles of joy.

About Better Life Maids

Better Life Maids is a green house cleaning service founded in St. Louis, MO. It has created a unique marketing partnership with Better Life a natural household cleaning products manufacturer. Together they are working to create the first national name brand in natural household cleaning products and green house cleaning services. Better Life Maids is expanding in select markets through a franchise development system. For more information visit or


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