Getting Real About Hair “Where The Sun Don’t Shine” – And Where It Does
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Getting Real About Hair “Where The Sun Don’t Shine” – And Where It Does

Waxing The City’s new “Wax Honest” campaign reflects the brand’s approachability and expertise

October 04, 2017 // // Woodbury, Minn. - Unrealistic. Unattainable. Painful. Those are thoughts you likely have whenever you see gorgeous women and men, with perfect skin as hairless as a newborn’s bottom, gracing advertisements for any of several waxing-only studios across the country. Waxing The City aims to change all that.

Under the direction of Chief Marketing Officer Meredith Jurek, who joined Waxing The City in November 2016, the company is undergoing a major rebrand focused on honesty, approachable expertise and body positivity. The effort is designed to ensure every client feels relaxed and comfortable in his or her own skin when waxing. As part of the rebrand, the franchise will utilize real and relatable bodies in all marketing and advertising materials.

“We understand that waxing can be an anxious and sometimes awkward experience for many people, especially first-time clients,” said Jurek. “Sincerity - and humor - put people at ease. But when you want someone to trust you, you don’t simply say, ‘trust me.’ You need to earn their trust by being open and honest. That’s what ‘Waxing Honest’ is all about. We’re the experts and our rebranding efforts will help take the fear out of waxing for our clients - by getting real with them and perhaps even making them laugh.”

New Creative Materials Emphasize the Humor in Waxing
In partnership with Minneapolis-based advertising agency Friends and Neighbors, Waxing The City created a “Cerologist Oath,” quirky and informative “Wax Honestisms,” humorous holiday advertisements, and other amusing marketing pieces. Every piece was created with the intent to be more relatable and inviting, and to spark a conversation while adding levity to waxing.

The “Wax Honestisms” include: “A Brazilian is breezier than you think,” “Good brows hide a multitude of sins,” “Smooth backs save marriages,” “You thought upper lip hair was bad. Then you met chin hair,” and “Pedicure first, toe wax second.”

“The founders of Waxing The City relied heavily on humor, that sometimes was a little bit edgy, when they launched the company several years ago,” said Jurek. “Our marketing had a slightly different focus in recent years, but we’re returning to our roots - so to speak. Our intention is to make waxing comfortable and anxiety-free for everyone. That philosophy is exemplified in our ‘Manifesto’ - and depicted in a new VIDEO that we filmed featuring real men and women.”

Waxing The City Manifesto
“Listen up ladies, and gentlemen. We need to talk about hair. Not your tousled lob. Or your chic blunt bob. Nope, we’re talking hair that grows in places the sun don’t shine - and even worse, places it does. We’re getting real about body hair.

C’mon, everybody has it. In here, down there, and yes, even there. Unwanted hair is just a part of life. So is getting rid of it. It’s high time we toss the taboos. Unmask the myths. And lay bare the truth. It’s time to wax honest.

Let’s strip away the doubts and anxieties. And set the record straight. Let’s get real about waxing. Speaking of getting real, a Brazilian is about as real as it gets. I mean, is there anything more revealing that stripping down and baring it all in front of a stranger?

We get it. We’ve been there. No, really. At Waxing The City, we’ve been there literally thousands of times. From #browgoals to backscaping to bare-it-all Brazilians. We’ve seen our fair share of hair. Every shape, size and color, fur, fleece and fuzz there is to see. So we promise: your bush won’t bewilder us.

Our custom formulated wax turns the most untamed of territories into brilliantly bare bikinis. And shapes the unruliest of arches into brows that wow. With dedicated waxing studios across the nation, it’s no exaggeration when we say we’ve seen it all.

So, let’s get real about waxing. Let’s strip away our insecurities, and start flaunting our fierce, fur-free selves. Because body shame is out, and self-esteem is in. So it’s time to rip off the Band-Aid. And tell it like it is. It’s time to wax honest.”

For more information about Waxing The City, please visit or connect with the brand of Facebook and Twitter.

About Waxing The City

Waxing The City is a franchise devoted solely to the art of waxing, catering to both women and men. Founded in 2003, in the trendy LoDo neighborhood of Denver, CO, Waxing the City grew from a one-room studio, to a regional phenomenon. By 2010, Waxing the City added three studios in the greater Denver area and also expanded to Dallas, TX. From the start, the founders were committed to hiring the best and making them better. To ensure “Waxing Standards of Excellence,” every licensed Cerologist® (esthetician) at Waxing the City completes an extensive training course before they serve clients. In late 2012, the founders of Waxing The City partnered with MN-based Anytime Fitness, LLC, the world’s largest co-ed fitness franchise. Anytime Fitness is leveraging its tried-and-true franchise support systems to Waxing The City franchisees. Waxing The City expects to have 250 studios open by the end of 2018. For more information, please visit or call (866) 956-4612.

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