Koko FitClub Offers National Nutrition Month Tips For A Healthier Fridge
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Koko FitClub Offers National Nutrition Month Tips For A Healthier Fridge

Koko Fuel Dietitian has Five Simple Changes for Better Nutrition

BOSTON - March 11, 2013 // PRNewswire // - Koko FitClub, the state-of-the-art workout centers with the patented Smartraining automated personal training system, celebrates National Nutrition Month by offering some simple changes for better nutrition – starting with a healthier fridge.

Nationally recognized registered dietitian Debra Wein , MS, RD, LDN, CSSD, CWPD, who led the team that created Koko Fuel, Koko FitClub's fully integrated nutritional component of the Smartraining fitness system, says now is a great time to spring clean your fridge with these five simple tips:

  • Dump all the highly processed foods in your fridge. Throw out anything that has additives, preservatives or anything in the ingredient list that is not a whole food.
  • Store healthy snacks, such as a bowl of cut-up fruit or low-fat Greek yogurt, at the front of a shelf at eye level so they are easy to grab and are eaten before they go bad. (The Koko Fuel plan suggests two small, healthy snacks a day, one between breakfast and lunch and another mid-afternoon, to keep blood sugar levels even.)
  • Axe all the sodas in your fridge. It doesn't matter if it's full sugar, reduced sugar or no sugar – none of it is healthy for you or your waistline. Replace with water or sparkling water. Keep fresh lemons, limes or oranges on hand to flavor the water, or add a splash of 100 percent fruit juice.
  • Keep your dairy fresh! Don't store your milk cartons in the refrigerator door. Milk will spoil quicker there, as the temperature fluctuates and is usually at least a degree or two warmer than the main compartment.
  • Rethink your crisper drawers. You are more likely to use what you can see, so move your fresh vegetables and fruits into the main compartment and use the drawers to store your condiments.

"These are the kinds of tips we built in the Koko Fuel School, simple, one-of-a-kind ways to put nutrition theory and best practices into action with your workout plans," Wein said. "Koko Fuel helps members build healthy habits for life instead of turning their lives upside down with labor-intensive, unsustainable fad diets."
Koko Fuel School has weekly lessons about carbs, proteins, breakfast, vitamins, water intake, sodium, portions, sleep, sugar, fat and fiber, designed to help members replace old, bad habits with new, healthier ones. Grounded in decades of nutritional science, customized Koko Fuel plans are designed to burn fat and build lean muscle levels, and are tailored to each Koko member's personal Smartraining goals, fitness profile and Koko Metabolic Rate.

For more information about Koko FitClub and Koko Fuel, go to www.kokofitclub.com.

About Koko FitClub

Koko FitClub first opened in Boston in 2008 as an efficient, lean-muscle-building alternative to traditional gyms and today has more than 120 company-owned and franchise FitClubs in 30 states. Its name, Koko, inspired by the Japanese word for individual, refers to Koko FitClub's fully customized fitness and nutrition programs that make up the patented Koko Smartraining System. The Smartraining System is automated personal strength and cardio training, offering the benefits of a 90-minute workout in just 30 minutes, combined with Koko Fuel, the program's integrated nutritional component. In 2012, the company received a Franchise Business Review Franchisee Satisfaction Award and this year was named to the 2013 Entrepreneur Magazine Franchise 500. For more information, go to www.kokofitclub.com, www.youtube.com/user/KokoFitClubChannel or www.facebook.com/KokoFitClub.

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Kim Lackey
SPM Communications

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