Kids With Challenges Are Like Family to AlignLife DC
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Kids With Challenges Are Like Family to AlignLife DC

Kids with challenges often face more health issues head on with chiropractic.

Indiana (PRWEB) March 17, 2014 - "These kids are just plain awesome." That’s according to Dr. Mark Heal, a chiropractor who takes care of several kids who are challenged due to health concerns or physical limitations. "Knowing that I can be a part of impacting the quality of their life is definitely one of the things that keeps me going."

Heal, who grew up with an aunt and uncle with severe mental and physical disabilities, feels relaxed and comfortable with these kids. He also appreciates and empathizes with their parents who usually have heavy stress loads. "Watching my grandma, who is now 91-years-old, take care of my aunt up until 4 years ago, I saw first-hand the physical and emotional toll on a parent in this situation. If there is anybody who definitely needs chiropractic, it’s not only those kids who face exceptional health challenges, but their parents as well."

Because chiropractic adjustments affect the nervous system, which affects how your body works, Heal explained that chiropractic could have a dramatic affect on a person’s overall health. He refers to the three "T’s": traumas, toxins and thoughts. "We know that traumas like a care accident negatively affect the nervous system. However, most people don’t realize that toxins, whether those come from drugs or cigarettes, or other chemicals we use day-to-day, can have a negative impact. And, thoughts –whether those are stress related or just ‘stinkin’ thinkin’ – can as well."

Heal is the owner of three AlignLife chiropractic and natural health care clinics, where the emphasis is on chiropractic as well as lifestyle and overall health. "Think of the average American who is overweight. They have the tools to be proactive in their health. Some of the kids I see, in some ways, are challenged to take this same approach. One example is their mobility may be compromised. That’s why I love taking care of these kids so much because sometimes they don’t have the same choices or opportunities."

One family has entrusted the care of their daughter (and entire family) to Heal for 18 years (starting care when she was 6-years-old. Greg and Teri Carr of Rochester, Indiana, first took their daughter, Sidneigh (or "Sid" as most people know her) to see Heal as a result of researching chiropractic’s affect on seizures. Sid has cerebral palsy which has limited her physical strength and overall body control.

"What impressed me the most was not just how he explained what he was going to do and why, but just how much he truly cared," Teri said. "And he does this in many ways, one being just his overall nature and another being the extra things he does to help Sid enjoy life more." She referred to a time when Heal personally drove to the company that designed her wheelchair and worked with them on the ergonomics of the chair to help support her spine and posture.

Another family's children, the Irwin’s, sing the praises of chiropractic as well as the nutra-ceutical grade supplements that the AlignLife clinics offer. (First in a two-part series)

For more information on how chiropractic can help special needs children, contact any of Dr. Heal's AlignLife Clinics in Winamac, Rochester or Lafayette Indiana.

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