Poolwerx Is Blowing the Competition Out of the Water in the US Under the Leadership of Entrepreneur John O'Brien
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Poolwerx Is Blowing the Competition Out of the Water in the US Under the Leadership of Entrepreneur John O'Brien

The dominant global player in the pool service space is making major waves when it comes to franchise development, with 43 retail stores and 195 service vans already in the US and plans to grow to over 200 retail stores and over 620 vans nationwide by 2024

DALLAS, June 27, 2019 // PRNewswire // - Poolwerx is the world's only global retail pool brand and the largest in the pool service industry. As the summer season approaches, the leading franchise company is continuing to make waves by expanding its franchise presence across the U.S. through its conversion strategy. With its U.S. headquarters in Dallas, Texas, Poolwerx currently boasts 43 retail stores and 195 service vans across six states in the U.S., with 550-plus service vehicles and 160-plus stores, globally. The brand boasts an impressive development plan, looking to grow their domestic footprint to have over 200 retail stores and over 620 service vans by 2024 in the U.S.

Poolwerx's leadership has just the vision needed to drive that kind of growth thanks to founder, CEO and serial entrepreneur John O'Brien. At 10 years old, O'Brien - the latest in a line of four generations of hoteliers and entrepreneurs - sat in on his first business meeting at a company his family founded, Breville. Having near proximity to the major appliance brand's innerworkings and family hotels provided for early moments of inspiration for the young entrepreneur. O'Brien quickly developed critical business and leadership skills that would position him for professional success in his subsequent pursuits. As a young adult, O'Brien knew he wanted to follow his entrepreneurial dream to launch a door-to-door drink delivery service. Not only did he launch the delivery concept, he then successfully grew the business and sold it to Coca-Cola following a competitive offer.

In 1995, O'Brien's brother and business partner passed away in a car accident, causing O'Brien to pause and assess his long-term personal and professional goals. The successful entrepreneur traveled around the world searching for a new business opportunity that would both challenge and fulfill him.

"I knew the kind of concept I was looking for," said O'Brien. "I wanted a business that operated within an established industry; that earned high profit margins and recurring revenue; and which would lend itself to a franchise model."

Landing in California, O'Brien noticed the need for optimal pool service, also recognizing the industry was disorganized globally due to spotty regulation. He identified the pool service industry as the perfect space to tap his business acumen. Poolwerx was born.

O'Brien knew the unregulated industry needed disruption. Poolwerx stands out in the industry for employing and training technicians to focus on service while pushing them to complete their Certified Pool and Spa Operator certification. Poolwerx also provides a roadmap for its development partners through a formalized program that helps employees advance from pool technicians to franchisees through a variety of transitional pathways. Poolwerx leaves other pool brands treading water thanks to a scalable, adaptable model comprised of both retail stores and service vehicles, as well as an experienced executive team, many of whom have been franchisees themselves. All of these elements combine to offer qualified franchise candidates the chance to sign on with a proven brand well-positioned for continuing growth and success.

Poolwerx is focused on disrupting the status quo, driving industry-wide change by leveraging its proven model, developing employees and resolving inefficiencies caused by traditional service methods. At present, the brand is growing impressively through the conversion of independent businesses.

"We're actively seeking franchise operators who are looking for outside support to grow their business into service and retail or those who have been in the industry for years and are looking for an exit strategy," said Poolwerx's Senior Vice President of Franchise Development, Ben Forrest.

Forrest spoke to the industry-wide need for just the kind of disruptive model Poolwerx offers.

"Today, a majority of the industry is at or within five years of retirement age, so we can partner with those owners to make their business more profitable during a time in their careers when it really matters," said Forrest. "We have operators in our system that have been looking for an exit strategy, converted from an existing business into a Poolwerx retail store, and as a result of that conversion, saw their gross profit margin increase substantially after signing on with us."

Forrest also said that Poolwerx offers a scalable model wherein franchisees can start with one service van, later open a retail store and ultimately expand their footprint to multiple retail locations and vehicles.

"We are doing everything in our power to help our franchisees scale their businesses to become the go-to source in their market for all their pool service and retail needs," said Forrest. "We are the most forward-thinking brand in the industry, and we will continue to partner with successful business owners looking to increase business and create an exit plan for themselves."

As a dominant player in the retail and pool service space, Poolwerx is ramping up its franchise development efforts as the company eyes crossing the 200 store mark and plans to have more than 620 service vans across America in the next five years. Poolwerx is currently seeking qualified franchise candidates across the sunbelt states from California to North Carolina.

About Poolwerx

Poolwerx was founded by CEO and entrepreneur John O'Brien after he identified a need in the retail and pool service space for a cost-effective and high-quality brand that delivered expert service via trained and certified professionals. Since its founding in 1992, Poolwerx has grown to become the world's only global pool brand and the largest in the pool service industry, with over 40 retail stores and over 190 service vans across six states in the U.S., plus 550-plus service vehicles and 160-plus stores, globally. Poolwerx leaves competitors to tread water thanks to a professional development strategy to convert employees to franchisees, a technology-driven and scalable model and recurring revenue streams. The brand opened its U.S. office in Dallas in 2015 and is now driving explosive franchise growth stateside, with a five-year development plan to have over 200 stores and over 620 service vans operating in the U.S. by 2024.

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