FAQ's About IM=X® Pilates
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FAQ's About IM=X® Pilates

August 15, 2014 // Franchising.com //

What is IM=X®?

IM=X stands for Integrated Movement Xercize. It's an elite fitness formula that marries the muscle toning and lengthening benefits of pilates with the best elements of strength and cardio training to increase flexibility, endurance and muscle tone, while strengthening the spine and core muscles.

How does IM=X® differ from Pilates?

For starters, it's aimed at mainstream fitness enthusiasts and athletes – not professional dancers. The sequences are designed to emphasize muscle endurance, fat burning, and pilates moves. IM=X uses a forced exhalation breath to increase the core strengthening benefits of exercise. It is a complete cross-conditioning system that includes resistance training, stretching and plyometric jumps for a more athletically oriented workout.

IM=X reflects the newest scientific data and latest research to meet the diverse needs of today's fitness and rehabilitation markets. For this reason, IM=X has been described as “the newest evolution of pilates and fitness.”

Who created IM=X®?

IM=X was created by Elyse McNergney, Founder of the IM=X Pilates & Fitness franchise chain. A former dancer/choreographer and Exercise Physiologist, certified in the Pilates Method and the Alexander Technique, Ms. McNergney was impressed with the versatility and overall benefits of pilates-style training. During an eight-year stint as a personal trainer, she streamlined and enhanced the program to deliver a higher level of fitness in a shorter period of time. Ms. McNergney holds an M.Ed. in Exercise Physiology from Columbia University and a M.A. in Movement Education from New York University.

Who can benefit from IM=X® training?

Everyone - from fitness newbies to hard-core gym rats - can benefit from Integrated Movement Xercize (pronounced IMX). The program has been proven effective for all body types and fitness levels, regardless of age, weight or ability. There are specialized IM=X formats designed for professional athletes, pregnancy, seniors, weight loss and back pain. And, as participants progress through the program, the sequences and combination of moves become increasingly more challenging, so IM=X is never boring and always results focused.

What kind of results can be achieved with an IM=X® workout?

IM=X Pilates & Fitness routines improve posture, strengthen, lengthen and add flexibility to the spine plus tone the whole body in a short period of time. These focused workouts attack excess bulk in the hips and thighs; and tighten the body's core muscles for rock-hard abs.

Where do I take IM=X® Pilates sessions or classes?

IM=X is an elite fitness program offered at IM=X Pilates and Fitness Studios across the country. All locations offer a unique opportunity to experience superior personalized training at affordable prices. Memberships allow for unlimited class participation. Class schedules includes a wide variety of small group training on the IM=X pilates equipment. Instructors and Personal Trainers are certified through the IM=X Pilates and Fitness Education Center in New York City.

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