Toasted or Not: NY Bagel Cafe Has The Answer
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Toasted or Not: NY Bagel Cafe Has The Answer

Should a bagel be toasted, or should you leave the perfection be? Announcing the opening of new locations of NY Bagel Cafe & Deli in Florida!

RUTHERFORD, NEW JERSEY (PRWEB) November 20, 2015 - Most people, especially those that are truly passionate about breakfast, can go on raving about bagels all day long. Eating bagels becomes almost a daily routine to many, and the truth is that in most cases it is really a cultural phenomenon that dates centuries back. And of course, when it comes to analyzing exactly how this featured item made its way to the American shores, there is no argument that when it comes to bagels, all roads lead to New York.

Without a doubt, collectively most people will agree - New York offers the world's best bagels. And while that's an accepted fact, certainly bagel arguments dig a lot deeper than that superficial statement and ponder many other, more specific points. For instance, how did lox made its way onto a bagel, as we see quite often today? Or, should a bagel be toasted, or should the perfection be left alone? Let's leave the "lox" question for another day and focus on the toasting aspect of our bagel routines.

First and foremost, let's mention the "horror" of frozen bagels, which, at best, are simply a weak imitation of what a real bagel is. Needless to say, the special quality is clearly gone in this case and what's left is simply the actual substance: bagel became nothing more than a piece of frozen bread. In this particular case, a toaster may offer the only salvation, turning the frozen dough into something remotely attractive and tasteful. Still, nowhere near the real thing, but for the purposes of experiencing a frozen supermarket-variety of a bagel, it will have to do.

However, let's imagine for a moment that instead of making a mistake of buying a pack of frozen bagels in a local store, the choice was made to visit a specialty NY-based bagel shop, picking up a dozen of freshly-baked, warm, tasty-looking premium bagels? Should these be toasted as well, or should they be left untouched, allowing the original taste remain as is?

The true answer, of course, is that it is up to each and every gourmet bagel-admirer to decide! The most popular (and thus prevalent) opinion is that toasting a fresh bagel will simply ruin the purity of the baking process and should not be allowed. And then again, many others will point out the fact that everything depends on what else is being added to the bagel - is there cream cheese involved, or is it going to be the old-fashioned bagel-n-lox combo today?

Perhaps some questions are better left unanswered.

About NY Bagel Café & Deli

NY Bagel Café & Deli is the brainchild of Joe Smith, an enterprising upstate New Yorker who saw the opportunities back in 1994 for making inroads in the franchise fast-food market. Take a proven commodity – everyone’s favorite “light” meal, the bagel – and then take it one step further. Offer the original New York bagel, and create a cornerstone for a bagel franchise … without the typical franchise bagel taste. Then structure the business for ease of investment and operation, and “spread the wealth” with other motivated self-starters.

You’ll find that NYBagelCafé & Deli runs rings around other bagel shops with a delicious array of complementary foods. Like popular Boar’s Head deli meats and cheeses, the smoothest flavored cream cheeses, succulent smoked salmon and richly brewed gourmet coffees. How about Panini sandwiches, popular wrap sandwiches, freshly prepared salads and fresh baked goods? We feature REAL NY Water Bagels and Bialys baked fresh every day. With numerous locations opening every month, NY Bagel Cafe and Deli is officially open for business!

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