Changing the Fitness Industry - Fitness on the Go
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Changing the Fitness Industry - Fitness on the Go

San Antonio, Texas (PRWEB) January 28, 2015 - A career in fitness is a path enjoyed by many, as it doesn't tie one down to a corporate 9 – 5 desk job. It allows for plenty of interaction, creating one's schedule, and staying active. But the average personal trainer that has been in the industry for more than 3 years only continues to be a personal trainer for about 8 years. When you look at a recent study comparing other professions: lawyers that have been practicing for more than 3 years continue in their field for an average of 31 years, carpenters – 17 years, nurses – 27 years. This study only takes in account people that have a minimum 3 years in their field as opposed to the many that may come in and out quickly. So why do personal trainers not stay in their field as long as other professions?

Is it because it is easy to become a personal trainer so it's easier to leave it? This is not the case, after 10 calls with personal trainers that have been working for 5 or more years in the industry the common consensus is that they are looking for more financial reward and the irregular hours get to them; they have to put on a show every single day being the biggest motivator possible, when some days they wish they could just stay in bed and eat ice cream (or carrot sticks).

Progress in the industry leads to being a fitness manager which then becomes a 9 – 5 corporate job which is the exact opposite reason of why they wanted to get into the fitness industry in the first place.

Dan Mezheritsky is changing the fitness industry with Fitness on the Go – an in home personal training company which operates throughout Canada with over 120 personal trainers. Since 2005 Fitness on the Go has been helping personal trainers build and manage their client base while earning three times the industry standard, and Fitness on the Go gives an opportunity for trainers that want to transition to management without being tied to that usual 9 – 5 position. "We have grown with one key principle – transparency – when everyone that works with you is happy with what they earn and know where funds are allocated, they are happier to be a part of the company." Mezheritsky states. Even a trainer with 20 sessions a week earns over $50,000 per year, and a franchisee with 20 trainers earns over $80,000 per year. "We have some trainers that train 10 – 20 hours per week, and manage a team of 10 – 20 trainers which only takes 10 – 15 hours per week. It's a perfect solution to prevent burnout physically and mentally, while earning a great living doing what they love. A change in the industry has to happen from within for any real benefits to occur." Mezheritsky states, and he would know, starting off as a personal trainer years ago.

About Fitness on the Go

Fitness on the Go is expanding into the US market with their fitness franchise opportunities. For more information go here: [] .

The key seems to be finding a balanced work schedule so there is enough time for other parts of life. Burnout in any industry can certainly happen, but it seems that fitness is one industry that is more delicate. Hopefully others will follow the lead of Fitness on the Go.

SOURCE Canadian Franchise Journal


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