COIT Cleaning and Restoration Company Offers Winter Driveway Maintenance Tips
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COIT Cleaning and Restoration Company Offers Winter Driveway Maintenance Tips

San Francisco, CA (PRWEB) February 11, 2013 - Now that winter is in full swing, COIT, a leading supplier of specialty cleaning and disaster restoration services headquartered in San Francisco, is offering tips on winter driveway maintenance as part of their effort to educate consumers about the importance of preventing moisture and other structural damage. Maintaining a driveway properly during the colder months – especially in regions that see snow or ice – will protect the driveway and the home, and will improve family safety.

“Many homeowners don’t realize that maintaining a driveway properly is a year-round effort and involves more than shoveling snow,” Bob Kearn, President and CEO of COIT, said. “As a restoration company that regularly sees what water damage can do to homes and businesses, COIT sees the driveway as one of the first orders of business when it comes to maintaining and protecting the integrity of a home. Everything from the location of trees and shrubs near the driveway to moisture, improper plowing, and temperature changes can erode a driveway, affect a home’s curb appeal, and create safety hazards.

COIT recommends that homeowners relocate trees or shrubs with roots that could eventually crack through cement or asphalt driveways. Roots can also threaten the integrity of foundations and allow moisture (and eventually mold) to enter a basement or walls.

In addition, it is important to create space for snow and other moisture drain-off by edging the sides of the driveway (removing sod within two to three inches of the cement or blacktop). Periodic sealing or waterproofing with a high quality sealing product also is an important part of protecting the driveway’s integrity. It is critical that driveways do not drain toward the home’s foundation, and that gutters do not drain directly onto the driveway or the foundation.

“If a homeowner suspects that moisture is seeping toward the home’s foundation, into the basement, or into any part of the home, they should contact a restoration company as soon as possible to protect the structure and prevent the growth of mold,” Kearn said.

During winter, it is also important to remove snow and ice from a driveway as soon as possible, because the freezing and thawing process can create cracks. Homeowners should avoid using salt on cement driveways in winter, however, especially during the first year after a driveway is paved. Salt and de-icing chemicals can also lead to cracks, as well as other damage. Rock salt might also harm vegetation in the yard and can even corrode metal.

Better options to avoid slipping on driveway ice include cat litter or even sand. The sun will heat sand that is spread over a driveway and create pockmarks in the ice that will boost the speed of melting and evaporation.

If you plow your driveway yourself, be sure the plow blade is lifted high enough so that it doesn’t scrape and damage the cement or asphalt. If you opt for a professional service instead, it is a good idea to shop around for a good service and to ask the following questions: how often will the service plow, will you have to call each time it snows to request the plow, what are the service’s billing policies, and are the drivers informed about proper driveway plowing and maintenance?

To maintain a driveway year-round, or in areas that don’t see snow or cold weather, homeowners should keep cement or asphalt clean with a leaf blower and pressure washer. Clean spilled oil or other chemicals immediately to avoid damage to the surface of the driveway. Homeowners should never park heavy vehicles or equipment on driveways that are not specially built to handle their weight.

With regular driveway and structural maintenance homeowners can prevent the seepage of moisture into their homes, and their driveways can remain safe, attractive, well-kept parts of their homes year-round.

For information on COIT’s water damage mediation services, as well as home and commercial cleaning and disaster restoration services, call (800) – FOR-COIT or visit our website.

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