Student Internships -- The Best Option for Your Future?
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Student Internships -- The Best Option for Your Future?

WOBURN, MA - (Marketwire - Jan 2, 2013) - As of April 2012, one out of every two graduating college students is unemployed or underemployed, according to the Associated Press' study of 2011 graduates. Student internships are becoming a necessity to land a job in your degree-related field of study, but not all student internships are created equal. Are unpaid internships giving you the type of hands-on experience you need to compete in the cutthroat job search of real-life after college?

A college degree is necessary in today's business world, but, as many recent graduates know, the degree alone isn't always enough to open all of the doors to success. In the modern job market, your college or university degrees need supplemental assets to provide you with the best opportunities available. Unpaid internships may seem like a great idea for school credit, but, when it comes down to it, you are paying for the unpaid internship.

A management consulting company called conducts the largest internship research in the country, and, according to their research, 18 percent of over 12,000 student interns surveyed were both unpaid and received no credit. Of the students that received college credit for their internship, 71 percent had to pay for those credits. While this may be a viable option for some college students, the majority of students seeking college internships would like to gain the experience needed to make them an appealing option to employers, and they would like to be compensated.

That's where College Pro Painters comes in. The College Pro Painters franchise opportunity gives students everything they could ever ask for in a hands-on internship. They will be trained on how to manage their own business; everything from interviewing and hiring employees to managing the clients and finances of their own College Pro Painters franchise opportunity. Many employers and Human Resources departments have ranked relevant work experience as the most valuable asset a potential employee can possess, and the College Pro experience provides a large range of real-life work exposure that can boost resumes and give recent graduates the edge they need.

The skills that you will learn at this student internship can relate to any future career path. Jeremiah Broz, President of Floor Coverings International Denver, and former College Pro alum explains further:

"At College Pro, I learned that, while facing adversity, you fight for the right solution not the easiest, fastest, or cheapest, and, although I made mistakes along the way, I always strived for doing right in my decision making. Based off this philosophy and sound principles, we, as a company, made strides in the market place, developed and led great people, and made some great money. If you are looking for an opportunity to test your management / sales skills, run a Franchise. If you are looking for an opportunity to test your leadership skills, become a General Manager. If you are looking for an opportunity to manage a profit/loss statement and develop a culture, become a Vice President... I believe that the skills I learned with College Pro Painters, along with the leaders I followed, have definitely helped us to become the fastest growing Floor Coverings International franchise in history."

Don't settle for an average unpaid internship that will provide you with very little help when you venture into the real-world job market. If you are a student entrepreneur ready to work hard and reap the benefits that hard work produces, look into a College Pro Painters franchise opportunity -- it's not your average internship.

About College Pro Painters

In business for 40 years, College Pro is a North American student painting and window cleaning company that offers residential painting and window cleaning services during summer months in local communities. Student franchise managers and general managers have participated in charity events and donated services equating to over $900,000 to improve community spaces and housing in underprivileged areas across Canada and the United States. The company's core purpose, 'together, realizing potentials,' uniquely mentors and challenges students to become successful community and business leaders.

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