Now is the Time to Put Some Max Muscle Behind Keeping Your New Year’s Fitness and Health Resolutions
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Now is the Time to Put Some Max Muscle Behind Keeping Your New Year’s Fitness and Health Resolutions

Orange, California (PRWEB) January 16, 2013 - This is the time, each January, when resolve turns into frustration for many goal-setters who promised themselves that this will finally be the year that they lose weight, eat healthy, and get into better shape. What’s different in 2013, however, is that a supportive community of fellow goal-setters and Certified Fitness Nutrition Coaches stand at the ready to provide all the encouragement, expert advice, and quality nutritional supplements that anyone needs to stay on course or get back on track.

Max Muscle Sports Nutrition locations throughout the country are America’s News Year’s Resolutions Posse, riding to the rescue of everyone who aspires to get fit and healthy, but needs an extra push.

One perfect example is Minnesotan Amanda Freeseman, a one-time Division 1 volleyball star for Iowa State, who packed on extra pounds after her playing days ended due to an injury. Just how much she gained and how very much she wanted to lose the weight was driven home one day when a friendly stranger inquired about her “due date.”

Amanda wasn’t pregnant. She was overweight.

Likes tens of thousands of other Americans needing support and encouragement, Amanda turned to the fitness coaches at her local Max Muscle Sports Nutrition store and with their guidance, developed a nutrition plan customized to meet her specific goals, body, and lifestyle. Amazingly, nutritional consultations are free of charge to anyone who visits a Max Muscle Sports Nutrition store.

Amanda’s tale is a happy one, having shed 60 pounds and attained the best shape of her life. Indeed, the new, fit Amanda was chosen to appear on the cover of a recent issue of Max Sports & Fitness magazine and was featured in an eight page story in the Fitness RX Women to start 2013.

Ryan Winther’s experience at Max Muscle Sports Nutrition was equally successful, although his resolution was performance (not weight) related. Ryan, a one-time minor-league baseball player, was interested in competing in long-drive golf tournaments.

With the complimentary help of his local Max Muscle Sports Nutrition store near Sacramento, California, Ryan created and followed a nutrition and fitness plan. “That moment changed my life,” he recalls. “I went in there to put my body on the right track and to get supplements that were going to actually help me – not just make me look better, but make me perform better.”

Three months later – just three months – Ryan set an unofficial ball speed record, and last year he won $150,000 as the RE/MAX World Long Drive champion.

While athletes like Amanda and Ryan have been able to transform their bodies and self-images thanks to the advice and support they received from Max Muscle Sports Nutrition stores, it is not necessary to be an athlete to reach your health, weight, and fitness goals. Max Muscle Sports Nutrition Certified Fitness Nutrition Coaches, stationed in each and every store, are happy to assist everyone who drops in.

What Amanda, Ryan and tens of thousands of other successful goal-setters – who’ve transformed their New Year’s resolutions into realities – have in common is a well-conceived plan to guide them, says Sean Greene, president of Max Muscle Sports Nutrition.

Greene describes these plans as the anchor of a 5-step weight-loss and fitness program that is “virtually guaranteed” to result in success.

To formulate the plan, Greene recommends goal-setters come to a nearby Max Muscle Sports Nutrition store and visit with one of the friendly Certified Fitness Nutrition Coaches. These are not sales associates, but specially trained health and nutrition experts who will ask questions, listen intently, and then help craft an individualized roadmap to each consumer’s desired “finish line.”

Max Muscle's 2nd step is to surround yourself with like-minded individuals and motivators. Stay far away from the naysayers.

More than 25,000 people now participate in, a free online community of goal-setters and achievers who journal and who assist each other with tips, comments, and their own recipes for attaining and maintaining personal weight and fitness goals.

Amanda Freeseman immediately recognized the value of when she was first seeking to shed her 60 pounds. “I saw the online community of people just like me looking to change their lives and working to provide support and motivation to one another,” Amanda recalls. “I still need a team around, just like I had back when I played sports, and my online friends at are my teammates.”

Being able to reach out to “teammates” 24/7 is the #3 step. Along with journaling and interacting on, Greene notes that it is important to be honest about your goals and the hurdles you encounter along your path.

The 4th step is to be a perpetual student of nutrition and fitness. “Lifelong fitness begins with your brain, not your diet or your muscles,” Greene notes. “Make yourself as well-informed as possible and your path to success will be much shorter, quicker and more pleasant.”

Finally, step #5 is really quite intuitive. “Finish what you start,” Greene says. By sticking to your plan and drawing upon the many support and motivational resources available through Max Muscle Sports Nutrition stores and, the final challenge is to be patient.

“You will reach your goals and you’ll be delighted you stayed in the game,” Greene says. “By New Year’s 2014, you’ll be sharing your success story with all your amazed family members, friends and coworkers and telling them how they can do it too.”

About Max Muscle Sports Nutrition

For more than twenty years Max Muscle Sports Nutrition has been the leader in the sports nutrition industry, and is committed to improving the health of people from all walks of life. Team members – Certified Fitness Nutrition Coaches™ - are extremely knowledgeable and take the time with each client to pinpoint their health and fitness goals in order to find the best program, products and supplements for them to achieve those goals. Whether the goal is to lose weight, gain weight or dedicating oneself to a healthier lifestyle- Max Muscle Sports Nutrition is one business that is growing by helping others reduce… online at Franchise opportunities available at The myMaxMuscle online community is at


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