True REST Float Spa Tackles the Five Most Common New Year’s Resolutions with One Simple and Effective Solution
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True REST Float Spa Tackles the Five Most Common New Year’s Resolutions with One Simple and Effective Solution

December 23, 2019 // // PHOENIX - With the New Year just days away, True REST Float Spa, the world leader in flotation therapy and the largest float spa brand, tackles the five most commonly made New Year’s resolutions with one simple solution - flotation therapy.

New Year’s resolutions that top lists each year include losing weight, quitting smoking, cutting stress, getting more sleep and working out. All of these resolutions can be accomplished with the help of flotation therapy. Additionally, without much effort, flotation therapy practitioners can holistically relieve pain and heal faster.

For the uninitiated, flotation therapy, also known as sensory deprivation, allows clients to float effortlessly atop the water in a float tank or float pod. The True REST Float Spa traditional float pod is 8 feet long and over 4 feet tall and is filled with 10 inches of water and 1,000 pounds of Epsom salts - even denser than the Dead Sea. The water is warmed to a temperature of 93.5 F, the typical skin temperature. Within minutes, a deep state of relaxation and rejuvenation can be achieved. Floating provides a sensory and gravity-free environment that restricts external stimulus, so the mind and body can unwind, and natural healing can begin.

“As with all chronic pain conditions and addictions, combating one’s stress, which is at the root of these issues, is necessary,” said Jim Rowe CEO of True REST Float Spa. “Our flotation tanks help to heal the body and the mind. Flotation therapy offers a safe, all-natural, holistic option for alternative pain and stress treatment.”

A Closer Look at the Top Five Wellness New Year’s Resolutions

  1. Shed the Pounds - Flotation therapy is a powerful weight management tool. Researchers believe that the flotation therapy’s power in helping with weight loss lies in the increase in endorphins while floating. Also, flotation therapy clears the stress hormone cortisol. While not a quick fix or a cure-all - scientific evidence does show that there is a correlation to weight loss success and float therapy.
  2. Say Goodbye to Tobacco - In several studies, restricted environmental stimulation therapy -or REST - has been shown as an effective technique in smoking intervention. Researchers discovered that by combining floating or chamber REST with receiving anti-smoking messages, former smokers who utilize REST are less likely to start smoking again than those who don’t. Similarly, reducing stress is a known way to help prevent relapse for recovered alcohol and drug addicts, and coincidentally flotation therapy has been shown to significantly lower stress.
  3. Destressing - Americans are the most stressed population in the world, according to the Gallup 2019 Global Emotions Report. Being in a low-gravity, totally silent and pitch-black environment gives the mind time to relax as well. This mental release is almost the opposite of stress and allows the brain to stop allocating its resources to processing the experience of all of the senses, producing profoundly positive mental effects and releasing a surge of positive neurochemicals. Studies have shown the use of flotation therapy to be extremely beneficial for relaxation and mental health. This respite from the world allows for stress management, offers the psychological benefits of a feeling of inner peace and is a perfect complement to many alternative wellness regimens.
  4. Getting More ZZZ's - Flotation therapy practitioners experience zero gravity and complete external stimuli elimination, an occurrence that can’t truly be achieved outside the float pod. The almost always unanimous outcome of any float session is that one’s sleep will be positively influenced. It could happen one of two ways. One, while floating, users drift off into the delta wave state in the float pod and get needed sleep. Or two, one’s endocrine and nervous systems reset giving bodies a greater capacity to sleep outside the float pod.
  5. Hit the Gym - Flotation therapy has long been professional athletes’ secret weapon. However, weekend warriors can benefit too. Bodies physically rest and recover more quickly in a flotation tank, up to four times faster in fact. This means that practitioners can train themselves harder and reap the benefits of slower recovery times with the use of a float tank. Water in the float tank has the added benefit of being saturated with Epsom salts, which have well-established healing effects, helping to draw out toxins and lactic acid from workouts, speeding up recovery time and allowing athletes to push themselves farther and faster, especially in conjunction with massage or other alternative medicine.

Sixty minutes at True REST Float Spa is all it takes for relief from pain and stress plus a better night’s sleep. True REST Float Spa offers a member-based program that allows guests to float in a luxurious spa-like environment. While providing a unique experience, True REST Float Spa is committed to providing holistic treatments to individuals looking for respite.

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About True REST Float Spa

True REST Float Spa is the world leader in flotation therapy and the largest float spa brand. In 2019, True REST Franchising LLC was ranked No. 7 in Entrepreneur’s Top New Franchises and No. 234 in Entrepreneur’s Top 500. With over 79 awarded locations, including 34 open locations and another 15 opening soon across the country, it is on its way to servicing 1 million floats. True REST Float Spa has created a luxury float spa experience in 10 inches of water and 1,000 pounds of Epsom salts. Members float effortlessly in their float suite. Each location is dedicated to providing pain relief, relaxation and better sleep through a 60-minute float session. True REST Float Spa offers monthly memberships, programs and packages. For more information, go to Or visit, Facebook:, Twitter: or Instagram: For franchising opportunities, go to

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