SpeedPro University - SpeedPro Imaging’s Commitment To Excellence
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SpeedPro University - SpeedPro Imaging’s Commitment To Excellence

SpeedPro Imaging, the Nation’s Leading Printing and Graphics Franchise Introduces New Training Program for Owners and Employees Nationwide

July 31, 2017 // Franchising.com // “I never learn anything talking. I only learn things when I ask questions.” That’s a quote from national-championship-winning college football coach Lou Holtz. He’s stressing the importance of learning - and listening. SpeedPro Imaging, the nation’s leading printing and graphics franchise, takes value in both. The company recently created an internal training program to provide ongoing instruction for employees based on feedback from its own franchisees.

SpeedPro University is a newly launched learning management platform that provides ongoing training and development for franchisees and their staff. The system’s inception can be traced back to the company’s franchise owners; multiple studio operators had approached SpeedPro’s home office requesting a program that would provide more training on a franchise level. SpeedPro University is the answer to those recommendations.

SpeedPro University was internally created and produced by Patrick Finn, SpeedPro Imaging’s Director of Production Support, and his team. The system was created to offer a distinct competitive advantage to prospective SpeedPro owners who would be new to the nation’s leading printing and graphics franchise.

There’s a lot to learn for new SpeedPro Imaging franchisees. And in most cases, initial training sessions can contain an overwhelming amount of information for those new to the industry. That’s where SpeedPro University steps in.

“Typically, two people will take part in the initial training: the owner and a print production manager,” says Finn. “We found that after initial training, the training done at the studio level was usually performed by the print production manager. If that person left, there would be no redundancy. That’s what helped us develop the concept behind SpeedPro University.”

Finn says he was slightly concerned about this game-changing initiative when he took it on because of the project’s large scope. However, he relied on his experience from previous instructional design classes as a foundation to build SpeedPro University from the ground up. “I knew I needed to put together content that allowed users to digest the information in bite-sized pieces,” says Finn.

He and his team determined online training courses were the best way to reach franchise owners and their employees. SpeedPro University incorporates methods of learning and retention that are appealing to franchisees and employees of all ages. The training sessions are set up for both visual learners and those who process information through step-by-step instructions. Finn says he and his team designed the program to make sure everyone would be comfortable.

“As we produced this content, we were mindful of the fact that not everyone is savvy with software,” says Finn. “Not only do we include video based content, but we break it down into steps - including printable instructions - to ensure they understand the information being received, until they reach the point of being proficient on their own.”

The idea behind SpeedPro University is to efficiently train franchisees and their employees while minimizing costs for franchise owners. There is no need for SpeedPro franchise owners to worry about having to send employees on a costly trip for training. Also, owners will no longer have to worry about employees being away from the job for long periods of time. In the case when new employees require training, SpeedPro University will help in that process without digging into margins.

The platform also helps to expand the pool of potential employees at the local level. Prospective employees are no longer required to have significant experience. SpeedPro University gives studio owners the tools to hire competent employees who can then pick up new skills along the way. With a few mouse clicks, training is accessible to any SpeedPro Imaging studio employee. The program will also be used as an oversight tool; owners can check to see if employees have completed certification courses and even view how well they performed.

While SpeedPro University is still in its infancy, it’s a fantastic example of how SpeedPro Imaging continues to earn its reputation as the nation’s leading printing and graphics franchise. And Finn has “Big Mac” plans for his program: “We want to get to a point where this is SpeedPro Imaging’s version of Hamburger University (McDonald’s training compound),” says Finn. “A year from now, everyone will be using it as often as they can. We’ll have information and training dedicated to sales, marketing, accounting…everything a franchisee needs to properly run their business. And most importantly, they’ll be excited to use it.”

At SpeedPro Imaging, customers are valued and owners are listened to - and learned from. SpeedPro University is the culmination of a process that began with owner input, and resulted in a system that benefits franchisees across the network.

“Ultimately, when someone is buying a franchise - a small business that they run themselves - they want it simplified,” says Finn. “They don’t want to overwork themselves like they did at their other jobs. We believe SpeedPro University will make their job, as well as their employees’ jobs, as easy as possible - so they can ultimately be as profitable as possible.”

To learn more about SpeedPro Imaging Franchising opportunities, please visit http://www.speedprofranchising.com/.

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