Fresh Healthy Vending and The Greater Good in Wisconsin
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Fresh Healthy Vending and The Greater Good in Wisconsin

Fresh Healthy Vending Announces Changing the Perception of Vending.

(PRWEB) May 21, 2013 - Triathlete and long-distance runner Wade Bergner made a career out of selling books to the schools across the state of Wisconsin for 20 years. Wade was raised in a family of health conscious and running enthusiasts, being healthy was a family affair. When looking for his next great business opportunity, it made sense to looking at Fresh Healthy Vending, as he was already familiar with the schools and wanting an opportunity to support ‘the greater good’.

Wade lives in the small town of Maiden Rock, Wisconsin and travels to various locations in the surrounding areas to support the Fresh Healthy Vending franchise he has built. “Once they try the products, it builds an understanding of what we’re trying to accomplish, and because the quality is so good, it helps to support a relationship with the product lines. The natural foods are very popular. I get asked all the time, ‘Are you the guy that brought in the machines with all this great food?’ Previously snacks were not allowed, the students and staff are grateful to have the natural vending choices available,” Bergner said.

Since many of the small-town and rural-area students are not familiar with the quality and variety of the products available in the machines, he holds product sampling events. “We work with our locations to hold the events for times that work for the schools, we sample out the foods and the drinks too,” said Bergner. The machines are on timers to accommodate the school’s breakfast and lunch programs and a percent of the money goes back to the schools. The Fresh Healthy Vending machines are stocked with all-natural, organic and preservative-free snacks and beverages. These nutritious selections make healthy choices easier for the students.

Becki Davis is the Principal at Chippewa Falls High School. She has been with the school for 15 years, but her history with CFHS is longer than that; This is her hometown and the high school that she attended. Becki is pleased to report “The school has two Fresh Healthy Vending machines, one in the commons area adjacent to the main entrance where the kids get off the bus and the other near the big gym and locker room.”

In March 2013, she was introduced to the concept when she received an email from Fresh Healthy Vending. “I thought to myself, 'There are no good reasons NOT to try this.' It sounded good,” she said. “The maintenance and refilling is all taken care of and a percentage of the money goes back to the school."

“We’re not a big city, and do not have health food stores around. But the students were familiar with the products and excited to have them available,” she noted. She was taken back by how encouraging the students were in welcoming and embracing the food selections. Not only did they know about the products, but they were grateful to have them available. Within the first few weeks she received many positive responses and thank yous from students.

“They had a familiarity with the products, things like coconut water. It’s a great idea to provide the really healthy options,” Davis said, “and to be able to offer things that they should be eating and drinking. The products are always fresh, and the machines are always full. Wade is here every other day to fill the machines. Everything is taken care of by Fresh Healthy Vending and it’s totally trouble free for the school. The machines take check cards too, so that’s convenient.”

“It’s good to be able to have choices available for the kids after school in music, theater and athletics. A protein shake is a healthy snack that’s not sugar-laced or full of empty calories,” Davis noted. “It’s part of doing what is right for the kids that attend the school.”

St. Croix Central High School in Hammond Wisconsin has one machine located in the commons area near the main entrance. Nic Been is the Athletic Director, as a health concsience person himself is happy not to have energy drinks, pop or candy available for the students.

“Originally Wade contacted me about putting a machine on campus. I talked to people I knew at other schools in the area to see how the machines were working out,” Been said. “This machine gets consistent use all day long. The kids will have a healthy snack and then head into the weight room.

“Wade takes care of the machines himself. It’s great for the kids that are here for after-school activities because they can get something that will sustain them when other food options aren’t available.”

Bergner is happy with the way the products and machines have been welcomed in the area. “They like the snacks because they are healthier, and they taste good too,” he said. A Fresh Healthy Vending business is a cause that goes beyond financial benefit, it’s a socially-responsible vending program. The fight against obesity in this country is being won by bringing healthy food to communities and providing a beneficial impact while working for the greater good.

The Fresh Healthy Vending machines in Wisconsin are just a few of the thousands of vending locations throughout the country offering healthy snack food and beverage choices. Keeping minds and bodies in better shape are part of the directives for Fresh Healthy Vending, the first and largest franchisor of healthy vending machines. Their quest is to help Americans become healthier by providing more nutritious and wholesome snacks and drinks purchased through vending machines.

As experts at creating profitable vending businesses for franchisees, they also offer the Fresh Healthy Vending Café. This unique vending machine dispenses fresh-ground, gourmet, organic coffee products such as cappuccinno, latte, espresso and chai tea drinks together with signature healthy snack options. The machine is exclusive to Fresh Healthy Vending Franchise owners.

About Fresh Healthy Vending

For more information about Fresh Healthy Vending franchises, visit To inquire about receiving a free Fresh Healthy Vending machine, visit or call toll free 888-902-7558.


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