Snip-its® Helps Families to Naturally Prevent and Eliminate Risk of Lice
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Snip-its® Helps Families to Naturally Prevent and Eliminate Risk of Lice

Kid-Focused Hair Salon Franchise Shares Facts and Prevention Tips, for Lice Prevention Month

MINNEAPOLIS - Sept. 1, 2017 // PRNewswire // - Each year, nearly 12 million children aged 3-11 in the U.S. are diagnosed with head lice and though the pesky infestation occurs year-round, the prevalence marks an all-time high as kids return to school. This September, Snip-its, the nation's leading kid-focused hair salon and entertainment concept, is washing away back-to-school health risks with its lice prevention facts and tips.

Dedicated to making haircuts fun for children and relaxing for parents, Snip-its offers premium kid's haircuts, kid-friendly spa services, birthday parties and its own line of salon quality haircare products. The brand's knowledge in children's haircare makes it the experts on all things related to kid's hair – styles, cuts, hair health, trends and more.

"As kids head back to school, we often see a spike in the prevalence of kids contracting head lice and parents opting to purchase the natural lice treatment products that are sold at ours salons," said Marsha Cole, Director of Artistic Education of Snip-its. "Unlike the chemicals often found in products sold at drug stores, which have been increasingly less effective and irritating on kid's sensitive skin and scalp, Snip-its is committed to helping families naturally control the risk of lice through offering pesticide and chemical-free products to prevent and treat lice."

As little ones head back to school this fall, Snip-its shares the following lice prevention facts and tips with parents:

Lice Facts:

  • Lice is second only to the common cold, as far as things your little ones pick up from school.
  • Head lice are NOT a hygienic issue; in fact, lice like clean hair the best.
  • Lice cannot hop or fly - they only move by crawling.
  • They are most commonly found behind the ears, near the neckline and near the forehead.
  • Lice can survive 48 hours without a host; and often crawl about on clothing.
  • Natural prevention sprays can be safely sprayed on clothes, pillows, plush toys, hats, scarves and any surface kids (and lice) come in contact with.
  • Pets do not spread lice.
  • Lice don't swim. However, they can also survive several hours underwater.


  • Lice prevention starts with early detection, this means regular head checks (2 to 3 times a week).
  • Watch your child for head scratching, which is often a tell-tale sign they may have lice.
  • Keep an eye out for grayish-brown sesame seeds in shape and size.
  • Also check for eggs (tiny white dots that resemble dandruff) and nits (the empty eggshell that's also dandruff-like, but extra sticky) near the scalp but attached to the hair shaft.
  • Teach your kids good habits: Avoid sharing hairbrushes, combs, hairclips, binders, hats, bike helmets, scarves, coats, towels and even headsets and earbuds.
  • Spray items listed above with a preventive spray and use as often as necessary –you can never be too safe!
  • Snip-its carries pesticide and chemical-free guest lines of Ladibugs products, which use the highest quality ingredients and essential oils to prevent and treat head lice.

Snip-its was founded in 1995 by Joanna Meiseles, a busy mother who sought a hair salon that catered to her young children. Twenty years later, the brand continues to be synonymous with the founder's mission, offering quality children's hair care and an environment that is welcoming, wholesome, and entertaining. Snip-its is defined by the branded characters, games, stories, and a Magic Box that dispenses a prize at the end of the service.

Snip-its currently has 65 locations across the county that provides friendly and knowledgeable staff, animated gadgets, computer games and a character filled entertaining environment geared to creating an enjoyable haircutting experience. Snip-its serves as a solution for parents who are looking for a way to untangle the challenges of trying to find a convenient haircutting experience for their children.

About Snip-its

Snip-its is the nation's fastest growing child haircut franchise that is dedicated to making haircuts fun for children and relaxing for parents. Founded in 1995 by busy mother, Joanna Meiseles, Snip-its is turning a traditionally mundane and often unpleasant experience into a fun-filled, animated adventure. As the leader in the underserved child hair care industry, Snip-its offers quality children's hair care and an environment that is welcoming, wholesome, and entertaining. For more information about the company, please visit

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Fishman PR

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