You Are What You Eat, Are You Garbage?
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You Are What You Eat, Are You Garbage?

National (PRWEB) March 08, 2014 - The AlignLife doctors are on a mission, a mission to educate the public on natural health care. Dr. Esposito, co-founder of AlignLife, believes one of the first steps to natural health care is knowing what is being eaten, stating that many companies are creative with their labeling and sometimes when people think they are eating well they indeed are eating more chemicals than food. Dr. Esposito and all the doctors and staff of the AlignLife clinics are donating time to create educational webinars that are free to the public. The doctors say there is no such thing as a quick trip to a grocery store. Grocery stores stock the items shoppers buy most often at the back of the store, forcing them to travel through other tempting aisles to pick up the essentials. Items such as meat, eggs, dairy and bread are strategically placed in the back of the store, making it hard for shoppers to resist grabbing other items when making a quick trip to the grocery. Grocery managers want to maximize your time in their store by having you travel down as many aisles as possible. Crafting an efficient floor plan with an expertly stocked perimeter keeps shoppers moving through the entire store and pausing at strategic stops along the way, including end-caps. According to AlignLife, this webinar will help people learn how to bypass all of this! In this economy, it’s even harder to eat healthy. Food prices are going up and dollars are being stretched to their maximum. For many Americans, organic, fresh foods don’t always fit in budgets and pre-packaged foods are simply more affordable. Dr. Esposito says affordable doesn’t mean quality.

When Congress passed the Nutrition Labeling and Education Act in 1990, they forever changed the way in which people in this country view and purchase their food items. Being able to see all of the products, added preservatives, calories and fat contents within a single item being purchased at the grocery store led to a slight increase in the population becoming fully aware of what enters their body and just how much of it is doing so in any one sitting. Dr. Esposito makes sure after this webinar you are more educated on reading labels and armed with the tools to make healthy decisions while at the grocery store. AlignLife even gives a free gift just for learning about how to become healthier you.

If you would like to attend the webinar and receive your free gift, go to the following link to register: is

About AlignLife

AlignLife is a chiropractic and natural health franchise founded in 2007 with the mission to provide the highest quality of natural healthcare services to communities around the nation. The integration of chiropractic with other natural health services has proven to save time and money while reducing the hassles of dealing with the complex American health care system. AlignLife is operated by founder and CEO, Dr. Joseph Esposito and President, Dr. Cristina Esposito. There are currently 20 AlignLife locations within six states around the nation and expansion plans are to have 50 locations by the end of 2014. For more information or to find a clinic new you go to


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