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Apply to Request List Fitness Franchise "Fights to Get Fit" Nationwide fitness studios challenge their members and instructors to ring in the New Year with 30 days of eating clean and training mean.

New York, NY (PRWEB) January 12, 2014 - After office holiday parties and family gatherings of second and third servings of pumpkin pies, turkeys, and potato salads, the fitness franchise is getting their members back on track of their fitness. From January 6th to February 4th , studios nationwide are challenging their members to "Fight to Get Fit" in their kickboxing classes.

Studios are challenging their members to not only take the one hour fat burning class three times a week for the 30 day span but to also commit to two changes in their eating habits and/or fitness routine. Participants must also check in with an instructor of their studio once a week.

"It's our way of telling our bodies who's the boss," says Jany Quezada, an instructor at the New York City E43rd St. location. Quezada is also the mastermind behind the challenge. After having one too many plates of her mom's arroz y guandules (a Dominican dish of rice and pigeon peas) during Thanksgiving and Christmas, she realized it was time to clean up her eating habits and get back to kicking the fat out in the studios, "I gained five pounds and that was it. I knew I had to get serious with what I was doing if I wanted to fit into my exercise pants again."

Instructors of the kickboxing studios have also been inspired to take on the challenge. Some have given up of alcohol others bread while some have promised to have a more balanced meal before their workouts or to put down the cookies and ice cream after dinner.

"The fact that instructors are doing it too makes the members feel good," says Kelly Murray, the district manager of the New York City locations. In 2013 Murray also ran a successful challenge where the members had to give up one of their guilty pleasures. She says this challenge will push the participants limits, "It's not just about getting fit. It's about exceeding your potential. Don't just say you're going to drink more water, tell yourself you're going to drink 8 glasses of water."

In just a few days, 163 members and instructors have joined the challenge and the "ILKB Fight to Get Fit" Facebook support group. The group was created so that members could have a safe place to ask questions, post healthy recipes, and communicate their progress.

At the end of the 30-day challenge, studios will commemorate their members and instructors commitments with a celebratory party. They will also hold a special kickboxing class just for the participant taught by all the instructors.

"This challenge doesn't just stop at the 30 days," stated Quezada, "it's just the beginning motivation members and all us alike need to keep it up in our lifestyles."

About is a fitness kickboxing franchise that takes the workouts of professional fighters, and makes them accessible for men and women looking to lose weight and tone muscle. Their program emphasizes the importance of community, fun and support for long-lasting results. Information on kickboxing classes is available at Information on the fitness franchise opportunity is available at


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