Window Genie Offers Tips on Cutting Energy Use and Saving on Utility Bills
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Window Genie Offers Tips on Cutting Energy Use and Saving on Utility Bills

Window film is an environmentally friendly, green product with immense versatility. Window Genie urges all past, present and future customers to learn about the ways window film may impact their daily lives.

Cincinnati, OH (PRWEB) December 07, 2012 - The demand for window film has seen a significant increase over the past few years. The most exciting, quickest return on investment, is installing window film to control a home or office’s internal temperature. During the hot summer months window film keeps homeowners from having to over work their air conditioner to maintain a comfortable temperature. Window film provides solar heat rejection, deflecting the sun’s rays preventing external heat from penetrating the windows. Up to 40% of the energy used by air conditioners can be lost due to windows, a significant portion coming from the solar energy that comes in through the glass. Window film can cut energy expenditures up to 30% by blocking incoming solar energy, making rooms more comfortable to enjoy while cutting down utility bills. Window film also works in the opposite case, to trap heat from escaping the home through windows during the cold winter months. This extends the life of air conditioners and heating systems because they are not working at capacity to achieve desired temperatures.

Window film is one of those incredible investments that pay for itself over time; in some cases in as little as two to three years on utility bills alone. There are numerous reasons besides reduced energy consumption that have homeowners wishing they installed film sooner. Window Genie has compiled a checklist of ways window film improves homes and offices:

  • Instead of covering windows with blinds and curtains, homeowners may choose to have privacy film installed to maintain their view to the outside while preventing those outside from seeing in.
  • Window film strengthens glass for increased security; intruders or extreme weather are less likely to be able to break the window. If they do, window film secures dangerous shards acting similarly to a broken windshield.
  • Extends the life of interior furnishings and wood floors by protecting them from sun bleaching and fading: window film can block 99% of harmful UV rays.
  • Acts as big sunglasses to a home or building; reduces glare on TVs or computer screens. Allows for the benefits of natural sunlight gently brightening a room without the negative drawbacks.
  • Window film may be cleaned like regular glass! No change to a typical cleaning routine.
  • Decorative film may be installed to frost a window, display a logo or in a pattern to add to the interior design of a room in one’s home or office.
  • Window film increases the value of all homes, extends the life of windows that would otherwise be very expensive to replace and adds to the overall curb appeal of a home or building.

Window film is available at retail stores for self-installation although it is highly recommended to hire a professional. The International Window Film Association’s website states:

  • Professional dealer installers have film-to-glass recommendations from their manufacturers to use in assisting the customer in selecting the correct film for the particular windows and product benefits desired by that customer.
  • Professionally installed films look better longer and are usually more likely to perform to specifications for their warranted lives, or even longer, than those improperly installed.
  • Professional dealer installers have experience and/or training which can help them to identify unique or unusual circumstances which might affect either the installation or performance of a particular product in a given situation and might not otherwise be noticed.
  • The warranties offered on quality films installed by professional dealer installers usually cover costs of removal, costs of replacement film, and costs of re-installation. Film purchased elsewhere will likely only be covered for costs of replacement film in the event of a problem or product failure.
  • Remember that the best film installed improperly or used in a situation where a professional dealer installer might not otherwise install that particular film will likely not live up to the customer’s expectations.

About Window Genie

Window Genie is the nationally ranked franchise of home services known to “Clean Windows and a Whole Lot More!” Other services include window tinting, pressure washing and gutter clean-out. Their mission is to improve the look and values of homes and small businesses in their local communities. Window Genie asks customers to consider the benefits of installing their most versatile product, window film. Ken Fisk, VP of Franchise Development for Window Genie said, "We've seen at least a 30 percent increase in window film sales over the last year alone. Houses are bigger, there's more windows, and installing window film is a cheaper alternative to replacing old, uninsulated windows. Window film preserves the view homeowners pay for and increases security, privacy and the overall aesthetic. As consumers learn the perks of window film we will continue to see an increase in demand." Every window tinting product Window Genie uses is backed by a manufacture lifetime guarantee for peeling, cracking and fading. Each independently owned and operated Window Genie location can supply a complete list of their inventory and work with each customer to suit their particular needs. All Window Genie technicians are fully trained, insured, bonded and have passed a background check. They will arrive in a clearly marked GENIEMOBILE in uniform and present an ID badge for customer safety and peace of mind.

For more information or a free estimate, contact your local Window Genie found in this directory.


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