Huntington Learning Center Expresses Support of Nation's Schools in Wake of Recently Released 2012 Nation's Report Card™
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Huntington Learning Center Expresses Support of Nation's Schools in Wake of Recently Released 2012 Nation's Report Card™

Amid Moderately Positive Trends, Huntington Notes Schools' Strengths and Formulates Plans to Improve on Weaknesses

ORADELL, NJ - (Marketwired - Jul 29, 2013) - In the wake of the National Assessment of Educational Progress (NAEP)'s recently released Nation's Report Card: Trends in Academic Progress 2012, Huntington Learning Center, a leading national supplemental education services provider, affirmed its commitment to helping students of all ages make greater gains in reading and math.

Since the early 1970s, the NAEP has tracked academic performance of students at ages 9, 13 and 17, releasing assessment reports to the public every four years. The 2012 Nation's Report Card shared results of the performance of more than 50,000 public and private school students (nearly 9,000 for each age group in each subject[MEC1]). Some trends show insignificant improvement among students over the past four years, while others are more positive. Highlights include:

  • Reading scores in 2012 were higher than in the early 1970s when the first assessments were given:
    • On a 500-point scale, up from 208 to 221 for age 9.
      • Up from 255 to 263 for age 13.
      • Up from 285 to 287 for age 17.
    • Reading scores in 2012 were higher than in 2008:
      • Up from 220 to 221 for age 9.
      • Up from 260 to 263 for age 13.
      • Up from 286 to 287 for age 17.
  • Math scores in 2012 were higher than in the 1970s:
    • Up from 219 to 244 for age 9.
    • Up from 266 to 285 for age 13.
    • Up from 304 to 306 for age 17.
    • Math scores in 2012 were higher than in 2008, except at age 17, with scores remaining at 306:
      • Up from 243 to 244 for age 9.
      • Up from 281 to 285 for age 13.
  • Racial achievement gaps in math and reading narrowed between the early 1970s and 2012 at all ages, except for the white-Hispanic math gap at age 9, which did not change significantly.
    • Racial achievement gaps stayed largely the same between 2008 and 2012, except for the white-Hispanic reading gap at age 13, which narrowed.

Dr. Raymond Huntington, chairman and founder of Huntington Learning Center, noted that while even minor gains are great news, educators must continue to work together to make greater educational improvements. "The future of our country lies in the hands of today's students, and the Nation's Report Card provides us all a barometer of student performance that we must pay attention to," said Dr. Huntington. "We consider these results a call to teachers, parents and educators to investigate new ways to help students do better in school."

Dr. Huntington added that in the last 36 years, Huntington Learning Center has had great success elevating student performance through its customized, one-to-one programs of instruction delivered by certified Huntington tutors. The company was also one of the country's first approved supplemental education services providers under the No Child Left Behind Act and has helped hundreds of schools around the country increase students' academic performance.

"We know the monumental job of today's teachers, and we congratulate them on the excellent work they do with students in the face of many challenges," said Dr. Huntington. "But let these results be a reminder to all of us that our work is far from finished. Huntington is committed to collaborating with parents, schools and teachers to raise student performance in the four years to come -- and always."

About Huntington

Founded in 1977, Huntington is a pioneer and leader in the tutoring industry. For over 35 years, Huntington has provided quality instruction to hundreds of thousands of students. Huntington prides itself on being "Your Tutoring Solution" for students in all grades and subjects. They tutor in academic skills, such as reading, phonics, math and study skills; and in advanced math and science subjects ranging from algebra through calculus and general science through physics. They also prepare students for state and standardized entrance exams, such as high school entrance exams and the SAT and ACT and provide free school tutoring to eligible schools. Learn more about Huntington at For information on franchise opportunities, visit

[MEC1]Came from the commissioner's letter:


Laura Gehringer
Director of Marketing and Advertising
Huntington Learning Centers, Inc.



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