Couple Simplifies Their Lives with DVDNow Kiosks Business
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Couple Simplifies Their Lives with DVDNow Kiosks Business

February 21, 2013 // // What if you could have a business with no employees, no office and no major time commitment? That's what Jeff and Sarah Taylor were looking for when they found DVDNow Kiosks.

As owners of a small fitness center called Snap Fitness in Stratford, CT, their spare time is at premium. With six children ages eight to 16, any second business they have can't be a drain on their busy schedule.

"We were looking for simplicity in a business," says Jeff. "One that was easy to operate. Something with all of the things we don't want to have to worry about -- personnel, the hiring and firing of people, the employees that don't show up. With this, as long as the machine is running, we have everything we need."

They wanted a streamlined business that came with a high amount of self-sufficiency. When they found DVDNow Kiosks online, they were fairly certain this was the one. The business was ready-made and could be launched in as little as 45 days, and because the kiosks are automated, it wouldn't require many hours a week. It could even create jobs for their older children. And then there was the product itself.

"The high quality of the DVDNow kiosk technology and the software that helps you run your business is second to none," says Jeff.

When they approached store owners to host their kiosks, they found many of them had been trying for years to get a Redbox in their store, but didn't meet the criteria, so they were more than happy to host the Taylors' kiosks. They launched their first two kiosks at a convenience store and a supermarket near their hometown in December, and added one more in January.

"We're doing pretty well so far," he says. "It helps that we're actually better than Redbox because we are able to offer new release movies from Warner Bros, Fox and Universal up to 28 days earlier while Redbox is bound by the studio-distribution contracts."

Learn more about how your clients can start a DVDNow Kiosks business for as little as $25K, or register for the complimentary Webinar by contacting:

Bob Gallner
VP Business Development
DVDNow Kiosks, Inc.
1-877-849-4272 ext. 714 Toll Free

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