Bringing Scoliosis to the Forefront
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Bringing Scoliosis to the Forefront

HealthSource Clinics Offer Free Screenings for Children in June

CLEVELAND - June 13, 2018 // PRNewswire // - Today, scoliosis often takes a backseat to other childhood health concerns. During National Scoliosis Awareness Month in June, the goal is to bring attention to this spinal condition, which can be effectively managed if detected early. HealthSource, America's largest group of clinics specializing in chiropractic and holistic healthcare, is leading a campaign to educate parents on ways to detect and treat scoliosis. The campaign includes presentations at community centers, summer schools and local events. Participating clinics are also offering free scoliosis exams.

More than 3 million new cases of scoliosis are reported in the United States every year, with the majority being idiopathic scoliosis, the most common form impacting children. While there is no cure for scoliosis, early detection can prevent deformity resulting in back pain, unsightly posture and the body's range of motion. Pressure on the spine from playing contact team sports, carrying heavy backpacks and frequently bending the head while using smart phones can exacerbate problems for those with scoliosis, but are not causes for the condition. The bottom line is parents need to be aware of common signs of scoliosis, and if they have any doubts, schedule a scoliosis exam for their child.

In 2004, the US Preventative Service Task Force called for an end to scoliosis screening at public schools. While a number of states still recommend school-based scoliosis screening, with budget constraints, many schools have dropped the exams. Those with have a family history for scoliosis are most at risk.

Visual Signs of Scoliosis:

  • Tilted eye line
  • One shoulder hangs higher than the other
  • One shoulder blade sticks out more than the other
  • One hip appears higher or more pronounced than the other
  • One side of the rib cage appears higher than the other
  • Mid-ear not aligned with tip of shoulder when viewed from the side
  • Center of eyes not aligned horizontally with center of hips
  • Body tilts to one side
  • One leg appears shorter than the other
  • Ribs stick out when child does a full forward bend

If your child is diagnosed with scoliosis, there is no need to panic. "Scoliosis is a very manageable condition when diagnosed early," says Dr. Chris Tomshack, CEO and founder of HealthSource. "It's best to identify before the child has a growth spurt. In most cases, treatment involves scoliosis massages, stretches and exercise along with scoliosis specific adjustments. Only 30% of those diagnosed with scoliosis need bracing, and even less - under 10% - require surgery."

About HealthSource

HealthSource, a national holistic care and chiropractic franchise, treats pain throughout the entire body, sciatica, fibromyalgia and other common concerns, and also focuses on pain prevention and nutrition. The company continually implements new treatments and medical advancements, staying on the cutting edge of medicine. HealthSource began franchising in 2006 and more than 300 domestic and international locations. For more information about HealthSource, visit


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