Career Skills From College Pro That Give You a Job Market Edge
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Career Skills From College Pro That Give You a Job Market Edge

WOBURN, MA - (Marketwired - Aug 20, 2013) - Preparing for a career after college doesn't just mean getting a degree anymore. The number of qualified applicants for any one position is constantly increasing, and the job market is getting more competitive on a daily basis. Plus the see-saw economy bouncing up and down isn't helping either. With these factors fighting against your success in today's job market, you might be looking for opportunities outside of the classroom to help prepare you and your resume. That's where College Pro Painters comes in.

College Pro provides job and internship opportunities for college students looking for summer work and for graduates looking for full time employment. But these aren't just any run-of-the-mill kind of jobs; they're created with your future goals in mind. That means they're designed to give you skills and experience that are extremely impressive on a resume and make you a desirable candidate in almost any field.

Each position within a College Pro Painters franchise offers students something slightly different:

  • Painters and Window Cleaning Techs - College Pro Painters' and College Pro Window Cleaning's jobs are perfect for college students looking for summer jobs that will give them skills providing in-demand services (house painting and window cleaning) and experience working with both customers and co-workers. You'll get to improve your communication and leadership skills, and learn practical skills too, like how to safely work at a job site. And of course you'll be making money to help pay that pricey university tuition. Few summer jobs offer as much work satisfaction as working for a College Pro Painters or College Pro Window Cleaning franchise because few are designed to provide you with expertise that will benefit you for years to come.
  • Franchise Managers and Interns - At the very core of the College Pro's internshipprogram are its franchisees. Franchisees are specially selected from thousands of applicants to own and operate franchises in specific territories across the continent. Over the course of several months, selected franchise managers will train closely with general managers learning all of the essential skills necessary for running a business including:
    • Time management
    • Customer service
    • Financial management
    • Creating marketing and management plans
    • House painting and window cleaning basics

This is certainly not a complete list of everything you'll learn during training and on the job as the manager of a College Pro franchise. You'll gain as much from the franchisee experience as you put into the business! And of course you won't only be gaining life skills; you'll be earning money as a student business owner! Now how many college students do you know that can say that?

  • General Managers and Field Advisors- General Managers and Field Advisors train and guide student managers during the entirety of their time with College Pro and help ensureCollege Pro franchisees' success. This is a full time position that many franchisee alumni have stepped into as they continue to build and executive leadership abilities as trained and certified advisors to hundreds of employees. General managers or field advisors will:
    • Train and coach from 10-25 franchisees
    • Analyze data trends
    • Create executive marketing plans
    • Coordinate and manage all employees

The role of the general manager or field advisor is one that gives you the responsibility to empower your franchise managers and run a large business successfully. Many College Pro jobs held in college have led to positive outcomes in future career endeavors. For example, Jeff Wall who worked as a franchisee, then general manager, VP and President, is now president of the company Handyman Connection.

Though College Pro alumni come from many different backgrounds and aspire to different career and life goals, many of them say the same thing about their time with College Pro. College Pro jobs provide employees, franchisees and managers with the opportunity and challenge to reach their own professional and personal potential. College Pro jobs are challenging and rewarding opportunities to become financially independent and give employees the edge they need in the job market.

While other students are studying the theory behind these skills, you could already have the kind of experience employers are looking for! Check out College Pro's website,, to learn more!

About College Pro Painters

College Pro Painters is the largest student-run painting company in North America, and, with over 40 years of painting experience under their belt, they know all the ins and outs of the residential exterior painting industry. If you are looking for a team of experienced painters to help beautify your home, look no further than the student experts at College Pro Painters.

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