Men in Kilts Say Your Gutters Could Cost You a Fortune This Fall
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Men in Kilts Say Your Gutters Could Cost You a Fortune This Fall

Men In Kilts, a window and exterior cleaning franchise, discovers many homeowners don’t recognize the importance of gutter cleaning.

Vancouver, B.C (PRWEB) October 11, 2013 - The leaves have begun to change color and fall, there is a cold chill in the air, and sweater season has begun. Many homeowners have begun prepping their house for the winter.

Some tasks are more important than others when it comes to the maintenance of one’s home. Pressure washing, mowing the lawn and cleaning your windows keep homes looking good. However, with fall upon us, gutter cleaning is a must do. Although many don’t know that gutter cleaning prolongs the life of a house and prevents water damage.

Men In Kilts found that many customers who hire them for window cleaning do not realize that cleaning their gutters is also important.

"For me it is out of sight, out of mind. I don’t look at my gutters everyday like I look at my windows so it’s not something I think about," says one customer.

Men In Kilts Founder and Vancouver Franchise Owner Nicholas Brand explains, "I see it often in this industry. Homeowners who think gutter cleaning services aren’t critical. But you can actually do some serious damage to the foundation of your home if you don’t have your gutters cleaned."

When gutters get clogged excess water pushes against the foundation walls and weakens the footing causing these walls to crack.

Seattle Franchise Owner Nick Wood says, "We have been to homes where the debris has built up and clogged the downspouts. The water has nowhere to go, which causes severe cracks in the foundation of the home. Now instead of being a couple hundred dollars worth of cleaning, the homeowner is looking at thousands of dollars in repairs."

Another customer did not realize that gutters should be cleaned annually. "It’s scary to think about the damage that can happen to my home from not cleaning my gutters for one year. I live a busy life and I guess I just overlooked how critical it is."

In a National Post Column, home improvement expert Mike Holmes says, "Your home’s No. 1 enemy is water. Why? Because it causes things like mold and rot, which compromise the entire structural integrity of the house... It’s important to protect our homes in winter weather. A big part of that protection comes from our gutters. If we do our job and maintain them, they’ll do their job and protect our homes from precipitation and water."

So the next time you walk through that puddle or water drips off your roof and onto your head, don’t pass it off. Make sure to inspect it as soon as possible.

Brand acknowledges, "With the amount of rain we get here on the West ‘wet’ coast, it is essential homeowners are educated on looking after their home. "

Wood concludes by saying, "We can help a homeowner avoid major and expensive home repairs by cleaning out their gutters; that is what we are here to do."

About Men In Kilts

Men In Kilts was started in 2002 by Nicholas Brand, a Vancouver based Scotsman who fashioned a hand-sewn kilt and put a visual to the otherwise faceless window cleaner.

By 2009, the location had grown to over one million in revenue and caught the attention of Tressa Wood, former VP of Operations from 1-800-GOT-JUNK?. Tressa joined the team as CEO and began the process of franchising the company. Men In Kilts now has locations across North America and plans to expand to every major metro by 2017.

Positioned to serve the growing demands of the multi-billion dollar cleaning and building maintenance industry, the Men In Kilts concept is about building a national brand that delivers an unparalleled level of professional service to both the residential and commercial markets.

For more information on Men In Kilts, or to see them in action, please contact Megan Nemeth at pr[at]meninkilt[dot]com or visit

High-resolution images available upon request.


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