The Joint Knows the Chiropractic Industry is in for an Adjustment
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The Joint Knows the Chiropractic Industry is in for an Adjustment

In 2014 many will seek a share of the chiropractic business, but The Joint is leading the charge.

Phoenix, AZ (PRWEB) January 24, 2014 - John Leonesio, Founder and former CEO of Massage Envy, started shaking up the chiropractic business when he became CEO of The Joint...the chiropractic place – stores in high traffic retail centers, open evenings and weekends, where the initial visit includes consult, exam and adjustment for a very reasonable $19. No strings attached, no appointments are taken and no insurance or third-party payers are involved.

This is standard operating procedure for Leonesio. He's taken a consulting role this time around, lured in 2010 from “semi-retirement” by the investment group that bought The Joint to ramp up it up to a nationwide franchise operation. The Joint has opened 176 chiropractic office locations in just three years-- twice as fast as Massage Envy's start, Leonesio said, which he built in six years to more than 600 locations before selling in 2008.

The model is rattling the chiropractic care industry, marked by aging practitioners, declining revenue and baby boomers with bad knees and shoulders looking for easier access to their favorite “adjustments,” as such services are called. “I met a lot of resistance with the massage industry, too. Most of them thought I was the 'devil' and was going to ruin their industry, because we came in at a much lower price point,” Leonesio said.

Many believe the entire health care segment is ripe for more growth. What do they believe is the driver? Health care reform, in whatever form it takes. The Joint is well positioned to be the most successful due in large part to its low cost, ease of getting in to see a doctor and no insurance requirements. In fact, for members of The Joint, a full month of care at The Joint can cost less than most insurance co-pays.

More consumers are shopping for health care services just as they buy other items. You find a brand you trust and you stick with that brand. This is where The Joint really shines. Franchising is very good at developing brand awareness, and developing consistency in brand offering. Chiropractors want to focus on their patients, and historically have struggled to build a sustainable practice, with statistics indicating up to 50% failure rate for chiropractic businesses in their first 12 months. With more than 175 locations nationwide and no closures, The Joint delivers a unique and financially sustaining business model. When you create a system that supports both a chiropractor's need to focus on their clients and a sustainable and productive business model, The Joint is well positioned to revolutionize the chiropractic industry.

About The Joint... The Chiropractic Place

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